Here's my first SWR FanFiction it is a WW2 crossover and some stuff may seem weird just to fit the story. Enjoy. P.S. not that good with descriptions.

April 1945 Germany the War is lost for the Nazi's. Hitler and his final victory is will end in defeat. Many German soldiers are just surrendering to the western Allies who are advancing at a rate of at least 15 miles a day. Berlin either is bombed and shelled constantly. But Germans still fight in a desperate and futile last stand there.

The scene changes to a small German POW camp only big enough to hold two dozen or so. Where they are being liberated by two German soldiers who started started leading them west.

There were prisoners of all kinds from Americans to British to even Russians. All had one thing in common they were happy to leave.

One being Michael a decorated Waffen S.S. Oberleutnant who was wearing a tunic. He was 25 years old, had black hair and brown eyes and was over six feet. He had been in the war since the invasion of Poland and spent most of his service east until 44. He had a luger pistol in his holster on his left while holding an MP40 gun which was strapped on his shoulder. Along with his S. and Hitler Youth knife and his military hat.

The other was his younger brother Ezra a sergeant in the Wehrmacht with fewer decorations. He is 18 years old but lied on his examinations and joined the Afrika Korps in 1940. Had black hair, blue eyes and is over six feet. Had an MP40 gun just like Michael. As well as a walther P38 plus a mauser bolt action rifle strapped to his back with a bayonet. And was wearing a helmet that looked busted up and two trench knuckle knives. And was wearing a necklace that housed some kind of white crystal.

They were on their way to the Americans to surrender before the Russians came since It was pointless to fight. Michael and Ezra both thought it would be easy since many soldiers were either retreating or surrendering as well.

They were walking along a road with trees on both sides. When suddenly Machine gun fire starts to mow the men down. But before all can die a few were to take cover in the trees opposite of where the gun fire came from.

The firing stops then "Traitors" a German yells then the firing resumes. And managed to kill all but five of them.

Ezra peeked over and saw where the firing was coming from. So he took his Mauser rifle aimed and fired killing the man instantly.

But even with the Machine gun down several Waffen S.S. members still shot with there rifles while advancing.

And when they were out of bullets and reloading Michael and Ezra took the chance and killed them with their MP 40's.

"That was easy." Commented an American while Michael just simply put his head down.

Both Ezra and Michael went over and saw that the people who were just shot. They were mostly old men and young boys with only one looking old enough to be a soldier.

A British RAF wearing his bomber jacket came over "Blasted Nazi's." He said.

A Russian came over and inspected some weapons "This one is jammed. And this one not cleaned properly."

They then heard shots being fired off not too far and all turned left.

They started heading towards the sound and after not too far of a walk they saw another small POW camp.

In the camp.

It was completely deserted and except for the burning papers and dead bodies. Along with barbed wire walls and wooden facilities.

Then suddenly "ugh." They turned a corner and saw three more Waffen S.S. And a African American on the ground wearing a uniform holding onto satchel.

Then the leader started to speak. "So you thought you could escape." He crouches down and says in a low voice to him. "Do you know what we do to prisoners who try to escape? Stands up and turns around and walks to the other two holding their rifles.

"We kill them." The other aim there rifles but before they can fire they get shot.

The remaining one turns around only to get shot by the Russian who stole a pistol from a dead soldier he found.

"Nazi Shit." He spat.

Ezra and Michael went over to the man and try to get him up. And when they get there the man panics and jumps up in fear seeing how they were wearing German uniforms.

Michael then says "Easy soldier we're not your enemy. We're heading to the Americans to surrender. Well me and my brother are at least." He says since he and Ezra were the only German soldiers.

The man looks at each of them before speaking "Names Howard Johnson, engineer."

Michael extends his hand which Howard's accepts "Michael Hans Bridger please to meet you. And over there is my brother. Gestures to Ezra. "Ezra Rommel Wolfe Bridger. Ridiculously long name I know."

Howard then looks over at everyone else "Who are they?"

Ezra then responds "Not sure just met them." Realizing that they don't even know each other's names.

The large Russian with the ushanka hat with the Soviet insignia on it responds "Yuri Kuznetsov and I was soldier in Red Army."

The RAF then says "I'm Henry Smith and I was in the Royal Air Force."

Then the other American spoke up "James Garrison and I was a machine gunner then a tank driver."

Ezra then spoke up "Now that we know each other let's move before we run into more trouble."

"Wait." Howard says "Gotta get something." Heads back to a room where he found another satchel filled with paper which he inspects.

