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Ezra was in the room he shared with Zeb looking at himself. He was wearing an S.S. uniform and he detested it. He even had dyed his hair blond to make himself look more Aryan.

He and other members of the pack acquired information that a party was being held. It was for the Reich Ops who called here to investigate the new rebels. So Ezra and the others were going to get some info on the people there. Except for Howard since he was black. (I am not racist but the Empire and the Nazi's were so I figured they didn't like blacks.)

Every time he had to work with S.S. units they were always jerks. Just because they were Himmler's little lap dogs they could go do what they wanted. Ezra couldn't keep track how many times he wanted to just shoot them. Ezra the. Thought back to when he was in Poland.

Flashback Poland, February, 1944

Ezra was with an S.S. squad of around ten men. The only reason was he was filling in for his brother. Who got injured from Shrapnel and would be two more days before discharge.

Right now they were about to barge in on a farm house. They got a tip that Partisans were receiving supplies from there. While the Partisans were annoying he feels as though mass efforts to get rid of them were a waste of resources.

He was waiting for the leader to give the signal to go in. Plan was to raid it and capture the the partisans. Not to long after they got into position did the commander signal to go in.

Ezra who was Sergeant at this time was second in command. And ordered the men to shoot only when they're fired upon first. Anyone with itchy trigger finger gets a court martial.

Once they were by the barn door they waited a few seconds before breaking it down. Once in Ezra shouted in Polish. "To jest armia niemiecka. Jeśli się poddacie, nie poniesiecie szkody.(This is the German army. If you surrender yourselves you will not be harmed)."

Once Ezra said that a bunch of people came out from hiding. But not Partisans. But Women, Children and old people. With only one man actually being fit enough to be a Partisan.

Ezra then disarmed his MP40 and was ordering the men to leave when the commander came in. "What is going on?" He asked.

"Tip was wrong no partisans just civilians. We should move on." Ezra said but instead of listening to him the leader merely walked around. He then looked and found chicken, eggs and milk.

He then grabbed a basket of eggs and inspected it. As he was a middle aged man came in. "What do you call this then?"

"A man and some eggs sir." Ezra and the soldiers chuckled.

"He is supplying these partisans and must be punished." The leader said in anger.

"Sir we checked the barn the other day and this mans papers. His mother was Polish and his father was a German officer on the eastern front in the last war. Everything checks out and like I have said before. THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME!" Ezra said his voice rising in each word.

"Are you disrespecting a decorated officer Sergeant?" The leader asked rhetorically and Ezra responded with. "No I am simply stating the truth to a piece of shit playing dress up."

At his comment the soldiers and some of the "Partisans" that understood German were astonished by this response. "Take them into the forest." The leader ordered the corporal and before Ezra could respond he said. "And after you'll be on Court Marshall."

Later in the forest the "Partisans" were lined up ready to be shot. Mother and children clung together and all were praying to any God they believe or are just now believing in for mercy. Or the hope the Ezra would would change the man's mind.

Some distance a few polish rebels spotted the scene. Some looked as if they were in the Polish army that avoided capture others wore regular civilian clothes.

All looked at each other weirdly when they when they saw the two men argue. Normally they would just shoot them by now. But they didn't know what was going on between the two men arguing.

"Fire when ready." The S.S. leader said and the poles took aim and fired. They took out some soldiers then charged at them.

After a brief fight the Poles thought they won until the S.S. put up a signal flare. Then said. "Surrender yourselves now or I shoot this flare which will-."

He never finished because he was shot in the back of his head. When he fell they saw Ezra who was still holding the pistol. "Wanted to do that since I first met him."

Ezra then requested the Poles to knock him out. Then they could leave as long as they took the civilians. The agreed and did so when he came he was woken by a Corporal. Then he headed toward where his brother was being held.

But not before glancing down at the S.S. leader he shot and spitting on his corpse.

Flashback over

Ezra then put on the matching field cap and walked out. Once he got outside he met with the crew and pack. Zeb was the first to comment. "Wow you look ah."

"Stupid, idiotic, terrible, like a little lap dog." Ezra said.

"You do know I wear this every day right." Michael said and Ezra responded with. "That proves my my point." Then went in the car.

As soon as the pack entered their respective cars Sabine jumped in with Ezra and Michael. "What are you doing?" Michael asked.

"Going with you." She stated.

"Are you sure? Cause this is an infiltration mission. So you can't wear that." Ezra said.

"It's fine as long as I get to blow something up." Sabine said.

"Alright but you're not gonna like it. And most likely won't involve blowing something up." Ezra said as Michael drove them off.

Later at an Imperial building

The Pack plus Sabine pulled up near some important political building. But what stuck out was the were the two long Swastika flags draping over the walls.

