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Ketsugō ne Mokuton binding roots

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wind claw Kaze no tsume

Chunin Exams

Hiruzen nods toward the jonin. Dismissing him he sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. The two other kages in disguise hope they aren't on to their scheme in invading Konoha.

"Is their something wrong?" The kazekage in disguise looks towards the Sandiame Hokage.

"Politics. You know how the daimyo's are." The kages nods understanding it quite well. "It seems the Fire Daimyo isn't happy that Naruto-kun is claiming independence and is demanding my presence immediately". Hiruzen stood up and snaps his finger getting the anbu attention from the shadow.

"Lord Kazekage. Lord Otokage if you wish to use the restroom or to stretch your leg. My anbu will escort you even bring your body guards or check to see the merchants stands will be ready" smile Hiruzen.

The Otokage nods his head "Thank you for the offer but I am content waiting here".

Hiruzen nods "Kazekage would you like to check on your children?".

The Kazekage shakes his head "No it's quite alright. I know Gaara will do fine. I'm just curious on your genin Namikaze Naruto. Such an advance kekkei genkai".

Hiruzen nods "Indeed. Naruto is an enigma when it comes to him. So much potential. Now excuse I shall return before the match begins kami forbid if I keep his royalness waiting".

The kages broke out laughing. Even the two disguise kages share a laugh knowing the truth to it. As Hiruzen leaves the room he stops and turns back around to his seat grabbing his pipe. Both Kages blink watching him smile he takes a deep breath and lets out the smoke from his nostrils.

"That should help" Hiruzen chuckles and leaves the room leaving the two kages chuckling. As Hiruzen is walking towards the Daimyo box. He gives the anbu two signals making them leave.

"Hiruzen" Danzo walks towards Hiruzen with both Homura and Koharu on Danzo side."What is the meaning of the jinchuriki behavior in-" before Danzo finished. Hiruzen punched him in the face shocking his former teammates. Danzo stumbles and hits the wall with his back.

Hiruzen glares at his former teammates making them quiet. As the Sandaime Hokage looks towards Danzo who is using the wall helping him stand. Danzo wipes the blood from his lip and looks at the Sandaime and saw something he hasn't seen in years.

Rage and Anger.

"The reason for Naruto-kun's behavior is because of Konoha. Cheering Sasuke using the curse seal. He lost faith and loyalty to the village and you three are to blame. I tried to help him but you three along with the civilian council sealed this village fate. The prophecy Minato heard from Jiraiya change from bad to worse. Much worse no terrible" Hiruzen narrows his eyes on the three.

Walking past them he stops and gives his former teammates one dark look making them flinch.

"You picked the Uchiha and we all saw and heard what he said about Konoha. Tell me how do you think the shinobi feel to hear him say that. You chose your side and I hope it doesn't lead to Konoha destruction" muttered Hiruzen. Thinking back to Minato portrait was it a sign to something come.

Homura and Koharu glance at each other. It has been many years perhaps a decade that Hiruzen has been this angry. But what Hiruzen said is true they came to talk to him about the jinchuriki not the Uchiha. What the Uchiha did and said was even more disgraceful.

"Hiruzen is right. The Uchiha made Konoha look bad. No doubt one of the founding clan an heir no less thinks poorly of Konoha" spoke Homura. Shaking his head wondering how this mess started.

Koharu nods "Yes and with the civilians booing and tossing thrash to the jinchuriki. Customers and clients saw how they treated Uzu and the Yondaime heir something that hurt Konoha greatly. But once the other villages hear this Konoha will be a laughing stock". Both elders wonders how to fix the issue but Danzo starts to walk to them.

"It matters not after the exams we keep the jinchuriki within Konoha at all cost. Support my decisions in the meetings" demanded Danzo. Staring at Homura and Koharu both elders walk past Danzo making him turn his head towards them. Seeing they aren't going to agree with him he taps his cane on the floor.

Waiting for his Ne to come a body drops on the ground dead shocking Danzo.

"Next time get a better body guard" the voice said.

Danzo stares at the dead body of his Ne. Moving his head towards it the body suddenly igniting in a red orangish flame making him jump back. Feeling the intense heat it took seconds to burn the body and all what remained is ash that the winds blow away.

With Hiruzen

"Hello Daimyo-sama I hope the exams are to your liking?" Hiruzen smiles. Seeing the Daimyo narrowing his eyes and his advisors are all talking to each other. Hiruzen smiles seeing he isn't happy at all.

"Hiruzen that child. That genin what he claim is he indeed the son of the Yondaime and Heiress of Uzu No Kuni and why do the people of Konoha hate him". The Fire Daimyo stopped waving his fan waiting for Hiruzen to speak.

Before Hiruzen spoke a knock on the door making him smile "Ahh yes Jiraiya right on time please come in" spoke Hiruzen. Happy the Gama in his pocket came back telling him to retrieve Jiraiya for this meeting. He told the shinobi out the door to allow Jiraiya in.