Michael then asks "What's in there?" Only to be ignored.

They all start to exit the camp the former prisoners taking some weapons and munitions that they scavenged just in case.

Suddenly they were enveloped in a thick fog and all were confused by its sudden appearance. Then they hear a howl and all had their weapons ready.

Then just as sudden five wolves start circling them growling. And one White one starts to come towards Ezra.

"Shoot" Michael says a bit panic in his voice.

They all try to shoot but their weapons but won't fire for some reason.

Ezra is about to pull out one of his knives until "Bridger" he hears. Ezra then stops and slowly walks towards the Wolf.

"Ezra what the hell are you doing?" Michael says worrying about his younger brother.

"Bridger" Ezra hears again and extends his hand and they are all enveloped in a bright light.

On Lothal with the Ghost Crew.

The Ghost crew just came back from capital city with some supplies they stole after a successful stealth mission. At least stealth until Sabine little "surprise" almost got them caught but they got the supplies and mission was a success.

Zeb is laughing "I still can't get over the fact they'll be cleaning up that mess." He says.

"Mess? I think you mean "art" Zeb." Sabine remarks.

"Well either way it was good we got the crates. Right Kanan?" Hera Says.

Kanan smirks "Well I think-." He stops speaking and kneels to the ground from a sudden dizziness. He grabs his head with his hand to help cope with the dizziness.

"Kanan!" Hera exclaims from this sudden reaction. She quickly rushes to his side followed by Zeb and Sabine.

"Are you all right?" Hera asks with concern.

"I'm fine." He says.

"Seriously mate what happened ya?" Zeb asks.

"A sudden vision through the Force." He responds.

"Of?" Sabine asks.

"Looks like we'll be making new friends to say the least." He says and they all look curiously at each other.

"But I did see something." He says.

"What was it?" Hera asks.

"Like some guy fighting with us." He says.

With the soldiers.

Everyone starts to get up groaning.

"What I'm bloody hell just happen?" Henry asks rubbing his head.

"I don't know but how in f*s sake did we get here?" James asks.

They start to look around and see they are no longer in a forest. But a in a middle of a plain right next to a tower. And even from the ground they can see a city where some types of aircrafts are just flying in and out.

"Yeah and where did the wolves go?" Questions Yuri.

Ezra looks at the city in wonder recognizing it. "Were on Lothal right near capital city."

"How the hell do you know that?" Howard asks.

"It's not a real place just from stories our father told us as kids." Says Michael.

"But it's exactly how they described it and drew it and how Mother painted it. Plus the tower and the plains and even those uh tie fighters father called them." Exclaims Ezra.

"Impossible those were just stories." Michael says to apply reason.

"Take your binoculars and check you'll see people exactly how Mother and Father described them." Ezra said gesturing towards the city.

"Mein Gott"(My God) Exclaimed Michael after seeing looking at the city for a bit.

"Come on chap let the rest of us see." Henry says.

Michael hands the binoculars to Henry and who has the same reaction. "Jesus Christ why do some look like that?" He says.

They all take the binoculars and all have the same expressions.

"We can take shelter in here for the night." Says Howard walking towards the tower door.

James looked at it "How are we gonna get in?"

"Like this." Ezra says before going to the panel and opening it then fiddling with some wires to get the door open.

They all go in and see that it's abandoned with some empty boxes that haven't been dusted in years.

Yuri then turns to Ezra. "Any other things your father told you?" He asks.

"Yeah" Michael says "That there could be some secret passage way or something but I doubt it."

At that moment Howard who was by a small console saw words that came up in German. That asked "Name des letzten Kaiser?"

"Think I found something. But it's in Fritz." He says to the annoyance Michael and Ezra.

Michael looks at it "It says "Name of the last Kaiser?"

"William II." Ezra says then types it in.

Then the screen says "Answer correct. Welcome." Then a hatch opens up in the floor that you can go down in by ladder.

They all look down and see it's a few feet deep. Ezra being a bit more bolder than his brother jumps down and lights start to flicker on. "What do you see?" Michael asks.

"Just a hallway it looks like their is some kind of light at the end." Ezra says.

"Must be a way out of this shit hole." James comments.

Howard then starts to go down the ladder. "What are you doing?" Questions Michael.

"Rather be down there then up here where someone could find me." Howard responds then heads down and the others follow soon realizing he's right.

They all start walking and when they reach they see some type of hanger/factory bigger than a stadium at least. Filled with many crates along with conveyor belts with dust everywhere. And at the end a few planes and jeeps. But the crown jewel of it all was a German Tiger Tank but some parts were around it so they figured it was out of action.

