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~After the Preliminary Matches~


Naruto is listening to some nurses while he paced back and forth. Still remembering what Neji said to him 'I see why my failure of a cousin likes you, seeing how much of a failure you are.' Those words echoing in Naruto's head along with the switching images of Hinata being carried out on stretcher, and when she stood her ground ready to take the strike to he heart.

'She likes me, but why?' pacing back and forth he turns and sees Kakashi walking out of Sasuke room.

"Naruto! Sasuke can't see anyone yet, he is tired and needs rest" said Kakashi

Naruto shakes his head "Not here to see the teme."

This causes Kakashi to raise an eye wondering why Naruto would be in the hospital if not for Sasuke.

"I need you to train me for my match against Neji." said Naruto. Remembering what Neji did to Hinata, when they're cousins, he knows that Neji won't hold back against him and Naruto can't hold back against Neji. Especially with what Naruto promised to do.

"I can't. I'm training Sasuke for his match against Gaara he is going to be a tough opponent." said Kakashi. Wondering what he can do he nods "I can call in a favor to help train you in your basics" smiled Kakashi.

Naruto shakes his head not wanting to deal with his basics. During his time in the academy no one wanted to help him with his basics instead they ignored him or taught him the wrong way. "I'm facing a tough opponent. Last year's Rookie of the Year who has a year more of experience than me. Does that mean nothing?"

Kakashi sighs and shakes his head knowing this is not the time or place for this.

"Naruto, I understand. And I will get someone to train you. So he will help you refine your basics which are a mess. You put too much chakra or too little chakra in a jutsu. Your control is down right horrible and it's a miracle you even made it this far with Sasuke's and Sakura's help. You are going to be in the chunin exams and for you to be in the exams not knowing the basics it's not just embarrassing yourself but also Konoha." stated Kakashi.

"It's always about Sasuke this and Sasuke that with you. You're just like Sakura!" getting angry he glares at Kakashi. "You don't know how hard it is for me. I do try but no one wants to help me or take me seriously." Naruto huffs, folding his arms and waiting for Kakashi to say something.

"Naruto You probably couldn't even do the simplest summons if given the chance" replies Kakashi. "How are you going to continue to be a shinobi if you don't improve your basics? It's essential for everyone and you have worst control and basics out of everyone in the academy class. Just met where Ebisu tells you." stated Kakashi.

Seeing Naruto turning his back on him and starting to walk he stops making Kakashi wonder what is wrong.

"What ever. Seeing I'm not Sasuke and not important enough to be trained. I'll prove you and everyone wrong about me. And I can pull off a summons. No body ever wants to give me a chance they all think I'm a monster." walking to the exit he slams the door.

Kakashi sighs and waves his hand at the nurses who roll their eyes. However, as he was going to leave to find Ebisu he stops hearing the whispers and the nurses pointing at the door where Naruto left.

'Naruto. You have a long way to go and I don't think you will ever be ready and it will be possible for you with that attitude' thought Kakashi shaking his head he exits in a swirl of leaves to find Ebisu.

*Training ground 3*

Naruto is laying against the training pole while overlooking the water. 'Did I change Naruto?' Hearing Hinata's voice he tries to push the memory out but can't. Seeing her standing and struggling while Neji continues to berate her just before trying to kill her. It won't get out of his head.

'I swear I'm going to beat you.' Naruto clenches his fist as Hinata's blood drip from his fist he glares at Neji.

Neji smirks 'It's no wonder why Hinata likes you. You both a failure destined to fail. Fate decreed me the winner at the start of the match.'

"Why" mutters Naruto. "Why does she even like me? I'm nothing special. I just don't understand why someone like her would like me?" Sitting there he sighs and wonders about his match against Neji.

"Damn it Kakashi-sensei how the hell I'm going to beat Neji, if you only want me to train my basics? I need something more to beat him like how you beat Zabuza." thinking back to Nami.

'Kakashi-sensei summoned his ninken to fight Zabuza. Maybe that's what I need.' Naruto soon frowns remembering what Kakashi said about him, that he wouldn't be able to perform the simplest summon.

"I'll prove you wrong. Everyone." Said Naruto. Slowly getting up he closes his eyes and tries to remember the fight between Kakashi and Zabuza from when he was fighting Haku. He reaches into his pocket and felt something there. It was the medical cream that Hinata gave him after Kibas' match. 'Why?' closing his eyes he takes a deep breath thinking what to do next.