"Sensei. Lord Daimyo is their a problem?" ask Jiraiya. When he got the message Kithi went with him knowing something is going to happen.

Hiruzen nods "Naruto. The Fire daimyo is not happy with what Naruto just pulled. I was thinking seeing you are his godfather you can explain why Naruto is choosing to leave Konoha". Hiruzen explains to his former student and seeing him nod.

"God son" the fire Daimyo is shocked to hear this. Seeing Jiraiya nod he turns back to Hiruzen than to the sennin."I wasn't aware you are his godfather nor Minato or Kushina having a child". The advisors nod and sits down to listen to the sennin and Hokage.

"My god son upbringing in Konoha wasn't pleasant from what I gathered" muttered Jiraiya. Looking down Jiraiya sighs while Hiruzen nods sadly himself. "Minato sealed the Kyuubi within Naruto. He wanted Naruto to be honored and celebrated holding back the biju" explain Jiraiya.

The Fire daimyo mouth drops wide in shock. His advisors their eyes widen in shock to hear this. When they all turned to Hiruzen nodding his head it made it clear that Naruto is indeed the Yondaime son.

"I was away maintaining a spy network to help protect Hi No Kuni and Konoha. So I couldn't raise him or watch him. Sensei tried but other people with motives got in the way of things" explain Jiraiya. He has been on diplomat missions before and he knows how to play and pull the strings on politicians.

"What do you mean" one advisors looks confuse.

"Yes. If he is the son of the Yondaime and the heiress of Uzu" another advisor spoke.

"His upbringing should have been wonderful" finished the last advisor.

The fire Daimyo nods but when his match with the Uchiha and Konoha openly booing Naruto and thrash being thrown to him. At first he didn't care thinking the Uchiha was favored to win. But to hear what the Uchiha say about the village that his clan help build. Along with the Uzumaki and Senju clan he thought maybe it was clan rivalry but he will learn it's not.

Hiruzen sighs and shakes his head. "No! You and everyone in Konoha just found out a bout Naruto's lineage during his match. As an infant he was sent to the orphanage than kicked out of the orphanage at three years old. Danzo and my former teammates along the civilian council made it public that Naruto housed Kyuubi. Before I can take control of the situation people were demanding for his death".

The three advisor are shocked to hear this. The Fire Daimyo didn't like this at all. Seeing why he wants to claim independence because of what happen to him in Konoha.

"There were many assassinations attempts on Naruto. Some sent him to the hospital for days maybe weeks at a time. I had the Anbu watch him some trusted anbu others just ignored my orders. When he was lost he was found in the back streets of Konoha starving or eating food from the thrash. He was ridiculed and many instructors sabotage his teachings in the academy."

The three advisors didn't like hearing this. Seeing how bad Konoha treated someone of royal status but also a kage son no less.

Jiraiya nods "Indeed. With Konoha already weaken after Kyuubi attack. Minato made many enemies in the elemental nations. Kushina had enemies in and out of Konoha as well it was best to hide Naruto's lineage but sensei teammates wanted Naruto not to know anything about his lineage". Reminding them the events after Kyuubi attack. It took Konoha a few years to recover from the deadly destruction.

"Not know? What do you mean?" the advisors looks at the other two while the Fire Daimyo nods.

Hiruzen nods and sighs. "Yes! A few years later the civilian council and Fugaku Uchiha had the history of the Uzumaki clan removed from the shinobi academy. Fugaku was bitter for not becoming Yondaime and to get back at Kushina clan. Removed the history of the Uzumaki clan".

The Fire daimyo blinks and looks at the advisors talking among each other. Listening and thinking what has happen.

"He has shown great promise as a shinobi. Is Jiraiya teaching him?" one of the advisors ask.

Jiraiya looks down and shakes his head "No!. I wanted to but sensei will explain it" muttered Jiraiya.

"The one training Naruto is the Yoko summons the same clan belonging to Kyuubi. Later on I found out that someone from the Uchiha clan summoned Kyuubi to attack the village. The Yoko's confirmed this and started to train Naruto for his protection. But Gamabunta Jiraiya summons who was summoned by Minato confirmed this long ago. But it was events later on that confirmed it" spoke Hiruzen.

Each advisor spoke among each other they turned to the Fire Daimyo voicing their thoughts but Jiraiya waves at them.

"The Gama's told me that the Yoko's contract has never been active to us mortals only for the kami's. They act as messengers and protectors and to be a summoner for the Yoko's one of the Kami's must give him their blessing. He received blessings" stated Jiraiya. The advisor are shocked to hear this as Jiraiya nods. They have spoken to some shinto priest in the capital as they talked about messengers of Kami and other Kami's.

