"FELIX!" o, no. Sadie did not sound happy. She came stomping down the stairs. I could practically see the steam rolling out of her ears.

"Why in the Duat are there penguins in my BEDROOM!?"

"well… I kind of" She let out a breath.

"Felix why don't you take your penguins to the park."

"ok" she was not happy. You didn't have to be a genius to see that. We ran out the door.

"Stop pushing. I have enough fish for all of you. Geese. Calm down." The penguins are always so pushy when it comes to feeding time. I am very glad I have a bottomless cooler. Otherwise I would never be able to carry enough fish.

"A fish for you. A fish for You. & a fish for you," I said throwing fish to a penguin each time I said it.

I turned around to feed some of the penguins on the other side of my bunched up circle. When I turned around I stared wide eyed at one of the penguins. He was changing into a human. COOL!

The human penguin was about 6 feet with an Asian descent, and very lean and muscular. He had brown eyes, military close-cropped black hair. He had SPQR branded on his forearm with a bar line and a two crossed spears

"what's with all the penguins?" he waved a hand in front of my face. "You who. Anyone in there?" I shook my head, trying to clear it, & looked at him.

" Who in the Duat are you?" I asked accusingly. He could be a bad magician.

"Frank. & you are?"

"Felix. Um, you can see the penguins?" Please say yes…

"yeah, I can see the penguins. Why?"

"Cool," Yes, in your face Kane's. "I found a new initiate before Sadie and Carter. Ha." I was dancing around like I won the lottery. It rarely happens for us to find a magician before the Kane's.

"Come on," I said, taking his arm. " I have to take you to Brooklyn house. We can be friends, & you can learn magic & kill evil monsters &…"

"Hold up," he said raising his hands in a slowdown gestor. "What are you.."

All of a sudden there was a massive crash. He turned, changed into a cheetah, and speed sprinted toward the sound. I stood there for a minute, shocked, then ran after him.

When I got their I saw a Criosphinx. The same one that had attacked us in the museum when we were trying to find the book on defeating…. The snake.

"Great, a Criosphinx. Just my Luck"

Frank turned his head so fast I'm pretty sure he was going to get whiplash.

"You can see that?" he asked

"Duh. I'm a magician in the 21st house of life. Taught by the Kane family & Walt. Of course I can see the Criosphinx," I said exasperated. "Penguins attack," I yelled. I had been training them so they wouldn't get squashed every time we went into battle.

All the penguins surged towards the Criosphinx. The first few it stepped on & turned into puddles, but there were too many for it. The surged over it. Frank turned into a cheetah dodged its paw's & leaped. As he came down he turned into an elephant & sat on the sphinx.

"Cool," I said wide eyed. The Sphinx was slowly turning into sand under Frank. The penguins waddled back towards Me. Frank changed back into Frank & walked towards me.

"Demigod 1 : Sphinx thing 0," he said once he got here.

"What's a demigod?"

"tell yah latter." he replied. "Now mind explaining what a Magician is?"

"Well, I'm a magician for the 21st Nome in Brooklyn, which serves the house of life. We fight big, evil snake, & curse bullies with exploding donkeys." I giggled on the last bit. A bully had been picking on Sadie at B.A.G. and one day she had enough. She cursed all his book with exploding donkeys, so every lesson when he took out his book it exploded. Not only did he get into trouble for making a mess, he STUNK.

We started walking down the street. Every now & then Frank would see something in a window and take a look. Me and Frank kept talking about Roman & Egyptian gods. We were about to start heading back to the park when something in the shop window caught Frank's Attention.


"You really love Hazel don't you?" I asked. I had asked why he kept looking at things in the windows, and he had told me he was looking for a present for his Girlfriend hazel.

"yeah, I do…"

As soon as I got back to Brooklyn house I went to bed. I had had a very long day and I was extremely tired. Plus I had a magic lesson with Walt later. I would need to save my strength for then. The last thing I had on my mind was…

I hope Hazel likes the present Frank got her…