"Probably couldn't even do the simplest summons if given the chance." He mocks "Well Kakashi sensei, I'm going to prove you wrong."

Taking a deep breath he got up and looked straight ahead. Nodding his head he clapped his hands together. Molding his chakra he focus more and more. 'Come on, more chakra.' Biting his thumb he slams both hands on the ground "Kuchiyose no Jutsu."

Seeing a sealing array appear on the ground where his hands are. A small poof of smoke appears. Naruto blinking looks around and sees nothing. "Oh come on I don't get it." whines Naruto.

Letting out a sigh he claps his hands together again and channels his chakra. 'Come on' biting his thumb he makes some hand seals 'Anything' he pleads, slamming his hand the ground "Kuchiyose no Jutsu."

Naruto watches the sealing array on the ground glow brightly white and than a poof of smoke. Naruto coughing looks around and sees nothing. "Dam it. Got to try again."

~Hours Later~

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" Naruto shouts. Slamming his hand on the ground again. Hours have gone by and still nothing has happened. Breathing heavily he feels drained. "NO!" Shaking his head he looks at his thumb seeing the bite marks. Letting out a sigh he drops on his knees and thinks about everything.

Sasuke being who he is, thinking everyone is getting in his way and refuses to accept help. Sakura who cheers Sasuke at the corner while refusing to train thus weighing herself down. Kakashi who trains Sasuke more and told Naruto he is the weakest member of team seven.

'Is Kakashi sensei right. Are my basics that bad?' A image of Hinata appears and her voice "Did I do it Naruto-kun. Did I change?" Naruto feeling angry clapped his hands together once more. Molding his chakra, pushing as much he can, the grass underneath his feet begins to tremble. 'I see why my failure of a cousin likes you' seeing Nejis' taunting smirk.

"AHHH!" he roars, molding more and more of his chakra. "NO. I refuse to let fate decide for me. We make our own FATE. AHH!" more and more chakra is being pushed from Naruto. Clapping his hands he bites his thumb and again tries a number of different hand seals. "KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU."

Slamming his hand on the ground the sealing array of summoned appeared again but this time it glowed from white to red and Naruto was reverse summoned.

~Inari's Domain~

*Nine Den Mountain*

Legends say some contracts are mystical and cover things like the four celestial guardians. Most contracts are normal contracts like Inu, Gama, and Namekuji, and are readily available to mortals. But there are a few hidden contracts that are Yokai. The Yoko's contract is one of those contracts, and the keeper of that contract is Inari the Kami of Fertility and Agriculture.

The Yoko contract, being one of the more powerful contracts because of their unique powers and nature they have. They are messengers but they are masters in many of the elements. The Yoko clan has three sides to them. One is the Yoko side, which are their primary forces of fighters, with colors ranging from red, orange, black, sometimes blue.

The second group are the Zenko (good foxes) who specialize in healing and knowledge-providing. Like some Yoko they may be fighters but their colors primary consist of blue, white, and some other rare colors.

The last are the Yako (field foxes) Kitsune which are scouters and have general field advantages such as tactical expertise. Their colors range from green, blue, even to red, and white. Colors weren't restricted to one group since the clan acts like one and they mate with different parts of the clan system to show their loyalty to the entire clan rather than just one particular branch of it.

Today seems like a ordinary day for the Kitsune and their Megitsune (vixens) along with their kits. But what many didn't know was today is going to be a special day when a Sennin of the Yoko's would be born. No one would expect this young blonde to become so great, seeing how much of a great destiny he has, despite what Neji and others would claim.

When Naruto finally landed on the ground groaning and moaning a bit he rubs his head. "Ok where am I?"

Looking around he sees a different part of the forest he doesn't recognize. He sees he landed on top of a large stone slab table. As he slowly gets down he stops, turning around, hearing something he turns to see a lot of Kitsune. Some of them are as huge of the Hokage tower, others as big of Inuzuka partner dogs like Tsume's partner.

Naruto felt nervous seeing a lot of Kitsune. "Umm Hi?" rubbing the back of his head. Some of the Kitsunes slowly moved forward, ready to protect their homes and kits. "Good boy. Stay." Naruto added, hoping to diffuse the bad vibe. Bad choice of words.

Kitsune hate to be treated like Inu. Many Kitsune have much more pride in them. When Naruto finished talking some of the Kitsune quickly charge at him making him run.

"Ahh come on." whines Naruto as he runs for his life. "All I said was 'good boy' and they chase me?" jumping up to avoid the sharp teeth coming at him.