But to hear a shinobi wielding a contract of theirs. They look at Hiruzen who started to continue his explanation.

"Someone from the Uchiha clan summoned Kyuubi to attack the village why? Why attack the village they help create with two other clans" the Fire Daimyo feels disturb in hearing this."Can these kitsune's these yoko's be trusted?".

Each advisors starts asking Hiruzen and Jiraiya questions. As kage and sennin explain the situation it was Hiruzen who revealed that it was the Yoko's who told them what happen to Kyuubi. But also telling them what happen with the Shodaime Hokage when he battled Madara Uchiha and who he summoned under his control.

"But it's much worse than you think" spoke Hiruzen. Turning to all four Jiraiya wonders what Hiruzen means. As Hiruzen starts with Itachi Uchiha he begins to tell them all everything that has happen. The advisors are shocked to hear that the Uchiha clan was going to start a coup believing they deserve to run Konoha but also Hi No Kuni. Which the Fire Daimyo didn't like to hear this what' so ever.

Jiraiya is stunned to hear this. To think Itachi volunteered to kill everyone in his clan but asking to spare his brother. As Hiruzen goes more and more details he explains after the Kyuubi attack they suspected the Uchiha clan starting it. Due to the bitterness they have over the years but also most if not all the clan was missing on that day for some reason even today no one knows why.

"This is unbelievable" one advisor shakes his head.

"To think Uzumaki-san stayed loyal to the village up to this time." added another advisor.

"Yes. The civilian council along with my former teammates and Danzo have given Sasuke much special treatment. He believes he is entitled to everything and that no clan or person is equal or greater than him. If he found out that his clan betrayed the village. He would believe his clan is right to rule the village and the nation. That his clan knows better than anyone" Hiruzen pauses for everyone to absorb what he said.

No one said anything.

"Sasuke thinks little of this village as you saw his performance. Majority of the Uchiha thought the same only a few handful thought the village as their home. But sadly they died protecting the village" spoke Hiruzen. Thinking of a few he closes his eyes and sighs 'Forgive me Itachi but the prophecy of the gama's are gone. The Yoko's prophecy will come true. You will understand later on' thought Hiruzen.

Jiraiya couldn't believe what he heard. Shaking his head angry that the Uchiha clan did this. 'They are to blame for Minato not being here. They are to blame for Naruto leaving Konoha'. For a long time Jiraiya thought bitterly but also a new hatred formed in his heart towards the Uchiha.

"Hiruzen to have Uzu no kuni resurrected. Do you know how much strain this will put on the nation's economy" the Fire daimyo shakes his head. "It cannot happen forgive me but tell the boy it won't happen" thinking the matter will be over.

"It would take years for that to happen and think very carefully yourself" Hiruzen tone get serious that the advisors took notice. Jiraiya narrows his eyes on the Fire daimyo as well. "Naruto is related to three of the four Hokages of Konoha. Minato Namikaze is the grandson of Tobirama Senju.".

No one said anything all eyes are on Hiruzen in shock. Jiraiya eyes widen to hear this he remembers Minato coming to Konoha as an orphan his home attacked by enemy shinobi long ago.

"Tobirama sensei before he sacrifice himself making me the Sandaime. It was secret to many he was involved with a woman named Umi Namikaze for a few years who was a trader in Konoha. I found that information in Senju Uzumaki Mito diary. After we returned she found out about Tobirama sensei death and left Konoha. But she kept in contact with Mito over the years confirming Tobirama sensei had a son. It's in her diary" Hiruzen pauses seeing everyone shock faces.

"Tobirama Senju son name was Tōdai who was a fisherman. He got married and had a son name Minato Namikaze who was the only one from his family to escape the attack on the village." no one said anything. Hiruzen nods his head founding out this himself.

"The Yoko's summons has an elder name Zenko he told me the past has the answers. That one person's past can be illuminated by another person light. Mito knew about Todai existence and kept it a secret from enemies of Konoha but also Konoha as well. It's all in her diary everything and I manage to find Minato birth certificate his mother name and father along with his grandmother. Umi Namikaze and a picture with her and Tobirama sensei together" spoke Hiruzen.

No one said anything. The fire daimyo shakes his head looking at the Hokage he remains silent. Just hearing what he just said made him wonder why did this happen that why didn't the people of Konoha just honored the Yondaime wish. Hiruzen turns to Jiraiya who is stunned as Hiruzen places his hands behind his back.

"Uzu No Kuni will be resurrected in the future. A Sennin no Yoko will rise if not the world will be doomed with those cursed eyes. The cursed eyes will bring destruction and death to the world" spoke Hiruzen. Turning his back he leaves the room wondering how things will play out now.

The jonins

Kithi returns back and looks at Zenko with a nod. "Danzo 'Ne' is still active. I disposed one of his men to the ashes of the wind". Taking his seat again he notices the jonins, chunin and clan head blink at him. Shrugging his shoulders the leader of the Yoko clan sighs and yawns.

