Lincoln Loud, a child with a pretty decent life. A girlfriend, a caring family, a nice group of friends. Everything was looking good for this kids life, but after what happened in the past week, I can pretty much say that a beautiful girlfriend and best friend is a bit of an understatement.

It was a normal summer day in Royal Woods, Michigan. Especially for the local Loud family, most woke up around 10 o'clock, ate breakfast, and then split off to go have some fun. Of course, Lincoln always either went with one of his sisters, or he went to hang out with his friends. But today, he decided to go with Leni and Lori to the mall.

He hopped in the car as Lori and Leni followed. Lori got in and started the car, but not surprisingly, it stopped. It took a few more tries before they managed to get Vanzilla started. But once it started, the domino effect that would result in one of the biggest, hardest challenges that Lincoln Loud will ever face would begin to.

They drove down the street and stopped real quick at Flips Food and Fuel. The three siblings walked inside and got a couple things. Lincoln got them all Flippies and got himself a pack of gum. After the quick pitstop, they continued on there way. "Like, thanks for the Flippies, Lincoln!", Leni said. "Anytime.", Lincoln said, but soon after that, they arrived at the mall. Lincoln walked in, not noticing a couple familiar people. And he walked over to the clothes shop, suprising right?

He walked in and browsed around the suits to find a decent one with a good price. "Whatcha doing Linc?", Lori asked. "I just found the perfect suit for the Summer Formal, its on the last day of school and im taking Ronnie Anne.", Lincoln explained. "Oooh! Thats a nice one, but you might need some dress shoes.", Lori said. "Dangit, knew I forgot something.", Lincoln exclaimed. "Dont worry little bro, I got you covered.", Lori said she walked off to find him some.

Lincoln bought the suit and walked down to the frozen yogurt store to see Leni. "Oh, hey Linky! I got us all, like, really yummy yogurt!", Leni said. "Sweet!", Lincoln said. Leni handed Lincoln his favorite flavor, strawberry with actual strawberries and granola. They sat down and ate as Lori showed up again and sat down next to them. "Alright Lincoln, I got you some nice dress shoes and you have your suit, you think your set?", Lori said. "Yup", Lincoln replied.

After the mall, they decided to stop for some Burpin Burger. They walked in and saw Clyde and Ronnie Anne sitting at a table. Lincoln was about to walk over, but then he heard something. "Ronnie Anne, I dont know how to tell you this, but I have always loved you. I always have, and I know your Lincolns girlfriend, but he dosent deserve you.", Clyde said. Lincoln backed up, "I- I love you to.", she replied. "No.", Lincoln said. "I cant believe were doing this, finnaly.", Clyde said. "No!", Lincoln said again, a little louder. Clhde and Ronnie Anne then locked lips. "NOOOOOOO!"