He continues to run faster, seeing a river he quickly jumped over it. "Ha try to get me now!" pointing and taunting at them. He pointed at them while taunting but he soon stopped. Hearing some low growls he slowly turned around, noticing a lot of Megitsune in the water and their kits. 'Shit I think I interrupted their bath' letting out a goofy smile.

*SNAP* one vixen snaps her jaw making him run again.

"What did I ever do to you guys?" jumping away from the snapping of their jaws he makes a quick turn.

As he continues to run he sees a blue Megitsune with five tails just laying in the sun. 'Crap. I'm trapped' hoping to find a way out he stops. Quickly looking around to find an exit. Staring almost at the sea-blue vixen that is looking at him. 'What now?' watching her tails glow blue and stretching. He braces for the strike.

"Huh what happened?" opening his eyes he saw the tails behind him stopping the others from coming to him.

"Enough, all of you." turning to the Megitsune who has a soft voice. Naruto let out a breath of relief. The Megitsune she walked cautiously to Naruto, taking a few sniffs of his scent. "Kit, why do you have my mate's scent on you? But also smell strange?" carefully looking at the kit in front of her, also wondering how he got here.

"Wait mate?" pointing to her seeing her nod. Naruto wonders how he can smell like her mate the only kitsune he knows would be… "Kyuubi is your mate?" shocked to hear this.

The Megitsune nods and asks. "My name is Kyuumi. You know where my mate and boss of the Yoko clan has been?" Naruto rubbed the back of his head and pointed to his stomach.

"Yeah, he is sealed inside of me." letting out a short uncomfortable chuckle which started to die very quickly after hearing the growls. Kyuumi raised her tails to silence everyone.

"Very well, please come with me" Naruto stares at her and hearing her soft voice he followed her. Hearing and looking at the other Kitsunes who are showing their teeth, he'd rather deal with the mate of Kyuubi then a whole army of Kitsunes.

When they stopped walking Naruto noticed a small shrine with a tori pole in front of it.

'What is this place? This place looks like one of those shrine I've seen in those books' He continues to follow Kyuumi. He later notices a Kitsune whose fur is almost as white as snow but also the number of tails he has. "Nine tails " mumbling to himself.

He hears the chuckle coming from the old Kitsunes.

"Indeed kit, unlike Kyuubi who is a Biju with massive chakra. I also have nine tails but because of the wisdom and knowledge I have." bowing to Naruto. "I am Zenko and there must be a reason why you are here with Kyuumi." turning to her

Kyuumi told Zenko about how the boy has Kyuubi's scent but even more important he's sealed within him. Zenko hearing this nods while pacing back and forth, noticing many Kitsunes with their families hearing the conservation outside. He chuckles and continues to listen to Kyuumi.

"I see, please tell me kit. How did Kyuubi get sealed inside of you?" wondering what the story is about him, he sits up waiting for Naruto.

"Not much, he attacked Konoha twelve years ago. The Yondaime picked me, a orphan born on that day to seal him in." Naruto looking away, having already accepted his fate.

Unaware to him Zenko hearing this raises an eyebrow about a few things and Kyuumi she was a different story. She couldn't believe Kyuubi would attack Konoha but also sealed inside of a twelve year-old boy.

But she also saw something in Naruto's eyes, the loneliness the despair, showing he was a child who saw very much and dealt with great pain. To Kyuumi she couldn't stand to see Naruto suffer like that "I see" replied Zenko.

Walking to Naruto he stares at him and sees what Kyuumi is seeing. "So much hidden from you... or perhaps to keep you safe" this makes Naruto confused. Zenko starts to chuckle "What kind of leader would use a orphan if he couldn't do the same with his family? No, there is much more you don't know yet."

Naruto hearing this looks down thinking what more doesn't he know?. "But. I don't understand? What do you mean to keep me safe? I never really felt safe." whispers Naruto. But the next thing shocked Naruto. Zenko listens to Naruto and nods, seeing the hardship he endured.

"Kyuubi attacking Konoha twelve years ago? But he has been missing for almost one hundred years. The same time that Konoha was founded." Zenko walking back and forth while Kyuumi looks and stares at Zenko who is thinking of the situation.

Zenko turns to Naruto and Kyuumi. "He is a Jinchuriki" pointing to Naruto he hears many whispers coming from behind him. Not bothering to turn around with all the whispers.

Zenko continues to looks at Naruto and Kyuumi. "Naruto obviously doesn't know the whole story."

"Huh?" Naruto confused, looks at the two while Kyuumi smiles.