"You're kidding me right?" Asuma blinks at the summon who shakes his head.

"When the Gama sennin left I went with him much to his protest. But after he bumped to Danzo I stayed back to watch him. The Hokage has a good right hook hitting him right in the face" chuckle Kithi. Asuma nods knowing how well his father right hook is.

Everyone is shocked to hear this that the Hokage punched an elder of the council. Asuma knows that Danzo has an ambition to become Hokage and is willing to gain it by sacrificing others for his cause. Anko glares at the direction of the door angry to hear this. She knows how Danzo is and is a person who you shouldn't cross.

Yuki got up and looks around. Touching the ground she looks towards the wall in front of her. Rolling her eyes she claps her hands slams it back on the ground. The wall above them opens up and swallows an anbu in the shadows.

"It seems this Danzo person sent someone to watch us. Who would have told him?" ask Yuki. Everyone turns to her wondering what she means "Do you think Kakashi told them about us or perhaps they came to check the location where they took Kakashi?" wonder Yuki.

Zenko nods thinking that is a very good questions that she is asking. Gai stood up shaking his head "Never Kakashi will never turn his back on Konoha or his students. I will place my life on that. Kakashi may be many things but a traitor never" spoke Gai passionately. The jonins and chunins nods agreeing with Gai on that.

The yoko's nods as Zenko smiles at Gai "Than he sent them here to see who is watching or helping Naruto. We travel in pairs from now on" spoke Zenko. Turning to Yuki she snaps her fingers and the ground in front of her opens up revealing a head. As she pulls the head up she pulls off the mask revealing a female. Tossing it to Anko she blinks and looks at Yuki.

"You really need another hobby besides crushing, burying and torturing your victims like that. How are you suppose to get the information from them" Kithi huff's and shakes his head at Yuki who grins.

"You know you love it when I end the victims lives like that" giggle Yuki. Anko giggles nodding agreeing with Yuki while Kithi sighs shaking his head while Iruka blinks at Anko than Yuki.

"Well sit down the third match is about to begin" said Asuma.

Hokage Box

All eyes are on the Sandaime Hokage. Many people during the break began talking on what Naruto revealed. Many believe he is lying and some civilians started to demand the shinobi to arrest Naruto for lying. Unfortunately for those civilians Jiraiya heard what they said and he used his lion's mane needle attack on them. He gave the shinobi a cold glare telling them to lock them up in the anbu head quarters.

That he would come back later after his godson match. One of those civilians that Jiraiya attacked belong to a council man and he didn't look to happy.

"Well here we are. The last match and I know many are you are wondering what Naruto-kun said. But yes it's all true. Indeed. His godfather Jiraiya has all the proof and it's a shame that Naruto son of the Yondaime will be leaving Konoha just a few short months" Hiruzen smiles thinking how far Naruto got but frowns at the people of Konoha hearing their silence.

'Truly the will of fire is gone. Naruto it was your fire that kept Konoha going' thought Hiruzen sadly. "But before he leaves he is here to leave his mark in Konoha. I know for sure he will leave his mark in Konoha for generations to remember" shouted Hiruzen. Hearing cheering and clapping, Hiruzen sees the shinobi's of the village supporting Naruto.

"Last match of the chunin exams Sabaku no Gaara son of the Yondaime Kazekage vs. Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto son of the Yondaime Hokage" roared Hiruzen. The shinobi in the stadium went wild while the most if all majority of the civilians remain quiet.

Naruto appeared in a shunshin of leaves while Gaara shunshin was sand. As both genin glare off each other, Gaara smirks while Naruto narrows his eyes. Genma glances both of them and took a step back.

"Begin" taking another step back, Genma watches the two jump back.

Naruto jumps back and moves his arms in circular motion and than steps forward shooting a stream of fire towards Gaara. The son of the Kazekage commands his sand and makes shield. As the flames collides with the sand and when the smoke is gone. Part of the sand turned to glass but other parts is still sand mix with different types of rocks.

'Kyuubi. Did he mix sand and rocks with his sand shield?' blink Naruto. Rolling to his right missing the sand whip he kicks forward releasing a stream of fire towards Gaara. Looking to the sand whip seeing glass shards mix with sand and rocks. He sees Gaara lifting his hand up protecting him with another sand shield mix with rock and sand.

"Yes he did. It seems to me Shukaku still remembers me when I burned that liter box hehehahah" Kyuubi starts to laugh while Naruto continues to dodge the sand whip. Jumping back Naruto makes a hand seal and soon takes a deep breath.

"Kirigakure no Jutsu" a heavy mist soon started to appear in the stadium floor. Soon Naruto disappeared in the mist while the mist began to move all around. Gaara with his sand commanded it to go forward as he did. He hit nothing.

