(L/G)'s POV

It had been a few weeks since the incident where you met the turtles and Leonardo. Today was peaceful and as you worked at Murakami's shop waiting tables and serving food to customers, you began to wonder if you were ever going to see the blue clad hero and his brothers again. As you set a plate of sushi on a customers table you shook your head a pushed the thought out of your mind. It was probably a good idea to forget about them, because it was highly unlikely that you were going to ever see Leonardo or even any of his brothers again.

Another hour passed and as you were wiping down the tables and cleaning the dishes for closing time, you were tucked back into your thoughts, once again thinking of your savior in blue and his turtle compatriots. Though, it was weird for some reason. You couldn't help but think of the mysterious turtle, his companions, and the way that he saved you.

"Why did he save me?"

"Is there some specific reason?"

He could have just left you there, in the hands of your attackers, yet he chose to save you. It was unnerving, the amount of time that you had been thinking about him since your attack. Your sisters surely had enough on their own plates and you couldn't help but think that your grandfather knew something about what had happened to you and your sisters that he hadn't shared. You were worried about what the future held for you and your sisters and what role Leonardo and his brothers had in it.

When it was time to go home, you closed up shop and helped Mr. Murokami out the door and he locked it. You had a spare key in case you got to work early and Murokami-san wasn't there. You sighed and said goodbye to Mr. Murokami for the night and then started to walk home. You had school in the morning, and there was no way that you weren't going to get any sleep. As you walked, though, your thoughts travelled again to the turtles that had saved you previously. One daring though even made it's way across your mind as you walked to the other side of the road on the crosswalk. "What if I were to purposefully get into trouble?" you thought.

However, in spite of the tempting thought, you decided then and there that you weren't going to follow through with the thought because of the fact that you had no idea if the turtles would actually be around. For one, you weren't actually sure that they were even out that night. Second, you were sure that they wanted nothing to do with you after what had happened. And third, Leonardo had never actually promised that you would ever see him again. Your meeting had been brief and quick, and though you had learned his name, you weren't exactly what you would call friends. You knew nothing of his life other than his name, the fact that he had three brothers as you had three sisters, that he knew martial arts, that he was some sort of ninja, he was large, mutant humanoid turtle, and that he looked to be somewhere near your age.

However, as you walked down the streets to your house, a sound caught your ear. In a rash decision that was against your better judgement, you followed the noise to a building that was next to an alley. You looked up and saw pink light flashing and you could hear grunts, gunshots, and battle cries. You decided to investigate and climbed the fire escape to the roof. When you reached the top, your thoughts and wishes from earlier had been answered. There, fighting a bunch of silver and pink looking robots with brains in their midsection and some men that looked exactly like the men who attacked you, was the blue clad Leonardo.

You watched as he sliced the robots in half with his katanas and stared in awe, your mouth somewhat going slack in amazement at the sight. You tried to get closer without brining anyone's attention to you. However, as it was, karma had it in for you and you hit your head on a railing. You let out a small cry in pain and both Leonardo's and the remaining robots' attention was brought to you, who was currently halfway up onto the roof and with a hand on the spot that got hit.

The robots turned to fire at you and then capture you, but Leonardo cut them off and killed them all. He sheathed his katanas on the back of his shells and then turned slowly around to face you. He had on his face that showed a small amount of disappointment. I smiled in embarrassment and somewhat nervousness at the conversation that was about to unfold.

I gulped and somehow spoke to my now two-time savior. It came out weak and almost childlike, for he was staring at me with a stern look that a parent would have as they began to scold a child.