"I'm afraid my mate went missing around the time when Konoha was founded. He obviously hasn't been sealed in you the entire time. He had to be somewhere; if not sealed inside of you, kit." answered Kyuumi.

"So the question remains who has the answers?" asked Zenko. Seeing Naruto think for a moment Zenko nods seeing Naruto eyes lit up. "And who may that be young kit?"

"The Hokage" replies Naruto.

Zenko, seeing the headband and nods. "You're future is clouded but hopefully the Hokage will brighten your path to the direction we need to go."

Naruto looks down and thinks about all the times he asked the old man why him. But to hear Zenko tell him he doesn't know the whole story and that the Hokage will have the answers that he seeks. Naruto shook his head thinking the old man wouldn't lie to him.

"What seal is used to hold Kyuubi?" ask Zenko.

Naruto hearing this doesn't know what to say and simply shrugs his shoulders "It's just some swirl." Naruto answers, lifting his shirt he molds his chakra showing the seal.

Much to Zenkos' surprise, he looks closer at the seal and his eyes widen in shock. He has seen complex seals like this before long ago and now Naruto of all people has a seal he hasn't seen in many decades, perhaps a century.

"Shishō Fūin" said Zenko in surprise. (four element seal)

"The Yondaime used the Shiki Fūjin to make the Hakke no Fūin Shiki but using the Hakke no Fūin Shiki you must summon the ceremonial pedestal. In doing so you also summon the Shinigami who takes your soul as payment" looking at the seal he notices another seal on top of the Hakke no Fūin.

"Kit, was the Yondaime from the Uzumaki clan. I've seen this type of complex seals from the Uzumaki clan." ask Zenko. Wondering how such a complex seal was used but also why that seal was used. Couldn't others been used to hold back Kyuubi without sacrificing your soul as payment?

Naruto eyes widen in shock. Staring at Zenko he looks down hurt, Wondering if he was left behind because of having Kyuubi sealed inside of him. Did they leave him behind?

"Was I abandoned?" looking away hurt and thinking if their was really an Uzumaki clan out their and why didn't they come back for him.

Kyuumi uses her tails to wipe the tears "No, Kit, you weren't. The Uzumaki clan was killed off or scattered throughout the elemental villages during the last shinobi world war. Any living relative left likely don't know about you, rather than choose to ignore you."

Standing next to him she slowly puts her paw on him "It's true kit. Susanno the Kami sea and storms and the ruler of the Yomi was worshiped by your clan. He was saddened to hear the Uzumaki clan were attacked to extinction...almost extinction." spoke Kyuumi.

Naruto lets out a small smile. But unaware to him many Kitsunes left to search of Susanoo's domain to tell him the news of what is going on, while others left to send a message to Inari. With the new revelation of the possibility of a new summoner appearing at Nine Den Mountain, now a new future is set.

"Indeed, and seeing you here is proof. But upon seeing that you don't have red hair you might take after one of your parents." smiling he looks at Naruto's seal.

"We have a problem here. It seems someone placed a odd number seal over the even one." this made Naruto confused, while Zenko told him about the natures of some seals.

"Will this cause any problems?" ask Naruto.

Zenko chuckles "It's like how you put a finger on a drain. You stop the water from draining." this made Naruto nod. Looking over the seal he notices the "Gogyō Fūin" smiling he notes the person who put this on has good knowledge of sealing, or enough to know what they were doing.

Naruto watching five of his tails glow white "Kit raise your arms" smiling Naruto does what he is told.

Slamming his tails on his stomach "Gogyō Kaiin" Naruto lets out a huge breath. Rubbing his stomach he feels a little better "I removed the other seal. It seems it was preventing you from molding your chakra correctly" smiling at him. Kyuumi lifts Naruto up and brushes him off with her tails.

"Thanks" smiling at her.

"Forgive us on our manners. But we never had a mortal here before. What is your name?" asked Zenko.

"Uzumaki Naruto" That confirms what Zenko thought about him being a Uzumaki.

"Very well. We need answers and only Kyuubi can give us answers. So Naruto please hold onto my tail and Kyuumi you do the same." orders Zenko. Using one of his tails he places it on Naruto's head and the other on his seal. "I will do the work." They close their eyes feeling their minds being tugged to a location somewhere in Naruto's seal.


When Naruto opens his eyes he notices a lot of water. Realizing all the water he soon started to sink.

"Hang on Kit." Kyuumi places Naruto on her back.