"Suiton tearing torrent" a stream of water shoot outs from the left side of Gaara. Quickly raising his hand up commanding the sand he blocks the water jutsu. With another command of his sand to the left. Gaara hits nothing and the sand he had protecting him drops on the ground wet. But soon the rocks he has in his sand whip he controls the sand crushing it.

Creating more sand as the sand drops to the ground he lifts the sand up with more rocks in it. Soon the wet sand began to dry and Gaara has more sand and rocks to use.

"Where are you. Hiding from me is unless you will prove my existence" Gaara sand soon started to form around him in a ball. Soon the ball floated off the ground as Gaara uses his Daisan no Me. A third eye made of sand appears floating the opposite direction of Gaara.

Naruto is behind rock under the cover of the misty jutsu. Looking at Gaara ball of sand floating from the ground he clicks his teeth wondering if the jutsu can pierce through the ball of sand.

'The rasengan might damage it destroying the layers of sand. But it won't be enough to break its shell' thought Naruto. Reaching in his pouch he pulls out a few kunai, Shuriken and explosive tags. "Kage bunshin no jutsu" creating four clones.

"The Kitsune Hi is doing some damage but as long he uses the sand to carry the rocks they will protect him. Even if the sand turns to glass the rocks absorbs most of the heat. But using a water jutsu helps but using my fire will dry up the sand. So futon is my best choice but I need to get pass his defense" Naruto grins wondering how Konoha is going to take the next bit of power he will reveal if this plan fails.

Giving the clones a nod three clones each took an explosive tag along with kunai and shuriken. Looking around seeing the mist is still hiding Naruto he grins and soon makes a few hand seals.

"Fūton Daitoppa" Naruto breathes wind from his mouth, blowing away whatever is in front of them. With Sand, rock and mist being blown away Gaara is still floating off the ground in his ball of sand. Naruto's clones quickly appear in three sides throwing explosive tags with kunai and shuriken. As the explosion happens it sends Gaara ball of sand to the opposite side of the stadium floor.

Once the smoke clears Gaara sand ball is falling apart. Everyone is shocked wondering if the explosive tags did it they see chunks of wet sand falling down. Seeing a fourth clone underneath the ball of sand.

Naruto makes a hand seal and his hand begins to whistle and glow white. Charging towards the ball of sand Naruto uses the clone on the ground to give him a lift up to reach Gaara.

"Kaze No Yari" the wind spear around Naruto's hand slams into the ball of sand. As Sand is being blown away Naruto is pushing down harder to break through the layers of sand. Seeing he is almost there, Gaara sand begins to move grabbing Naruto's hand and slowly encase his arm. "NO" shouted Naruto. Using his feet he back flips and breaks free.

"KAZE NO YARI" thrusting the wind jutsu as a spear the wind slams into Gaara's ball of sand blowing most of it away but this time. Piercing and cutting the ball of sand hitting Gaara shocking him. Naruto lands on the ground and skids back watching Gaara ball of sand break and him crashing down to the ground on his sand.

"You know I think you picked a habit of mines picking on Shukaku" spoke know how bad his little brother temper is and seeing Gaara through Naruto's eyes. It's safe to say Naruto did a good job pissing him off.

"Really" Naruto takes a few heavy breaths. As he turns to Gaara slowly getting up he touches his face and sees red liquid on his fingers. Soon he started to laugh and than turned to Naruto laughing menacing.

"My blood. It's my BLOOD" Gaara menacing laughter is heard through all the stadium.

'I think I might need some help against him. He took a Kaze no Yari up close and another one' thought Naruto. Taking a small leap forward he shoots out a ring of fire from his feet keeping Gaara back a bit.

"I would suggest summoning Kyofu and Kinto. The kit can be useful as bait to attract the sand attack" chuckle Kyuubi. Naruto frowns not liking to hear what Kyuubi said. Sometimes Kithi gets elbowed by Yuki for his comments.

"Hmm no we aren't going to use him as bait. But summoning them wont hurt" Naruto makes a hand seal and bites his thumb. Smearing the blood on his wrist of a summoning tattoo in it. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" once the smoke clears Kyofu and Kinto looks around.

Now most of Konoha is shocked to see what Naruto has done. But now most of the shinobi are lost for words to see what he summoned. The civilians paled to see what Naruto summoned.

Kyofu turns to Gaara and separate his four tails showing its white and red color. By now most of the shinobi sigh in relief seeing it doesn't have nine tails. The civilians on the other hand began to coward.

"Ichibi no Shukaku. You summoned me to help you fight this deranged Tanuki. What are you thinking and he looks angry at you" shouted Kyofu. Glaring at Naruto he rubs the back of his head smiling at him.

Kinto hops forward and tilts his head and looks at Naruto than back to Gaara. Everyone in Konoha stares at the small one tail kitsune kit staring at Gaara.

