You were walking down the sidewalks of NYC on your way home from work at Murokami's shop. It had been an eventful day at work that day because Murokami was teaching you how to make his famous pizza gyoza. It was funny, pizza gyoza was popular with one specific group that almost always ordered over the phone when you were on shift. You had never seen them, but they always ordered to a specific alleyway. There was always payment on the manhole covering in the alleyway so you always just left the food there.

On your way back to Murokami's shop, you passed a dark alleyway. Instead of just normally passing the alleyway like normal from the other side of the street, you had stayed on the left side and was pulled into the alleyway by three men with black suits on and looked to be triplets.

"The one known as (y/n) will come with the ones known as Kraang", one of the triplets said in a raspy voice that sounded like he had the flu.

Your eyes went wide with fear and your training instincts kicked in. You grabbed the man's lapel and brought your hand forwards and palm-heeled him in the nose. What should have caused his nose to break only caused him to stagger backwards and stare boredly at you, his face vague of emotions.

The man that was on the left of the one that you had hit stepped forwards and grabbed you by the back of your shirt.

"The one known as (y/n) will stay motionless for the ones known as Kraang to transport the one known as (y/n) to the place known as Kraang headquarters".

Catching the gist of their non-existent grammar, you summed up enough confidence and courage to spit back a retort of your own.

"The one known as (y/n) will not stay motionless for the ones known as Kraang to transport the one known as (y/n) to the place known as Kraang headquarters." you said, releasing the man's grip from your back by taking your foot and smashing it on his foot. However, with the flip flops you had on, smashing your foot onto his made it feel like you were purposefully stomping on hard metal.

"OWW!" you screamed.

That's when your little mix-up with the triplets came to a climax. Four misshapen shadows grew on the wall on the other side of the alley. A cloud of purple smoke flooded your vision as you heard grunts and groans as it sounded like people were fighting. Somewhere amongst the chaos, a metal head had been tossed my way and you got hit in the head, winding up with a concussion.

The cloud of purple smoke disappeared and you heard whispers of voiced that sounded like they belonged to teenaged boys.

"Let's just get out of here!" you heard a voice growl.

"What do you mean? We can't leave her here!" another voice protested.

"So! If Splinter find out that another human knows we exist we're toast!" the first voice growled.

"Guy's she's got a head injury!", a new voice protested.

"Exactly, so whatever she sees she'll just think it's a figment of her imagination!" a fourth voice concluded.

You heard a huff of irritation before out of the shadows stepped four humanoid turtles each wearing a colored mask with weapons on their backs. You had no reaction. All you could do was sit there and stare at the sight before you. Sure, you had seen many things in your lifetime, but mutant humanoid turtles was not one of them.

The turtle with a blue mask stepped forwards and held out a three fingered hand.

"Here, let me help you up."

You hesitantly reached out and grabbed the turtles hand and was quickly pulled to your feet causing me to stumble. You smiled weakly as the turtle steadied you and he returned the gesture.

"Is there any place that's safe for you to go?" he asked.

You nodded. "I have to get back to work." you stated, trying to limp out of the alleyway.

"We'll get you there safely!"

You turned around and the turtle smiled again. "The name's Leonardo by the way."

"(y/n)." you responded.

"Now whereabouts might you be headed?"

"Murokami's Shop." You answered, putting a hand to your forehead.

He grabbed you and hoisted you up and onto his shell. "Hold on tightly." he warned.

Then off you went back to Murokami's shop where the turtles left you.

Was what you had just witnessed a dream?