"Huvingermil!" My grandmother shouted out of her dentures. Her kneecap came out of her knee after a frenzy at the grocery store for the snack called 'Colester-Rolls.' I gave her my candy so she would feel better than me. Gibberish is my middle name. "Hi," I said to my grandmother. "Why did you eat all the lettuce?" I needed a pet. "Have you seen my Cool-Aid?" my grandfather yelled from the shower. "Wow," I said. "Do you even know? Well, I didn't." grandfather came out of the shower, but he wasn't naked, he was in a rubber chicken suit. He didn't need it, but he loves cow steak. Now I was mad. I rushed into the street, yelling, "WHAT RHYMES WITH ORANGE?!" at the top of…well…not my lung 'cause I don't have any. It was a hard thing to do, but it was correct. "Nice food." Bob said. I should get one. You should read chapter 3.