"Where were you when I needed all that sand hours ago" whine Kinto. "All that hard work and he was around NO FAIR" whine Kinto.

Kyofu got an anime sweat and shakes his head at Kinto.

"Oi he took a Kaze No Yari straight and than another from a distance. I barely left a scratch on him" whine Naruto. When summoner and summons turn to Gaara they notices half his face changing. Blinking he looks at the two Yoko's blinking at Naruto than back to Gaara.

"Did he always look like that Naruto?" Kinto hops on the large rock being face level with Naruto. "He's kind of difficult to look at like some reject Tanuki" Kinto yawns and insults Gaara.

"Seriously why is it every other match I have someone transforms into something uglier than before" complain Naruto. Kyofu sighs and shakes his head turning to the proctor who shrug his shoulders.

"You will prove my existence" Gaara commands a large sand wave towards Naruto and his summons. Naruto jumps out of the way and Kyofu took to the air avoiding the sand. Kinto coats his lower half with futon as jumps on the sand wave. He begins to ride it going around and around.

"This is FUN" Kinto roars in laughter. As Gaara commands his sand to trap Kinto in a ball. The small yoko kit hops to another part of the sand wave and continues to ride it. Gaara glaring at the small kit commands his sand to grabs his paws. Lifting his hand up throwing Kinto high in the air the small yoko kit spins around a few times not looking bother.

"WOW I CAN SEE ALL OF KONOHA FROM THIS HEIGHT" shouted Kinto. Chuckles and laughter can be heard from shinobi and children as Kinto feels the affect of gravity take hold "Aww bye pretty view". Looking down he lands on a sand pillar that was meant to crush Kinto. Instead he is sliding down sand pillar with laughter. As he comes to the bottom of the sand pillar.

Kinto hops off and lands on the ground. Looking at Gaara who has transformed further. The small yoko kit doesn't look bothered by his appearance what so ever or the danger he is in. Instead he as having too much fun.

"THAT WAS AWESOME LETS DO IT AGAIN" shouted Kinto. The shinobi in the arena fall over thinking the small summons is playing instead of fighting.

"NO" Kyofu and Naruto shouts together making Kinto ears drop down making him sad. Naruto was horrified to see Kinto being shot high in the air and hearing Kyuubi saying he lived a good life as a young kit did.

"Spoil sport" whine Kinto. Genma broke out in a loud chuckle. He tried to cover his mouth but shinobi started to chuckle at Kinto antics. "At least some people know how to have fun".

"YOU" Gaara hisses at Kinto. As the small kit looks to his right and left seeing no one he uses his tail pointing to himself.

"Me?" Kinto tilts his head confuse. Soon more and more sand started to swirl than sand geysers erupt from the ground high in the air. Kyofu had to fly even higher to avoid the sand. Naruto is disappearing in a blur of yellow all around the stadium floor. The stadium ground started to shake and Kinto sees a large sand wave reaching half the top chairs.

Kinto blinks and looks behind him seeing some shinobi getting into position. But what caught Kinto attention were the children covering or hiding their faces into their parents embrace.

"DIE" the sand wave comes charging towards Kinto as Gaara smiles menacing.

"KINTO" both Naruto and Kyofu shouts the kit name. Seeing the large sand wave coming the shinobi started to make the hand seals for a barrier.

Kinto started to glow white and soon he started to charge towards the sand wave.

"Kaze no tsume" jumping towards the sand wave. Kinto extends his paw with his claws glowing white and once it collide with the sand wave. A small flash of white appeared and the sand wave was being cut in half.

"Amazing. I didn't know Kinto had this type of power" Naruto is amazed at the level of futon Kinto is using.

Kyofu landed next to Naruto in shock. "Kyibi always said Kinto was strong and he is a powerful futon user. But this is incredible". As Naruto and Kyofu continue to watch soon Gaara sand wave started to become too much for Kinto. Naruto and Kyofu about to jump in but they stop seeing Kinto began glowing orange.

"Whoa" Naruto watches Kinto engulf in a large flame.

Kyofu eyes widen and his jaw drops "He is unlocking his Kitsune Hi".

"AHHHHHH" the wind around Kinto turns to a large flame reaching high in the air just above the stadium second level seats. His single tail splits into three and a rosary bead necklace appears with a hinotoma around his neck with a symbol of Yoko and a number of nine. As a burst of wind and of fire erupts from Kinto. The fire travels through the sand heating it turning it to glass.

Gaara eyes widen and stops the wave from going any further. Seeing most of the sand turn to glass soon it dropped down to the ground shattering into many pieces shocking him. Turning to the small kit who landed on the ground breathing hard.

Kinto looks up and begins to let out a small growl. Soon the burst of power he got left and than he passed out on the ground. A moment later he disappeared in a poof of smoke.