James is the first to speak "What the f* is this?"

They all continue to roam and see every ten feet is some type of door that leads to a room with bunk beds in each.

Howard looks all around before responding. "By the looks of things some kind of factory that didn't get its products picked up."

Ezra went over to a crate and took off the top and saw a bunch of Panzerfauste in it. "Panzerfauste in here."

They all went to check the other crates and found an assortment of German armaments. "Wonder why Jerrie would leave this all here?" Questions Henry.

Howard then sees a screen with some type of keypad on it to one corner of the "Hanger" as they dubbed it. He goes towards it and takes a piece of paper from the satchel he has and looks at it before pressing a button and turning it on.

Smiling he puts the paper away and starts typing like he knows what he's doing. The others soon gather over and are curious to how he knows how to use that. They look at the screen and see the letters aren't like a language they've seen before.

"Before you ask." He says. "Yes I know what I'm doing. Yes I understand these weird letters. And no I will not tell you how I know this."

Howarde types a few more keys and the words change to English. "There now we all can understand what this says."

They all read it and says something about an Empire, Rebels and various other things that they all are astounded by.

Michael then turns to Ezra "Ezra you know the stories Mother and father told us. I always thought they were crazy or it was just for you. But looking at this makes me wonder."

"Why they left every now and then. And why they didn't come back the last time." Finishes Ezra in a slightly sad tone.

With the Ghost Crew

The crew was in the common room trying to figure out the vision. "So you don't know who they are or when they'll show up." Says Zeb.

Kanan shakes his head "No just that one guy wearing some weird uniform fighting against all of us."

Chopper beeped a few times as if asking a question. To which Kanan responded "No Chopper we didn't lose."

"So did we win or what?" Questions Sabine.

"I don't know just that he was fighting us with his face covered by a weird mask." Kanan said.

"Do you remember anything more specific about the vision?" Questions Hera.

Kanan takes a moment to think before speaking. "He held something I couldn't make what but it had an Eagle on it. Like with its wings stretched but not flying and the head was pointed to one side."

"Was there a Cross of any kind too." Asks Sabine sounding familiar to it.

"Yeah he had one like a medal on his chest. Why?" Kanan says.

Sabine then clenches her fists in anger and grits her teeth as well. "Be right back." She leaves then she comes back with a poster. "These it?"

Kanan looks at them and nods "Yeah how'd you know?"(Picture the Prussian Eagle and the Iron Cross.)

"Those guys are Imperial or "Reich" special ops. Only sent anywhere out of Coruscant or important Imperial facilities by orders of very high Imperial officers or officials. They're brutal, merciless and they don't care who's in their way." She states with a hint of anger in her voice.

Chopper beeped a few times "What did he say?" Asks Zeb not being able to understand Chopper."

Hera translates "He asked how Sabine knew about them."

"I heard rumors about them in the academy." She says but her eyes are fixated on the poster.

"Well things are gonna be tough but we've beaten odds before." Kanan states with confidence.

Zeb smirks "Yeah any those punks get near me I'll break their necks." Extends his arms to emphasize his point.

Even chopper beeped in confidence and Hera nodded. But what surprised them is Sabine still staring at the poster with anger. Even without the Force Kanan could tell something was bothering her.

After a few minutes Sabine went back to her room with the posters. She locked the door and went to her bottom bunk and pulled out a box in a secret compartment.

She opened it and pulled out a lightsaber with a straight, rectangular with guard hilt. (Like the darksaber. Sorry but I just really like it. Don't worry it's not actually the darksaber just same hilt.) And painted on the hilt was the top third Black, middle third white and bottom third red. And on the white part on one side was the eagle (Prussian eagle) and a cross (Iron cross).

"After so long." Sabine said to herself while igniting the blade to show its white color.

With the WW2 Soldiers.

Everyone was sitting on a crate listening to Ezra and Michael explain some of the stories his parents told them. While Howard checked the computer to see if its true and they all were.

"So Fritz let me get this straight. There is an Empire that rules almost the whole bloody galaxy." Henry said.

Then Yuri spoke up "Where they enslave people and steal from them and restricts rights and basically just terrible."

"And your parents was in a resistance fighting those f*ers." Finishes James.

Both Ezra and Michael nod then Michael says. "Well we don't know but it makes sense why they never came back."

"But they did go back right?" Howard Asks then Michael nodded. "That means there is a way home just gotta find it."

"Until then" said Ezra "Who wants to join the Rebellion.

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