"I hate this." Said Sabine who now had her own hair dyed Blonde and was wearing a purple dress. Much to her annoyance

Ezra merely smirked and said. "Well I warned you in the car, during the ride, at the den, inside the den, and so on."

"Let's just get the hard part over with. What's the plan again?" She asked.

Ezra then started explaining. "Ok so we go in pretending to be Reich Ops members gather some information. Then leave."

"What kind of information?" Sabine asked as they head closer to the Entrance. "Anything useful." Was all Ezra said.

As they were heading toward the entrance Sabine noticed other couples linking arms. So she did the same with Ezra. And before he could ask she said. "We'll look less suspicious."

They then met one of the Security officers and handed him the "invitation." The officer looked at it a bit skeptically. "Says only for a Mr. Müller. Who is she?" He asked unbuttoning the holster for his pistol.

Ezra then panicked for a moment before saying. "You know women always change their minds at the last minute." Ezra then leans and whispers. "Especially when it comes to outfits."

The officer then chuckled then nodded. "My wife is like that. Where did you serve you look familiar."

Ezra then shrugged. "Many places and I have seen many people."

"I was in Norway then the Eastern front until Italy was invaded." He said then the two spent the next ten minutes talking. Then Ezra and Sabine went inside.

Once in they were in they took in their surroundings. The room was very nicely decorated with tables to eat and room to dance. Swastikas were all over the place in every way. Flags, statues and even on the napkins.

A waiter came by and offered each a drink both refused. "Remember we need to get information."

"How do we get that? Especially in a room like this." Sabine questioned.

"Remember what Yuri said." Ezra said.

Sabine thought for a moment. "Vodka is a luxury everyone should have." She said in a confused tone.

"No. Well half right." Ezra said then paused before continuing by saying. "The more they drink the more they talk and the less they can shut themselves up."

Montage of Ezra, Sabine and the rest of the pack minus Howard talking to other Reich Ops. Soon hours pass and Sabine and Ezra find themselves with another group of people.

They then leave and Ezra noticed a slow song playing. "Care to dance?" Ezra asked and Sabine nodded.

Once they started dancing Sabine asked. "What now?"

Ezra then said. "We dance for a while and hope neither of of us steps on the others feet." Sabine chuckled at this then said. "Isn't this a way to get information."

Ezra shook his then hesitated in saying. "About that kiss." Ezra then stopped and looked at her and she looked at him. The two then kissed again.

Once it was over before either could say a word an announcement was made. "Attention the Guest of Honor has arrived."

Almost immediately everyone began to take a seat or head to the back of a room. Then a bunch of S.S. soldiers heavily armed and SA brown shirts came in. They all went to a podium then Saluted.

Then a man started to speak. "May I present to you our founder, our glorious leader, Our Fuhrer. Adolf Hitler." Then finished.

And almost immediately every person started to do the Nazi Salute. Ezra and Sabine followed suit. Then a hunched over man with a limp came over to the podium.

He then raised his hand and said. "Sieg!" And the response was "Heil!." And it went on three times over.

Ezra gritting his teeth and resisting the urge to pull out a gun and shoot the man who brought down Germany.

Soon he started to give a speech. Blaming everything on Jews and communist and defeatist. And saying it was the destiny of the of the German people to conquer not only the world but the galaxy. And unite it under one glorious Empire. With him as one of the heads.

At the end everyone applauded and Hitler went to sit down. Ezra was about to leave when he saw a magnificent sight. The Lion of Defense, The front pick, Fuhrer's Fireman. Walter Model.

He sat down across from Hitler and began to drink. Ezra then pressed a button on the com link which signaled to everyone to go outside.


Yuri was the last to arrive and looked angry. "What is big idea? I was this close to information on secret entrance on base."

"And I almost got some Intel on a shipment of money coming." Henry said.

"And I was enjoying the view with a lovely dame."(I think in spelled that right)James said. Sabine then asked. "Why was that important?".

"You didn't see the view down there." James responded smiling. Then Sabine understood.

"Seriously Ezra this better be important." Michael said.

Ezra then took a deep breath and said. "Model is in there. Eating across from Hitler." After he said that almost everyone was shocked.

"Who's that?" James asked not sure who that is. "Hitler's favorite General." Michael said then continued. "Last I heard he and many others were surrounded in ruhr."

"Well apparently he escaped. Now we need to get him out of here." Ezra said.

Michael looked at him perplexed and asked. "How? We go in there say hello join our rebel gang and ditch the leader whom you are extremely loyal too."

"I don't know but we need all the help we can get. And when we served under him he was magnificent with the limited resources he had." Ezra said.

"You're not wrong. But what do you suggest we do? Kidnap him." Michael said and Ezra smiled sheepishly. "It is isn't. Ok what's the plan and it better not just be going in there and shooting."

