As they walk along the familiar path back home, Oikawa is fidgeting the entire way. A bit nervous and worried. He kept glancing in the Iwaizumi's direction, knowing that eventually the topic he was dreading would come up and this time, he wouldn't be able to avoid it. Iwa-Chan wouldn't let him. He was waiting for the shoe to drop, so he was surprised that when Iwa's lips part and he speaks it's a very simple, "We gotta stop at the store on the way." Oikawa blinks, not having expected those words, but not complaining about the spiker not meeting his expectations.

"Oh… Okay. I'll help you carry things back!" He says in his usual cheerful voice despite knowing that that was not going to happen and, by the way Iwa was shaking his head, he knew it too. "Aww, don't make that face, Iwa-Chan! I'll definitely help if you get me some milk bread!" He says in response to the skeptical look the other male was giving him.

"You say that every time, Trashykawa." He huffs in response, knowing that the brunet would pout and complain that no, he did help, really. Oikawa's cheeks puff out, but his rebuttal didn't immediately follow.

"I guess I do, huh..?" He asks, voice dropping a bit and becoming softer, more fragile. Iwa's eyebrows furrow together, but before he can even open his mouth to question the captain, he continues. "I take you for granted a lot, Iwa-Chan. I'm always clingy and loud and I never do anything for you, but I still just expect you to always be there. I don't want that anymore. I want you to feel like I really do care about our relationship, because you are my best friend. You have been for so long, and I honestly don't know why you're still so nice to me. I don't deserve that..." He says, talking fast, stumbling on a few of his words, but his voice remains smooth and serious, not once faltering in its resolve.

"What are you talking about, stupid?" Iwa asks as he finally regains his voice, not giving the setter a chance to even think about answering him. "You stick by me no matter what, I'm always an asshole to you and you still stick around. You might be a bit clingy and you might act like an idiot more often than not, but you don't let me get too serious about things and you manage to remain more level headed than I do so you stop me from acting stupid sometimes. You might make me sit around for hours watching your stupid alien movies, but you'll sit with me and marathon the Godzilla movies without complaint even though we've seen them all so many times. You make me realize what an idiot I am when I'm taking myself too seriously and keep my life interesting. I might have known you for our entire lives, basically, but I never really know how you're going to react to anything." He says, finishing off his not quite rant as the store comes into view. Oikawa's cheeks had turned red and he had to turn away from his childhood friend, unable to look him in the eye after hearing his words.

"Come on, let's just get the shopping done!" The brunet says in a falsely chipper voice, making his pace a bit quicker as he makes his way into the store. Iwa lets out a soft chuckle, following after him and grabbing a handheld basket he wouldn't have to juggle all of their purchases before checking out. He heads straight for the snacks, grabbing up all of Oikawa's favorites as the setter roams the shop on his own, he gets through the aisle quickly and makes another stop at the ice cream to, once again, grab Oikawa's favorite. He knew that the topic he was hoping to breach was sensitive and that he really shouldn't push it, but if he didn't the brunet would never open up.
It doesn't take long to pay for the snacks and as he's making his way towards the exit, just as he was about to turn and call for the setter, Oikawa was at his side, taking hold of a few of the bags' handles and pulling them gently from Iwa's hold, relieved that the spiker didn't put up a fight for them as they begin making their way towards his home, not much farther from here.

They make it to Iwa's house with nothing more exciting happening, remaining in a comfortable silence. They drop their school bags and take their shoes off at the door, setting them aside so nobody can trip over them and after stopping quickly in the kitchen to grab a couple of spoons, Iwa directs the, slightly confused setter to his room, tossing the bags of snacks onto his bed and sitting himself beside them. Oikawa follows suit, taking up his favorite spot on the bed and lowering the bags he had been carrying onto the mattress. A few of the packages had spilled from the bags in their ungraceful landing and Oikawa pokes at them, lifting his eyes up to Iwa's "What's all of this?" He asks as the spiker dumps all of the contents onto the bed, tossing aside the bags and holding out a spoon to the brunet.

"We're having a talk. And binging on snacks and those awful shows that are stupid and pointless, but we're going to go through the entire series in one night anyway." He says, giving the short description as he rips of the plastic wrapping from around the lid of the ice cream and popping open the container, holding it out to the setter in an offering in the form of the first bite.

From just that little bit Oikawa could tell he was going to cry way too much tonight, but he couldn't really find it inside himself to care with the promise of all his favorite snacks and Iwa's strong arms to hold him while he did so.

Slowly lifting his spoon, he scoops it across the top of the frozen dairy treat and brings it to his mouth, leaning back a bit, he allows the wall to support his weight as Iwa moves in next to him, ice cream in hand as he leans back as well. "You need to break up with that asshat." He says, not at all holding back his words because he knew that beating around the bush wasn't necessarily his strong suit and it would do absolutely nothing to help this conversation.

"I can't do that Iwa-Chan..." Oikawa speaks softly, nearly in a whisper, his eyes were already watering and he didn't know how he was going to get through this.

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