When I exited the Game Centre, I heard a scream.

In front of my eyes, there was man in a black jersey on the opposite street.

That man held a knife stained with blood, chased an office worker who was fleeing after being stabbed in the shoulder, and stabbed that fleeing back with the knife.

Without being concerned with the office worker's screams, the man stabs the office worker another 2, 3 times.

The man loses interest in the limp office worker and starts searching for his next prey.

What caught his attention was a female high school student who collapsed in shock and couldn't move after watching the violent murder.

The man ran towards the female student.

The female student tries to run but the man seized her arm before she could stand up.

The female student had trouble breathing, seeing the man grinning broadly.

Splattered in blood, the man raises his arm overhead.

I dashed from the opposite street and clung to that arm.

Maybe because it was this situation, I carefully observed the man's appearance with my head completely cool.

He was around my age, maybe a little older, but probably in his thirties.
He had a slender face covered with stubble, but his bloodshot eyes and inflated nostrils brought about a strange intensity.

I tried to pin down the man's arm somehow but the man shook me off and took out a new knife from his belt.

Looking at it, the man's belt had various sized knives hanging from it.

The man swung his knife and I moved my rucksack to block it, and then used it to ram into the man. However, the man dodged, circumventing my body blow, and used his knife to slash. Blood sprays out from my arm. My consciousness recedes due to the pain and by the time I am aware, a knife was pierced into my stomach.


Anger erupted along with the pain.

I swing my rucksack around recklessly.

I feel the rucksack collide with something hard, and it hits the random slasher-man on the head. Inside the rucksack was a sturdy ArcCon (Arcade controller).

I grappled with the man who was groaning with pain, and try to snatch the knife from his , I almost managed to take the knife from him. It was that moment.

The female student, who had sunk down to the floor, suddenly grabbed at the man.

Perhaps, she was probably trying to help me, but that's when misfortune struck.


A sensation I've never experienced before transmitted through my arm.

The man collapses onto the ground with his eyes open wide while murmuring something.

I looked at my own hand in blank amazement.

There's blood.

It's a knife.

A blood-stained knife was clasped in my hand.

...In other words.

―I.. stabbed him?

"C-criminal discovered!"

While I was frozen in shock, a pair of police officers appeared from street.

"The criminal is wearing a black jersey, and is a slender man in his thirties― I've confirmed it!"

I look down at my torso.

I was wearing a black jersey.

Moreover, I was certainly in my thirties with a slender build.

"W-wait a moment...! I am...!"

I reflexively swing my arms in front while calling out to the police officers.


"H-he's resisting!"

"Y-you're mistaken... I'm not the slasher..."

"Then what's that in your hand!"

When told that, I check my hand.

Yeah, this is a knife.

And furthermore, it was dyed red with the blood of the criminal I just stabbed.

It was hard to deny it with this circumstantial evidence so I became flustered.

I was stunned.

And then of all things.

"Hey.. Hey hey hey.. just wait a moment, I am...!"

Stuttering intensely, I tried to run over to the police officers.

Of course, it happened to be while I was still waving the bloody knife in my hand...

Even if I was at the end of my wits, I must admit that I should have been more composed somehow.

"D-don't come any closer...!"

The police officer warned, holding his gun out.

I was enraged, but I also came to my senses after seeing the senior police officer's stern expression and the muzzle pointing at me.


"Eep, uwahhh!"

This time the young police officer panicked.

"O-oi.. stop it...!"

The senior police officer's restrain was also in vain, and the young police officer pulled the trigger.

And it wasn't just once but many times.

Bang, bang, bang, the sound reverberated through my abdomen.

Together with these final sounds, a scorching heat ran through my chest.

My head turned blank from too much shock.

And then from the next instant, I lost hope.

Within my narrowing field of vision, I saw the senior police officer pin down the young police officer.

With that scene as the last, I collapsed onto the ground and lost my vision.

"T-this is... too much, right..."

My lungs haemorrhaged after those murmurs.

Just like this, my life came to an end.

"...Indeed, this is a bit much."


I feel like I heard a woman's voice but I was in no mind for that.

I don't know how it became like this, but suddenly the world was at my feet.


Sorry, that was poorly worded.

To put it simply, I was in the sky, gazing down at the world from a distance.

Look, there's footage that is like 'looking at the world from an International Space Station', right?

It was that kind of feeling, I was floating on a satellite orbit and below me were blue oceans and reddish-brown land covered with clouds, green forests were spread about, that sort of situation.

"I-I..I'm falling...!"

As I was about was falling in this seemingly unnatural place 3 scrolls came to me.

Each scroll was different. One scroll was one of pitch black with light lines squiggled in them. The second scroll was pure white with designs of crystal embedded in it. The last scroll seemed normal however it had an golden exuberance to it much like the sun. As I was about to reach for them a mark appeared in front of me and absorbed them and a few seconds after a white flash blinding me.

I opened my eyes only to see I was concealed in a crib I raise my hand to see it short and chubby and as i shout out i make an wail holy crap I'M A BABY!