"First we need to change. And we're gonna need Howard." Ezra said.

Later in the Imperial building

Ezra and Sabine who now changed into their regular attires. Sabine with her Mandalorian armour and Ezra in his Wehrmacht uniform.

Along with them was Howard who was able to hack into the camera's so they could avoid security. But just in case they had 1911's with suppressors if they ran into trouble.

They managed to get a hallway where two Reich Ops members were guarding a door. Ezra gave his pistol to Sabine. She and Howard then picked a target then shot them.

Before they could fall Ezra used the force to slow their fall. So as to not make much noise.

Once they were on the ground Sabine hacked the panel. A second later they were in the room.

With Michael, Yuri and James,

Michael was talking with Ezra on the com link. "Okay you're in that's good. We'll wait for your signal." With that he hung up.

Michael then turned to Yuri and James and said. "Remember the plan."

"Yeah yeah. Lights go out, we go in, take General what's his face, get to Henry in the shuttle, and leave." James said readying his grease gun just in case.

"And try not to hurt anyone." Michael and Yuri said. "Anymore." The image then goes to the hall where there is a trail of men on the ground.

Back with Ezra, Sabine and Howard.

"Now how do we do this?" Sabine questioned and Howard responded with. "Might take awhile." He responded.

"Or we can just do this." Ezra said then took his MP40 and shot all over the panels. Then all the lights went out. "That'll work." Howard commented and they each put on night vision goggles.

With Michael, Yuri and James

When the lights went out they heard people panicking and soldiers shouting incoherent orders.

As they were heading towards Model Yuri saw some brandy on the table and thought. "On the way back." Then when James saw he thought. "Ooh brandy." Then drank it.

As Michael came to where Model was he quickly injected him with a toxin to knock him out. Before he could fall though Michael stopped him.

Then Yuri picked him up and carried him over his shoulder. Then they were off but on the back Yuri thought. "What happened brandy?"

As they were passing the exit the lights came on. And everyone then looked at the three who were holding Model. "Gutentag." James said nervously.

Then many Reich ops members and security forces started to fire. James though fired first with his grease gun. Several guards were taken down.

Fire kept coming at them until they turned the corner. Yuri then dumped Model on James. "Why do I have to hold the Kraut?" Yuri's response was he took a sub machine gun and cut down any of the guards that came by.

"Ezra please be alright." Michael prayed

With Ezra, Sabine and Howard

The three were running away from Reich ops chasing them. Ezra then kneeled down and fired his MP40 until it was empty. Then started running again.

Howard then did the same with his Tommy gun. He then threw a grenade. But instead of exploding fragments it sent small shock waves temporarily paralyzing them.

"Nice. Where'd you get those?" Questioned Ezra as they were running. "Made em." Was the response.

They then met the others in a corridor and kept running. Michael took this time to contact Henry. "We're ready for pick up."

"Negative mate. Jerry got this whole place lock down. Anything with wings will easily get shot up the arse." He said.

"Well then head back to the den. And stay out of sight." Michael ordered.

"Roger that over." Came the response.

Ezra then asked. "How do we get out now?" James responded by handing over Model to Michael and saying. "I've got an idea."

Once they were outside there were dozens of cars parked. James went to a limousine that had small Swastika flags in the front.

Michael then started getting angry. "This is your plan stealing a car. These all have to have nearly impossible locks to pick. Anyone with half a brain-."

"Done. Get in now." James said as he finished picking the lock of the limo. Then started to hotwire it. Michael then handed over Model over to Ezra then sat next to James.

Once they were all in they took in their surroundings. It was very nicely decorated and the seats were made if a fine leather.

Once the engine started James drove them off. "How do you know how to do this?" Michael asked and the response was. "Tell you later."

James then saw the gate and guards signaling for them to stop. But James just rammed past them.

Michael then asked. "Why didn't they shoot at us?" And James could only just shrug then turned on the radio.

Then a voice came on. "The terrorists have not only kidnapped one of the Fuhrer's Generals. But also stole his-." Michael turned it off and turned to James who had a smile on his face.

"You stole the Fuhrer's limo." Michael turned around to see Model had awakened. Everyone but Model and Michael started laughing.

Model then became outraged. "What is so funny. You have just become the most wanted men and lady on the planet." He informed them.

Ezra then took off his helmet and said. "1. We were already wanted men and lady. 2. We didn't know this belonged to Shitler. 3. We're all still free men and woman."

Model then looked at Ezra in shock. "Ezra Bridger is that you?" He asked and Ezra nodded. Then the car started to get shot.

"Guess they found us. Now what?" Sabine said.

"Hang on." Ezra said.

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