"Thanks. I would be a goner inside my own head." chuckles Naruto.

Kyuumi giggles and nods as the two look at Zenko he is staring at a location with a lot of light. "We should go." said Zenko. Taking the lead he gently steps on the water and Naruto sees them walking but doesn't see the ripples.

"We Yoko have good control of our chakra to a point where we don't make ripples in the water. In time you will learn kit." said Kyuumi.

Naruto nods excitement but his excitement soon died seeing a large cage. "It's him?" thought Naruto out loud, Zenko nods his head seeing the cage, Kyuumi on the other hand frowns and looks hurt. As all there stare at the golden bars with a Kanji symbol for "Seal" on it.

Zenko walks forward and feels a chakra he hasn't felt in many years. "Lord Kyuubi it's good we found you." bowing to not only the leader of the kitsune but also the strongest biju.

Naruto stares at Zenko and when he looks forward he sees a huge kitsune almost the size of a mountain. Staring at him, seeing his orange fur and the black slitted eyes with red pupils and black iris. He sees the long nine tails freely floating behind him. Naruto feels a little nervous seeing all of those teeth when Kyuubi smiles.

"Zenko, it's good to see you. Hopefully you can help me" turning, he smiles but soon that smile turns to a hateful glare towards Naruto. "Kyuumi my mate. Please forgive me for my absence but why are you carrying that kit on your back?" glaring at Naruto who shivers feeling the killing intent coming at him.

Not even the disguised snake sennin can make him feel what he is feeling right now.

"Kurama, my mate, enough!" shouting at her mate angry that he would use his killing intent on Naruto, Kyuumi uses his real name "Hasn't the Kit suffered enough with his life?" using a stern voice on her mate.

Naruto watches the giant Kyuubi shrink down to the same size as Kyuumi. Seeing he is behind the golden gate looking at everyone. "Very well my Megitsune. I will stop for now." glaring at Naruto.

Zenko steps forward getting the attention of the biju. "What has happened in the past one to two hundred years?" wondering what happened to the biju but also leader of the Yoko's.

Kyuubi started to chuckle seeing that he has been sealed for that long "You can say Madara Uchiha had a hand in this." this made the Kitsunes' raise an eyebrow, if they had any that is.

Naruto on the other hand wondered 'Is this Madara guy related to Sasuke?'

Kyuubi looking at the three, tells them what happened in the fight against Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. Shocking the three he tells him that Hashirama won but with his mokuton abilities he kept him under control until he got help.

"The Uzumaki clan. They got a woman named Mito Uzumaki, who married Hashirama Senju, and became my first Jinchuriki." Kyuubi stopped talking. Seeing Naruto shaking his head thinking this is some sort of joke. But Kyuubi continues "When she got too old and was about to die. She sent a message to her old clan who had a new candidate ready to be my second jailer. Your mother Uzumaki Kushina." answer Kyuubi.

"You're lying. You're pulling a joke on me because you're sealed inside me. Someone from the Uzumaki clan married the first Hokage. I wasn't good at the academy but information like that is important. It would have been taught." said Naruto. Refusing to listen anymore to what Kyuubi is saying, he is shaking his head.

"No Kit Lord Kyuubi isnt lying. You come from that clan, that white symbol on your shoulder is the symbol of that nation, Uzu no Kuni. The red spiral on your back is the village of Uzushiogakure but also the symbol of the Uzumaki clan." Zenko answered.

"Indeed. Why you don't know or remember the Sandaime can tell you everything." answers Kyuubi. Turning to Zenko who is listening to everything. "The sharingan forced me to attack the first Hokage. If Madara Uchiha never forced me to attack the first Hokage, if he never controlled me. Your life would have been very different. So ask your self this question."

"What question?" ask Naruto. Wondering why Kyuubi would ask him something like this.

"If Madara Uchiha never controlled my mate. There would be a good chance your life would have been different." answer Kyuumi. Seeing where Kyuubi is coming from she sees Naruto shock expression.

Naruto eyes widen to hear. "If that never happened. I would have a mother and father. I wouldn't be an orphan. A real home, a family, my life would be so different in Konoha." muttering to himself but also thinking how much of his life would be different.

Kyuubi chuckles lightly making everyone turn to him but he shakes his head. "There would be a good chance you would never been born." Seeing Naruto and Kyuumis' confused looks, Zenko walks forward.

"If Mito Uzumaki never sealed you inside of her. She wouldn't have chosen Uzumaki Kushina to be the next host. And if she wasn't there is a good chance she would have been killed during the last shinobi war." spoke Zenko.

