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Chapter 3: Ancient History

As the students returned to their dorms, very different events began occurring in each.


Harry was not in any way optimistic about this tournament. At first he felt that maybe he'd be free for once of being the center of attention, but felt almost jinxed by the following conversation at dinner. Hermione would research and hopefully between the three of them they could make sure it had nothing to do with him. Hermione, seeing his dread tried to come up with something to distract her housemates.

"Actually Lita," Hermione said turning to her new housemate. "On the train you said something about a prophecy?"

Lavender, as a Divination lover immediately turned to Lita, "A prophecy? Really?"

Lita started as she suddenly became the center of attention. "Yes. There are several ancient prophecies about events about to begin in Japan. It's caused several seers to start seeing variations of what they mean. The most powerful seer has foreseen that there is a way for the further away events to happen without most of the non magical population dying."



Several people winced back as everyone shouted, all talk of the Triwizard Tournment over.

"I'm probably not the best person to explain this," Lita began uncomfortably. "To understand the prophecies that we're dealing with you must understand the far past. How much do you know about the Golden and Silver Empires?"

Harry, for one, had never heard of them and turned to Hermione who also appeared stumped.

Lita sighed and continued, "The Empires, although they called themselves Kingdoms then, it's history that's changed that label, were sort of at a standoff I guess. The Golden Empire encompassed almost all of magical Earth and the Silver Empire had pretty much all the other magicals. It was the Silver Empire that was more powerful though, the people there were much longer lived and had magics that have never been recreated. Neither kingdom really interacted with each other, avoiding each other even. The Golden Empire was jealous of the power of the Silver Empire, and the Silver Empire felt the Golden Empire were mostly barbarians. Or at least that's what has been pieced together by historians. You must understand that both kingdoms have been gone for millennia. Almost nothing of the Silver Empire remains, while the Golden Empire has some remnants that have been found."

Lita paused to take in the rapt attention she was receiving, giving a slightly awkward laugh before continuing.

"Then, one day, the daughter of the Queen of the Silver Empire visited the palace of the Golden Empire and fell in love with the prince of the Golden Empire. And he for her. They decided to marry. This meant one day the two empires would merge into one. It should have been a time of great rejoicing. Only there was a powerful witch, Beryl, who was in love with the prince, although he never had had interest in her. She was enraged, but brilliant. It was she who invented the three unforgivable curses, that even today ensures at least life imprisonment to all who use them anywhere in the world."

"The unforgivables?" asked one of the first years.

"Yes," Lita explained. "The first is the imperio. It's a mind controlling spell, which can control whoever it's cast on. Depending on the strength of the user and the will of the cursed it can have different levels of control. Beryl used it to enslave the four great generals of the Golden Empire. Using them she was able to gain a lot of control over the Golden Empire. The spell didn't work on the prince though and she was enraged again, and began torturing people who failed her with the second unforgivable, crucio. Then one day, Beryl and her army somehow made it into the Silver Empire's palace, we don't know how. Beryl then attempted to use the third curse, avada kedavra, the killing curse, to kill the Silver Princess."

"Attempted?" Harry asked, engrossed in the story.

"Attempted," Lita confirmed with a nod. "The Golden Prince got in between the curse and the princess, dying in her stead. The princess was filled with so much grief as her fiance lay dead before her and her friends were being killed in the battle around the palace that she somehow released so much magic that it drove back the dark army, defeating them. Using all that magic caused her own death, although some suspect it was actually suicide, and the destruction of the Silver Empire. Leaving only the already shattered remains of the Golden Empire to be eventually rebuilt into our current magical societies. The only survivors from the Silver Empire were the Queen, two of her advisers and one of her dearest friends. The Queen then used her own magic to send her advisers to safety and ensure the safety of the souls of her people. Her friend used her own magic to leave and continue her own magical duty."

"Why have I never heard about this before?" Hermione asked.

Lita shrugged, "I don't know. Perhaps you should ask your history professor? This is ancient history, many details are only being discovered now as the prophecies approach."

"What are these prophesies?" Lavender asked excited.

