Song of the day: "Wake Me Up", by Avicci. #RestInPeaceAvicci

Lincoln walked out of his room, it was about 10 minutes before anyone else woke up, so he took this as a chance. He walked into the bathroom and took a nice hot shower before walking out, revealing his sisters with worried expressions. "Whats this abou-, oh. Listen, im fine right now, just, dont be as annoying as usual." Lincoln said.

"Hey!", Lola said. Lori quickly shushed her before nodding her head in agreement. Lincoln walked off, preparing for the last day of school. When he arrived at the school, he could see kids look at him with either faces of fear, amazement, and for the girls, they looked rather flirty.

He walked inside and was met with a crowd of students. Slipping out, he made it to his locker. While opening it, he saw Rusty, Zach, and Liam walk up to him. "Hey Lincoln.", they said. "Hey guys.", Lincoln said. "We just wanted to let you know were on your side here.", Rusty said. Lincoln nodded as he grabbed his binder. "Yeah, if Clyde aint a'", Liam was cut off by Lincoln slamming his fist on the locker.

"Dont... mention... his name.", Lincoln said as his breathing picked up. The people in the hallway looked at Lincoln as he began to sweat, before calming back down. "S- sorry guys, still a little jumpy after yesterday.", Lincoln said as he calmed down. "Okayyyyy. Also remind us not to get on your bad side.", Zach said. "Well, better get to class.", Lincoln said. While walking to Miss Johnsons room, he bumped into someone, someone a little to familiar. "Hey Lincoln.", Chandler said as he smiled.

Lincoln looked confused, "Oh, yeah. I really have no intention of getting on your nerves, just wanted to now if you possibly wanted to hang out later?", Chandler said. "Sure, why not?", Lincoln replied as he left for class. He went through his day, of course having the same reactions from everyone. But what really got his attention was at lunch.

Lincoln was in line for lunch, he looked into the kitchen to see what was going on until he heard a *CLING!*. Lincoln looked forward and saw that a girl infront of him dropped her keys. "Oooh~ silly me!", she said as she bent down to pick them up, y'know, a classic way for girls to scream out for your attention

Lincoln just stared before snapping out and grabbing his lunch. When he sat down, he looked across the cafeteria and saw the entire table staring at him. Then science came around and they had to do a chemical mixture, he was about to go for one of his friends until Cristina of all people asked him to be her partner. Obviously he said yes because hes not an asshole. But the one that took that cake was when he was walking home, he walked past Girl Jordans house and she was staring out the window at him, a lovestruck smile crossing her face.

He continued walking until he walked past the Santiagos. He heard yelling and Bobby storming out of the house, he walked over to Lincoln and patted him on the back. "Sorry for how I got angry yesterday, im sorry about what my sister did to you and tell Lori it was a mistake on my part breaking up with her.", Bobby said. Lincoln nodded and fist bumped him before leaving.

When he made it back inside, he quickly changed into some shorts and sat down on the couch for a bit before he left to hang out with Chandler. "Hey Lincoln, anything bad happed today?", Lori said as she walked down the steps. "No, not really. All the boys were either terrified or shocked or wanting to hang out. And the girls seemed rather... flirty.", Lincoln said. "Also on the walk home, Bobby came out and said he was sorry about how he acted yesterday.", Lincoln said. Lori nodded as Lincoln heard a knock on the door.

He opened the door to reveal Chandler standing outfront. "Heyyyy Lincoln, ready to go?", he asked. "Ready as Ill ever be.", Lincoln said as he walked out the door. "Alright, where were you planning on going?", Lincoln asked. "I was thinking we head to the new arcade next to the pizza place, and then maybe stop at the pizza place.", Chandler said. "Wait, wait, wait! Your telling me you have enough money to pay for the arcade that not only has a go-cart track, but also a bungee jumping place?", Lincoln asked.

"You forgot my dad works at the sewage treatment plant.", Chandler said. "Oh yeah, its nice to see you being this nice, unlike a couple people that think you arent.", Lincoln said as he stared into the fourth wall. "So whats the real reason you took me here.", Lincoln said. "Say wha?", Chandler said as he turnt around, "I know you didnt suddenly like me now, so whats the real reason.", Lincoln said.

Chandler realized he had been caught, "I dont wanna be on that whole enemy list, I mean I know ive been a complete douche and all that, and after seeing that video with over 17,000,000 views, I almost had a heart attack.", Chandler said. Lincolns eyes widened, "SEVENTEEN MILLION?!".

Rest in peace to the greatest Swedish song maker Avicci as of April 20th, 2018. Greatest song was, "Wake Me Up".

But in other news, im about to drop alot of chapters, they be spewing out left and right in dis bitch! Also Mia is working on her story which should drop sometime next month, alsooooooo...


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Friendships Reborn/The Adventures of Lila and Lincoln

Lewd for Louds

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