Seeing where Kyuubi is coming from he turns to Kyuumi who is shocked but Narutos' eyes widen to hear this.

Kyuubi nods but he knows more of the truth. He knows Minato would never learn the sealing from the Uzumaki clan. If he never met Kushina he wouldn't have improved the Nidaimes' Hirashin no jutsu. If not, Kushina or the Uzumaki clan Konoha would be very different.

"Yes. Meaning after the destruction of the Uzumaki clan happened you were never born." answer Kyuubi.

Naruto hearing this frowns. Seeing what would happen if Kyuubi was never sealed inside Mito. His mother would never have been chosen to be the next host and if she stayed at Uzu he would have never been born.

"Twelve years ago you ended up in the Kit. What happened?" asked Zenko. Wondering what is the full story on what happened twelve years ago. He has pieces of what has happened in the past century.

Kyuubi starts to chuckle. "The night she went into labor to give birth to you. I took my chance to break free until he showed up again." Stopping, Zenko looks at Kyuumi then to Naruto seeing that some of his theories were right.

"Madara Uchiha?" ask Kyuumi. Wondering how is it possible for someone to live that long?

"No. His chakra felt different but his eyes were similar to his. The eternal mangekyo sharingan." answer Kyuubi.

Zenko walking back and forth thinking 'what does this mean?' Seeing what the Uchiha clan can do he looks at Kyuubi who shakes his head. Seeing he doesn't want to talk about Hagoromo Otsutsuki he nods.

"The Kit's father the Yondaime was there adding his chakra to the seal to prevent me from escaping" before Kyuubi can finish. He stops hearing Naruto shout.

"NO!" Hearing the biggest truth of them all Naruto shakes his head refusing to believe this. "That can't be true! I can't be his son. If I was then why would they treat me like this or hide it from me? It CAN'T be true!" covering his face. Kyuumi uses her tails and hugs Naruto.

Zenko hearing this nods "I was right, what kind of leader would use someone else's child if he couldn't use his own?" seeing so much was hidden from Naruto but the question is why?

"I'm not done there is much more" adds Kyuubi. Seeing his mate look at him with a shocked face while Zenko hasn't liked what he has heard. Naruto wonders what else is there "Madara ripped me out of Kushinas' seal and when that happens my host dies even with the Uzumaki clan chakra based kekkei genkai. She would survive the unsealing but would still soon die."

Naruto frowns hearing this. Even if he somehow gets Kyuubi removed from him he would die.

"Once free from the seal. The imposter posing as Madara controlled me and ordered me to attack Konoha." Zenko nods listening to what happened to Kyuubi twelve years ago the biju continues.

"The Yondaime took us to a remote location to seal me inside of the kit while Kushina used her chakra chains to hold me back." Kyuubi stops talking while Naruto looks confused. Even Kyuumi but Zenko nods.

"Huh?" ask Naruto. Wondering 'What kind of chakra chains is he talking about my mother having.'

"Members of the Uzumaki clan are born with special unique chakra to certain individuals. Kushina, the kit's mother, had ability to make chains using her chakra. These chains were strong enough to hold me back." adds Kyuubi.

Narutos' eyes widen, looking at his hands wondering if he inherited his mothers chakra chains.

Zenko looks at Kyuubi who nods and continues.

"When I saw the ceremonial pedestal I quickly tried to kill you but I failed. They got in the away taking the strike protecting you. And doing so they sealed me inside of you."

Naruto hearing this wipes his face "So they died protecting me? They didn't abandon me?" Hearing all his life that his parents abandon him not wanting him but to hear the truth. Naruto felt a huge heavy weight lift from not only his heart but also his soul.

Kyuubi nodding "Yes."

Zenko hearing everything sees the many problems. Taking Naruto off of Kyuumis' back he places him on his own back making Naruto confused. "Kyuubi. We will talk again in the future. In the mean time. Kyuumi and you should talk."

Walking away from the gate. Zenko can't help but think about the boy he is carrying on his back 'Truly someone with a great destiny came to us' thinking to himself he sees Naruto wipe his face. "In time kit. You will learn more and see how life can truly be wonderful."

Kyuubi and Kyuumi are talking about a few things and Kyuubi is shocked to hear the news.

"I see, does she behave?" hearing that his mate gave birth to his kit centuries ago around the time Madara controlled him. Kyuumi nods telling him about her antics but also about a mischievous kit she hangs with. "Forgive me about my absence, it must have been difficult. You and her going through it."