Naruto blinks and turns to Kyofu who started to laugh. "Hahahha did you see that" Kyofu took the air looking at Naruto than towards the stands."KITHI I KNOW YOU ARE WATCHING. KINTO JUST UNLOCKED HIS KITSUNE HI BUT ALSO GAIN THREE TAILS. I SAW THE ROSARY BEAD WITH A HOSHI NO TAMA"

In the stands

Everyone turns to Kithi who looks horrified. Kyibi was jumping from her seat. Zenko nods proud of Kinto knowing the small kit had it in him but needed something to help him push through it. Yuki was flabbergasted of all the times she tried to push Kinto to see what he can do. Nothing it's like he couldn't summon the power to come to him.

Kyuumi smiles "Well done Kinto. It's about time you prove to everyone and you will go further than your otou did" whispering to herself.

Back to Naruto

Naruto blinks and looks at Kyofu "Well I guess Kinto has his work cut out for him" chuckle Naruto. Turning back to Gaara seeing half his body already changing and a tail formed behind him. Naruto notices all the glass shards on the ground. Smirking he snaps his fingers making a flame appear in each hand.

"Kitsune Hi" aiming the fire it engulf the whole area in two large rivers of fire. Gaara uses whatever sand that is left to shield himself as the fire melts the sand turning it to glass. Naruto stops the fire and sees the whole area scorched in ash. Gaara in the last minute used the sand to grab on a large boulder protecting him from Naruto's Kitsune Hi.

"You have come far. Further than anyone that has come" Gaara voice sounded like he was sharing it with another person. "But now it's time to prove my-" Gaara is blasted back making him roll and skid on the ground by Kyofu wind attack. As the four tail yoko lands on the ground a small tornado is formed spinning around the arena floor. With dust, glass rock and sand all being picked up.

The tornado begins to move towards Gaara. As Kyofu four tails glow the small tornado swallows Gaara everyone can see Gaara spinning around the tornado as Kyofu ends the tornado. Gaara is floating on some sand shocking Naruto and Kyofu.

"Impossible" muttered Kyofu. Floating above Naruto watching and waiting for Gaara's next move.

"You got to be kidding ME" roared Naruto. Glaring at Gaara seeing him float above the stadium floor and now the only thing recognizable is part of Gaara faces and red hair. 'Dam it. Looks like I have to use it to stop him' grin Naruto.

"Now it's time for you to die. Mother will enjoy your blood" Gaara lifts his hand up as the sand begins to shape into a giant spear with glass shards in it. Gaara slowly descends down but still away from Naruto. Commanding the giant spear of glass, sand with a sharp point to impale Naruto.

Naruto in the last second claps his hands together and than slams them on the ground. The spear of sand and glass hits something but kicks up dust cloud covering the stadium floor. Many believe that Naruto was impaled. As everyone waits for the dust cloud to settle what they saw shocked everyone.

"Mokuton Barrage" Naruto makes a hand seal the tall wall of wood protected Naruto from being impaled. Everyone sees the wall of wood bend but not break as the glass shards are embedded in the wooden wall. Soon wooden pillars shoot out of the wall slamming into Gaara sending him to the ground.

Naruto started to walk and make some hand seals "Mokuton Nativity of a World of Trees" tree roots started to emerge all around Naruto when he walks. Soon Trees started to grow all around and after a moment a dense forest is in the middle of the arena. Trees almost the size of the Hokage tower others almost reaching half way up to the stadium. "I'll show you what happens when you corner a yoko. We have a tendency to show our teeth".

Gaara got up and looks at Naruto than he runs into the forest where the trees are line. Gaara looks at the direction drops to his knee in pain. Looking at the direction he sees Naruto running pass him than another from his left side. Gaara trying to control the sand that is left to protect him feels a cut on his back. Than another one on his right.

Seeing multiple kage bunshins running around him breaking into different directions. Naruto has complete control of the situation now.

Up in the stands.

Asuma has his mouth wide open in shock. Gai is leaned forward not wanting to miss anything. Kurenai is leaning back watching the match. The rest of the genin are shock to witness what Naruto just did. They heard the stories and legends about the Shodaime Hokage being powerful because of kekkei genkai the mokuton.

Jiraiya is carefully watching Naruto.

"HOW" shouted Sakura. Pointing at the forest "HOW CAN HE USE THE SHODAIME MOKUTON. ITS NOT POSSIBLE". She read the story how the Uchiha clan head and the Shodaime who has the mokuton beat the Uchiha clan head in a fight.

Jiraiya sighs and shakes his head. Wishing Kakashi would deal with his student than him. "Just found out from sensei. Naruto is the great grandson of Tobirama Senju the Nidaime Hokage. His father my student Minato Namikaze was the grandson of Tobirama Senju" spoke Jiraiya.

"WHAT" everyone around Jiraiya is shocked in this revelation well not everyone the summons already figured this out as the sennin nods.

