Tsuna is heaven explaining how he died. Crack fic, good for a giggle. I own nothing as always, enjoy!

XLove at First SightX

"How did I die? Well it isn't really that interesting." Said Tsuna to the other newly dead he had just met.

"Come on, I told you how I died, aneurism in my sleep. Can't be much more mundane than that. Besides, we're in purgatory. It's going to be a while before anyone comes around to sort us out and sends us… wherever we are gong." He replied.

"Well, okay. If you really want to know. It was two days ago, I was walking downtown during rush hour, I was on my way to the subway. The streets were packed with people, roads jammed with traffic. It was crazy. Yet, despite all the commotion and the size of the crowd, my eyes managed to land on him." Said Tsuna. The other soul leaned in.

"Him?" he asked.

"Yeah. Him. He was tall, and lean, dark hair and pale skin. Handsome face set in a scowl, and he walked with a grace I had never seen in another person before. It was his eyes that drew me to him though, stormy grey; oh so mysterious and beautiful. As soon as my eyes connected with his I felt my heart skip a beat in my chest before beating really rapidly. It was love at first sight, I was sure of it." Said Tsuna.

"I don't know, your story sounds pretty interesting so far. Keep going." Said the other spirit.

"Well I watched him for a few seconds, he was walking towards me. I decided I was going to talk to him. Maybe ask for directions or something and then draw him into a conversation, but then he turned down an alley instead." Said Tsuna. The spirit leaned back wit his hand's on his thighs.

"No, you did not follow him, did you?" he said aghast. Tsuna nodded his head.

"I did. I thought to myself that there was no way I was going to let this guy go without at least trying to get his number. So I ran after him down the alley. Not my brightest idea, but at the time it just seemed to worth it. He was still walking in the alley when I rounded the corner, so I called out to him. I was panting at this point. He turned towards me an I felt my heart skip a beat again as I looked at him, it was painful this time. He looks at me and goes 'What?'. He had the most sinful voice I had ever heard. My heart beat was a mess at this point, never mind my composure. He threw me totally off kilter, but I asked him for his name. He frowned at me but turned towards me to answer, and that was when I died." Explained Tsuna.

"What? Just like that?" asked the spirit.

"Mhm. Turns out it wasn't love at first sight, I was actually having a heart attack." replied Tsuna.

"…Kid, are you a moron or something? Geez, what a way to go. Did you at least get his name?" asked the spirit.

"Yeah, I caught it before I crossed over. His name was Herb."

XLove at First SightX

Hope you liked it. I thought of it and it made me chuckle so I thought I would share it. Let me know what you thought!