Kyuumi using her tails and touches Kyuubi tails "My mate it wasn't your fault. It was the Uchihas' fault" smiling the two moves closer to each other. Nuzzling each other noses "I will wait no matter what." said Kyuumi.

Kyuubi smiling nuzzles his face to her neck.

"But before I go. I want to see the kits' memories please. What I saw in him made me wonder why is he still loyal to that village." Kyuubi starts to chuckle. Seeing how caring his mate is he sighs and nods.

Shooting a stream of red chakra towards his mate. She opens her eyes, seeing Naruto life 'Another kit, but he just found out about her feelings towards him' smiling Kyuumis' tail glows blue and gives Kyuubi memories from what has happened while he was gone.

"Thank you my Megitsune" watching her vanish Kyuubi thinks about his kit and mate.

*End of mindscape*

When Naruto returned back he looks around to see a lot of Kitsunes and Megitsune outside and waiting.

'Ok now they are waiting for me to leave.' feeling a little nervous. He moves his arm and when he did that all the kitsune followed his arm. 'Great now they are watching my every move.'

Kyuumi giggles at his antics "They won't harm you" turning to Zenko he will speak to everyone.

"Come with me we have a lot of training to do and only a month" this makes Naruto raise an eyebrow. Watching Zenko walk towards the exit he sees the good fox turn around. "Something wrong? You have an exam coming up. Isn't that part of the reason why you are here? For training?" letting out a fox grin. Zenko turns to Kyuumi who nods seeing Zenko got the memories as well.

"Training? Yea that's right, but how can you help me?" Naruto looks at the two while Zenko chuckles and nods. Kyuumi nods and looks at Naruto than to Zenko.

"First we will talk outside. Seeing we have a month of training and the Kage Bunshin being your main jutsu it will help greatly won't it Zenko?" answer Kyuumi.

Zenko just started to chuckle. Turning to Naruto they announced they will begin training tomorrow morning while he gathers a few supplies.

Naruto hearing this dropped his shoulders but seeing it's already dark he decided not to argue.

"How can I go back home?" asks Naruto. Wondering how he is going to get back home he looks at Kyuumi who turns to Zenko.

"Good question. Once you sign the contract and have your partner. You will be able to return back home. But in the mean time. Rest and eat because tomorrow will be a day where you will start training as a Yoko." smile Zenko.

Naruto hearing this frowns. But seeing as Kakashi took Sasuke to train and he will be busy with the chunin exams he decided to stay for the time being.

"If you are worried. I will go to Konoha and let the Hokage know about where you will be." smile Kyuumi. Seeing Naruto eyes lit up "I know that will make you feel better."

"That would be awesome thanks." smile Naruto.

Kyuumi nods as she walks towards the location where Naruto appeared.

*Back in Konoha Hokage tower*

~Night time~

Hiruzen is checking the last of the paperwork. "Finally, it's over" getting up he walks to the window and looks at the Hokage monument seeing the moon light shining on the monument.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" hearing a voice he turns around and sees nothing "I clearly hid myself in a genjutsu. Don't try to break it unless you tell your Anbu to leave."

Hiruzen hearing the soft voiced raised an eyebrow, but nonetheless lifted his hand to make sure the Anbu don't talk. Wondering who it is and how in the hell the person got inside the room without him or the two Anbu noticing.

"I see, it's that way. Very well, I did promise Naruto that I will to tell you he will be looked after while he trains for the chunin exams." whoever this person is, Hiruzens' expression grew serious, signaling his Anbu to leave. He heard from Ebisu that he can't find Naruto anywhere and Kakashi took Sasuke to train in the mountains.

"We're alone." said Hiruzen. "Is Naruto safe? Ebisu couldn't find him and I was thinking of calling back Kakashi tomorrow in case Naruto didn't appear. So who are you?" asks Hiruzen. Wondering who the person is hiding in the genjutsu but also how did Naruto convince the person to train him.

"My name is Kyuumi. One of the messengers Inari the Kami of Fertility and Agriculture, and Kyuubi no Kitsunes mate."

When she drops the genjutsu around her, Hiruzen's eyes widen, seeing a Megitsune in front of him, remembering what she said 'A messenger of Inari and Kyuubi's mate.'

Hiruzen stares at the sea blue, five tailed Megitsune in his office. Grabbing his pipe from the table he lights his tobacco and takes a few puff. "I apologize for my bad habit. It helps with the stress and tension."

