Welcome to the rewritten first chapter of FTS! I hope you all enjoy it! I have already revised chapter two and will be rewriting the others as well! Hopefully this one flows at lot better than before!

(Charlie POV)

Charlie knew the moment that he woke up and heard an explosion outside his house that it was going to be a bad day. He just didn't know how bad it was going to be. If he had, he would never have gotten out of bed that morning.

Rolling out of bed, he rushed outside and grabbed one of the panicking centurions running around like headless chickens. "What the hell is going on?" He not so calmly asked.

"The giants broke through the wards, Sir! Praetor Zhang has ordered everyone to the front lines to fight while you and your cousins do the spell!" The centurion screamed back before running off to what Charlie assumed was the front lines.

Cursing under his breath, he ran back inside, screaming for his roommates to get up. Rushing to his closet to grab his go bag, he vaguely heard them stumbling out of bed just as another explosion went off, worryingly closer this time.

Meeting them in the hallway, Charlie yelled. "Grab your go bags and get dressed! The giants broke through the wards and will be hear soon! Emily's dad ordered everybody to the frontlines while we do the spell! Meet me outside!"

He saw that they were wide awake now, scrambling back to their rooms to get their stuff, Zack tripping in his haste and nearly bringing Ethan down with him. Leaving them to sort themselves out, Charlie turned back to the front door, feeling glad he had been too tired to change out of his clothes last night as he stuffed his sock covered feet into his worn sneakers.

He rushed outside and sprinted into the girl's house, sighing with relief when he saw them coming out of their rooms fully dressed with their packs on. "What's going on?" Lily asked, getting down to business.

He quickly reiterated what he had told his roommates, the girls swearing in unison when Charlie finished, pushing him out the door to see for themselves. Charlie turned and saw Ethan and Zack running out of their shared house, coming to a halt in front of them as the girls stared in horror at the battle raging.

"Do we have everything we need, Charlie?" Silena asked, forcing herself to be calm.

He nodded grimly as he began ushering them off to the war room. "Yes, but we need to go now or we won't get the chance too."

A third explosion went off, far closer than the two previous ones. Charlie gritted his teeth as he tried to block out the sounds of the fight raging on behind them. It went against every instinct he had to walk away, but he and his cousins had a far more important mission to do. The door to the war room opened and Will stuck his head out, spotting the group quickly and waved them over.

Diving into the room, Charlie noted that along with Will, Hazel and Calypso were also there. Zack rushed to his father at the same time Emily and Lily lunged for their respective mothers.

Will glanced at the three left and said "The other parents wanted to be here too, but they were needed on the battlefield. They said to tell you they loved you and to stay safe over there."

Charlie, Silena and Ethan nodded in understanding, leaving the parent/child duos to their goodbyes while the three of them prepped for the spell. Charlie fought back a wave of emotion at his parent's message, focusing instead on drawing the symbols on the ground needed for the spell with the other two.

Seeing them step away from their children, he forced himself to step over and say "If we're doing this we need to do it now." Nodding grimly, they pushed their kids in the direction of the other two before turning to face Charlie.

"Charlie, I hope you know we're all incredibly proud of you, especially your parents." Hazel said, laying a hand on his cheek.

Charlie swallowed hard, doing his best to keep a steady expression. He nodded, causing her to smile.

She dropped her hand and gained a stern look. "Now you protect those cousins of yours, especially Emily. She's the youngest and least experienced."

He set his shoulders back and gave a sharp nod. "Of course I will, I'll keep her safe."

She smiled wryly and nodded. "Of course."

Charlie turned to Will and Calypso. "That goes for the others as well."

Shaking their heads in amusement, Calypso dryly stated. "We know, the six of you have been protecting each since birth."

Smirking faintly, he nodded and walked to the others, taking his place in the circle they had formed. Grasping Emily and Silena's hands, he nudged Emily. "Start the spell, kiddo."

He got a rude look for the nickname as she did as he asked. "I Emily Marie Zhang; Daughter of Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque call upon the Horai, the goddesses of time to grant us passage into the past."

Zack went next. "I Zachary di Angelo Solace; Son of Nico di Angelo and Will Solace call upon the Horai, the goddesses of time to grant us passage into the past."

Lily flashed a nervous grin as she went. "I Lillian Esperanza Valdez; Daughter of Leo Valdez and Calypso call upon the Horai, the goddesses of time to grant us passage into the past."

Ethan rolled his shoulders back. "I Ethan Julian Ramirez-Arellano; Son of Reyna Ramirez-Arellano and Grandson of Bellona call upon the Horai, the goddesses of time to grant us passage into the past.

Silena squeezed Charlie's hand as she spoke "I Silena Amber Grace; Daughter of Jason Grace and Piper McLean call upon the Horai, the goddesses of time to grant us passage into the past.

Charlie took a deep breath, gave a silent prayer that this would work and spoke. "I Charles Lucas Jackson; Son of Perceus Jackson and Annabeth Chase call upon the Horai, the goddesses of time to grant us passage into the past."

A moment passed before wind came out of nowhere, rushing around us at top speed. Things fell over, objects crashed into the wall causing Lily and Emily to flinch. An abrupt light in the middle of their circle appeared and began expanding outward, moving slowly to cover the six of them. Just before it covered Charlie completely, he suddenly heard his father's voice shouting over the noise.

"You all can do it Charlie! I believe in you! Don't let your fear control you!" Percy Jackson screamed.

Charlie inhaled and yelled. "Dad!" as the light engulfed him completely, hiding the lone tear streaking across his cheek. He thought about what he and his cousins had to do. Go back in time and help their parents on their quest to defeat Gaea and somehow fix Tartarus from whatever the hell Gaea did to it and do it all without their parents finding out.

They were so dead.

Hope you guys liked it! I was looking back over my work the other day and realized these first few chapters weren't exactly the best I could do. Thusly I went back and rewrote it! Enjoy!