-basketball game for championship-

A loud 'boom' was heard as furry fell to floor after being dunked on by Tyrone


~furry point of view~

The couch announced then called us in he started yelling at us "YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING TRASH" he screamed harshly then he looked directly at me I gulped

10 minutes later

Me and Tyrone were on clean up duty it was just us in the gym alone suddenly I was tripped I quickly looked and seen Tyrone standing over me

"Ya wanna lose huh get imma show you a good punishment" Tyrone whipped out his massive juicy cock and shoved it inside of my mouth I was shocked I tryed fighting back but he easily held my head in place

I started tasting a lot of Precum then he pulled his cock out of my mouth flipped me over and shoved it in my ass after quickly pulling down my basketball uniform

"Ahhh ahhh ty...stop ahhhh" I moaned in pleasure "nah fuck you bitch ass nigga I'm gonna raped your asshole till you can't walk"

Slap slap slap slap slap was loudly made as Tyrone demolished furry's asshole

after 1 of this hard fucking Tyrone came inside of furry and he came HARD he busted a fat gigantic nut on furry's back as he pulled out

Furry was feeling too much pain to cum so he layed on the cold gym floor wit his ass in the air trying to catch his breath he was gonna turn around but suddenly he felt his asshole be filled up again

Furry just said fuck it and started throw his ass back onto tyrones dick

"Uhh yay FUCK me harder deeper you dirty rapist fuck me till I cum and then some more after that"furry Moaned in absolute bliss then he finally came he came all over the floor

Tyrone fainted from cumming so hard into furry's asshole furry got up and realised his semen left evidence so he quickly lick it all up not missing a spot or drop and savouring the salty flavour 'mmm so good can't wait till next time then he gathered his uniform and left unbeknownst to his Tyrone was staring at his ass the whole time

The end lol