Kyuumi giggles and nods "I understand Hokage-san. My mate transferred some of the kits memories. I see he likes to pull pranks which has gotten him into trouble a few times."

Hiruzen chuckles and nods knowing too tell what kind of pranks Naruto does. Taking a seat he signaled the Megitsune to sit. "Oh you have no clue. But pleasantries aside for now. How on earth did Naruto send you?" ask Hiruzen. Wondering how is this even possible before he decides, 'Only Naruto is able to do the impossible.'

"He just appeared in our realm. Something about proving his sensei wrong that he could do the simplest of summons" answer Kyuumi.

Hiruzen stops to think about his student Jiraiya who did something similar as well. He soon started to laugh and shake his head. "Ah the irony, one of my students did the same thing. But he ended with the Gama's" chuckle Hiruzen.

Kyuumi nods and soon started to giggle herself. "Yes he interrupted the mothers bath with their kits. It wouldn't bothered them that much but when he said good boy they got angry. We kitsune are on a different level than Inu." shaking her head.

Hiruzen chuckles and smokes his pipe. But than his face got serious and Kyuumi facial expression grew stern herself.

"Usually when something like this happens. It means a new summoner?" ask Hiruzen.

Kyuumi nods "Indeed. Usually we are just messengers for her gracefulness, Inari. But at times we send messages for the other Kami's. I received word from one our messengers, Susanno is excited to hear a Uzumaki escaped the destruction of Uzu but also will sign the Yoko contract as well" said Kyuumi.

Hiruzen leans back. He remembers long ago Kushina usually said a prayer to Susanno. Something to do with her family and him being connected.

"A new prophecy came to light. The child prophecy will save the world with the aid of the Yoko clan. Without the help of the Yoko clan the world will be doomed with those of the cursed eyes. The cursed eyes will bring destruction and death to the world. The prophecy of the Gama's is a dangerous one but now it will be changed. A new prophecy is on the horizon. The sennin No Yoko" said Kyuumi.

Hiruzen listens to Kyuumi and clicks his teeth. Wondering about the prophecy that Jiraiya told Minato long ago. 'This is good but also bad. The prophecy Jiraiya spoke about was a great disaster. Perhaps it won't happen or was going to happen.' worries Hiruzen.

"He knows about his father and mother now. My mate told us and showed us the night of his birth. The one with the Sharingan control Kyuubi and ripped him out of the kit's mother." said Kyuumi.

Hiruzen sighs shaking his head. Angry he clicked his teeth "Tobirama sensei if you were alive… What would you say about the Uchiha clan? The trouble and betrayal they have caused. No wonder you didn't trust them that much."

"Some people don't want what is best for everyone, only themselves. I can only hope things will be different." says Kyuumi.

Hiruzen nods and smokes his pipe "Indeed. But what you said also troubles me greatly. A Uchiha is still out there, the same person responsible for ripping your mate out of Kushinas' seal to attack Konoha."

Kyuumi nods. "Yes; and Naruto suffered due to this twisted person. I lost my mate in the process but also your village suffered because of his crimes." agrees Kyuumi.

"Indeed. I trust Naruto will be safe but also trained under your care? Seeing that the old prophecy ties with him?" said Hiruzen.

Kyuumi nods but soon she got serious. "But the Gama's should have never revealed the prophecy, they broke the rules set down from the Sage of six path with the Kami's. What will happen now I do not know. We are now tasked to make sure the shinobi world survives for future generations. A village must rise again to deal with a great disaster".

Hiruzen didn't like to hear this. It seems the Gama's prophecy is still there but it change for whose favor. Will Konoha rise again to fight this disaster or fall. Staring at Kyuumi he nods his head and understands. "Train him well. And please tell him I'm sorry. I was trying to protect him. After the damage was done, I had sensed foul play from the village but I couldn't find the true culprits and my concern was to protect Naruto."

"I understand and I will pass the message along. But before I go. Talk to Monkey King Enma and ask him about the rules of prophecy. The King of the monkeys will know about what I speak." said Kyuumi as she bows she disappears in a poof of smoke.

Hiruzen puffing his pipe and nods wondering 'What will happen in the future?' he looks at Minatos' portrait. Before he could speak Minato's portrait fell making Hiruzen worry what will happen and then his portrait fell and Hiruzen felt a cold shiver creep up his back.

"For Kami's sake what is going on?" mutters Hiruzen. Feeling the icy shiver run up his back the last time he felt this was when the Shinigami was summoned by Minato.


New and updated story.

Will be changing allot.

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