"So Naruto is also a Senju by right. Dam this is going to hurt Konoha allot seeing he is going to leave the village" Asuma shakes his head and lets out a sigh. The genins look down frowning that Naruto is leaving Konoha. But each of them ask why can't he stay if Konoha changes their mind about Naruto.

Back with Naruto

Gaara is struggling to stay up. Looking around frantically seeing clones of Naruto running around circling him but also breaking formation crossing him. Running to his side, Gaara tries to use his sand. But one cloned used a suiton jutsu soaking the whole area and the trees are making it difficult to gather sand.

"Mokuton Ketsugō ne" tree roots snag Gaara feet moving up to his upper body and restraining his arms and hands. With more and more tree roots begin to wrap around Gaara body a clone near Naruto begins to move his hand across his hand. Charging towards Gaara "Rasengan" slamming the ball of chakra into Gaara transformed body.

Some clones in the last second jumped in to restrain Gaara's tanuki tail before he slammed into it Naruto. Once the ball of chakra slams into Gaara's body the force ripped the roots from the ground tearing it. Gaara is sent flying off skidding against the ground.

Naruto and the rest of the kage bunshin stood around the area. Seeing Gaara moving and getting back up they see sand breaking from his body.

"SERIOUSLY YOU STILL HAVE SAND. YOU COVERED YOURSELF WITH SAND" roared Naruto. Pulling on his hair seeing partial of Gaara face still not transformed but breaking apart because of the sand falling down.

"I WILL END YOU" Gaara roars at Naruto and soon the ground underneath him begins to shake. The tree roots around Gaara begin to break seeing the wind is slicing and cutting him free. Than sand geysers erupt all around Naruto but this time worse. A sink hole appeared pulling everything into it.

Kyofu swoops down while Naruto jumps on his back seeing the yoko size doubled.

"This is insane" muttered Kyofu.

"Yea. Kyuubi is right I picked up a bad habit from him picking on the liter box" Naruto gulps watching the trees, grass and small forest being pulled into the sink hole. As summoner and summons continue to fly over head. Kyofu sees a opening and soon lands on the tree seeing a large fallen tree is sticking out.

Naruto glares at Gaara and begins to make some hand seals standing on the tree. "Mokuton Mori no ne" the tree sprouted roots and begins to move all around the stadium floor. Naruto claps his hands and slams them on the ground making a large scroll appear. Picking up the large scroll he unseals weapons. Weapons shooting out spinning and landing in front of him.

Dozens of weapons.

"Moku Bunshin no Jutsu" creating three wood clones. Each wood clone stood in line making an hand seal than the tree roots came to life grabbing onto various weapons on the ground. From a large Fuma shuriken, Kusarigama, katana to tanto. Than the tree roots started to attack Gaara with the weapons.

"What" Gaara hiss used a sand whip to protect him in the front. Quickly floating off the ground away from the strikes tree roots erupt from below Gaara with weapons than from behind as well. Gaara using whatever sand is left curls himself in a wall of sand.

Once the weapons hit the ball of sand Naruto looks at the clones nods making them recall the tree roots back. Than the ball of sand drops on the ground. Kyofu lands near Naruto and sighs.

"Thanks for adding the wind affinity onto the tree roots than to the weapons" grin Naruto.

Kyofu sighs and yawns. "No problem lets hope you didn't call him".

Naruto nods as he looks at Genma who nods. The three begin to walk towards the ball of sand as they get close they see the sand ball slowly changing and Gaara standing straight bleeding in various locations of his body.

"DAM YOU" Gaara hisses.

Naruto rolls his eyes whole Kyofu groans. Than something unexpected happen. Feathers started to fall from the top of the stadium and once Kyofu felt the genjutsu he flinched. Like second nature to him he quickly let out a huge burst of wind coming from him with a loud "KAZE KAI".

Who ever was using the genjutsu they were blown off their feet with the sudden wind attack. Most maybe all were not able to fully cast the genjutsu around the stadium or Konoha.

"You know how many times I was targeted by a genjutsu prank by Kinto. DO YOU" Kyofu roars towards the genjutsu users. "I created this jutsu to blow back the genjutsu user trying to place it on ME".

Than an explosion happen a large hebi appeared in the stadium floor hissing at Naruto. Than the hebi lunge at Naruto but before he can get his fangs out a larger yoko with nine tails slams her claws on the snake making it hiss.

"YUKI" smile Naruto. Staring at the large forest green white Kitsune she uses her tails lifting the snake summons off the ground into the air. She shoots out a futon blast making the hebi hiss in pain and soon disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Quickly move. Konoha is under attack by OTO and SUNA. Kithi and I will deal with the hebi's summons. MOVE" ordered Yuki. Outside the stadium Kithi appeared and sending two hebi's back to the summoning world.

The jonins started to move barking orders to the genin.

And CUT.