"Ah!" Lita exclaimed happily as she moved on to nicer times. "The heirs of the Golden and Silver Empires have been found, they're in love, are engaged, and prophecy says 10,000 years of peace and prosperity will follow their wedding. All their followers will get extended lifespans. Right now most magicals can live 100 to 150 years with few of the age related problems that muggles get in their old age. Lifespans and increased health should be at least triple that once they marry. It's also what will help ensure the survival of their followers once the new ice age hits sometime in the next two centuries."

"Wait, what? An ice age?" someone asked.

"Yes. Muggle scientists have confirmed that if things don't change the polar ice caps will melt which will result in some crazy weather and a possible ice age. Anyway, a powerful seer has foreseen that we can potentially change things enough that all the muggles won't die, and the protection formed by the royal union can actually extend to everyone on Earth, not just the magicals who swear loyalty."



Cho Chang, carefully followed her duties as a prefect, guiding in all the new students to their house, answering their questions as they went. Soon all the students were settled into their common room, chatting softly with each other, all of the first years building on their meetings with their new housemates in the hopes of having strong friendships and study buddies, they are Ravenclaws after all.

Ami, as the only new older student, chose instead to settle in near her new yearmates to see if they had anything interesting to say. She didn't really get a chance to listen in as one of the younger students wandered closer to her.

"You don't have any nargles at all," Luna said, studying Ami.

"Ah?" Ami asked confused.

"Ignore her," One of the 7th years advised her. "Her whole family is loony, they have a newspaper full of made up magical creatures."

"They're not made up," Luna said, never turning away from Ami, only tilting her head to one side until her radish earring touched her shoulder.

"In our first year she asked almost all the teachers about Snorklands," one of Luna's dorm mates chipped in with.

"Crumple-Horned Snorkacks," Luna corrected, tilting her head to the other side.

"Are they related to what I guess would be called regular or straight horned snorkacks?" Ami asked.

Several of the people listening to the conversation mentally rolled their eyes, thinking something along the lines of how Ami shouldn't encourage her like that.

Luna straightened her head as she began to tell Ami, in great detail, about her favorite elusive magical creature.


Rei raised an eyebrow as she was accosted by the annoying blonde boy who had insulted her and her friends back on the train. She hadn't really had a chance yet to speak with her new classmates with all the excitement at dinner.

"Hino." Draco said with a snear. "That isn't a pureblood name that I've heard of."

Draco hadn't forgotten the looks she and her friends had given him when he'd refused to let them re-enter the train car they'd abandoned.

"You keep track of Asian bloodlines?" Rei asked, curious.

"I keep track of important names." Draco responded, trying to regain ground. If they'd been of any note they would have said something on the train.

"My father is Takashi Hino, the Japanese Minister of Magic." Rei said simply. She then turned to the female 7th year prefect to ask, "Where is my room?"


Serena and Mina sat together as they let the cheerful conversation in the common room surround them as their new housemates did things like give advice to first years.

"The best way to get to the dungeon is..."

"History is a great time to actually do your homework for other classes. Binns has been teaching that class for decades at least so we have a guide that will ensure good grades on exams."

"Hogwarts has house elves, if you ever need a snack just call for..."

"I wonder what the other schools are like."

"Snape is totally biased towards Slytherin and against Gryffindor, but he'd not too bad when it's us and Ravenclaw. Be sure to follow his instructions because there are mistakes in the textbook, we have a list of them somewhere if you want to mark down the changes we know about from his class."

"Snoring huh? There's a spell to help muffle sounds like that..."

"There's a really weird shortcut to Transfiguration, but you have to travel away to get there, I'll show you it over the weekend."

"I love your hair! Do you use a spell or potion to get it to do that?"

"We'll have quidditch practice on..."

"Cedric, you should enter the Tournament!"

"Anyone interested in extra flying practice, once Madame Hooch has approved it, it should be..."

"Make sure to check meals for anything that has been tampered with, the Weasley twins in Gryffindor are huge pranksters."

"We should head to bed soon, tomorrow's a busy day."

"Serena, Mina, you're going to be in our doom room! Do either of you want the bed by the window? The view is beautiful."

End Chapter 3

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