Penguins? Since when were there penguins in Manhattan? Should I go check it out or keep looking for a present for Hazel? What do I pick? The dumb option. I go look at the penguins.

Hi, I'm Frank Zhang, son of Mars, Praetor of the 12th Legion, & boyfriend to the amazing, beautiful, incredible, centurion of the 5th cohort, Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto. Anyway, long story short, I was in a shop trying to fid something beautiful enough for hazel when I saw the penguins. And of Course, curiosity got the best of me.

I followed the trail of penguins the park. They seemed to be gathering around something I couldn't see from here. I couldn't get closer without being seen so I turned into a penguin & joined the others. Pushing my way threw the crowd of penguins, I started to hear a voice.

"Stop pushing. I have enough fish for all of you. Geese. Calm down."

As I got closer I saw a kid. He was only 13 years old or so. I walked [Waddled?] towards him.

"A fish for you. A fish for You. & a fish for you," the kid said throwing fish at a penguin each time he said it. Were is he getting the fish from? And what do the mortals see? When I was within a couple metres I changed back into frank. The boy turned as I was changing & just stared at me wide eyed.

"what's with all the penguins?" I asked. He just stared at me. I waved my hand in front of him.

"You who. Anyone in there?" He shook his head, like a dog does after a bath, & looked at me like he had seen me change through the mist.

" Who in the Duat are you?" he asked accusingly.

"Frank. & you are?"

"Felix. Um, you can see the penguins?" This Felix kid was starting to give of the impression that he wasn't normal. [Like the penguins hadn't told me that]

"yeah, I can see the penguins. Why?"

"Cool," he said wide eyed. "I found a new initiate before Sadie and Carter. Ha." He was dancing around like he won the lottery.

"Come on," he said, pulling my arm. " I have to take you to Brooklyn house. We can be friends, & you can learn magic & kill evil monsters &…"

"Hold up," I said raising my hands in a slow down gestor. "What are you.."

All of a sudden there was a massive crash. I forgot all about the kid & his penguins, turned into a cheetah, & sprinted towards the sound. Cheetah speed. When I got there I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to do a double take.

There was a giant – Thing – attacking a bunch [group, what do you call it?] of penguins. The creature had the body of a lion & the head of a ram, made of what looked like – obsidian?

"Great, a Criosphinx. Just my Luck"

I turned my head so fast I got whiplash. It was that boy, Felix, from the park.

"You can see that?"

"Duh. I'm a magician in the 21st house of life. Taught by the Kane family & Walt. Of course I can see the Criosphinx," Felix said exasperated. "Penguins attack," Felix yelled. All the penguins surged towards the 'Crio-Thing'. The first few it stepped on & turned into puddles, but there were too many for it. The surged over it. Hang on, why were the squashed penguins turning into water puddles? Forget it. Todays is just one of those weird days. I turned into a cheetah dodged its paw's & leaped. As I came down I turned into an elephant & sat on the sphinx.

"Cool," Felix said wide eyed. The Sphinx was slowly turning into sand under me. The penguins waddled back towards Felix. I changed back into Frank & walked towards him.

"Demigod 1 : Sphinx thing 0," I said once I got there.

"What's a demigod?"

"tell yah latter." I replied. "Now mind explaining what a Magician is?"

"Well, I'm a magician for the 21st Nome in Brooklyn, which serves the house of life. We fight big, evil snake, & curse bullies with exploding donkeys." He giggled on the last bit.

We started walking down the street. Every now & then I would see something Hazel might like but I knew it wasn't good enough for her. Me and Felix kept talking about Roman & Egyptian gods. But if he said I hade more cousins like Clarise La Rue at Camp Half-Blood, we were going to have issues. We were about to started heading back to the park when something in the shop window caught my eye.


"You really love Hazel don't you?" Felix asked, when I had told him who I was buying it for.

"yeah, I do…"

"Were have you been," Hazel asked worried as I finally returned to New Rome. "I was so worried." I wrapped her in a hug.

"Sorry," I said. " I ran into some…. Unexpected trouble. Found this though."

I handed the present to Hazel. Me and Felix had found this crystal penguin. It was breathtakingly beautiful, just like Hazel. Once we'd bought it he had used 'magic ink', and drawn a hieroglyphic on it. If you ever need my help, just hold it & say my name. I'll hear you wherever you are, & I'll come help as soon as I can, he had said.

"Thank you Frank," Hazel said, standing on her toes & giving me a kiss on the cheek. She walked over to the window sill of our shared apartment. The sun caught it at the perfect angle making it sparkle. I swore I could see Felix smiling in the crystal. I turned & headed for the meeting with the senate. I wonder what Felix is up too right now…

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