AN: Hello everyone, I am back once again with another story for you all to either hate on or enjoy. Now, this like a Slice Of The Chaos Karma Dragon isn't going to be an epic action-packed story. I know some of you guys want that as well as me to try harems, but I just don't want to do those at least at the moment. Harems are still going to be a no because I don't want to write them. Don't get me wrong I enjoy reading harem stories, but me I just can't write them. I don't know, anyways this story will be short, not too short but you know short. With that said let's get onto the story.

(Fair Warning, I apologize for what you're about to see, but like I said before I am just a mediocre writer so don't expect anything grand.)

Full Summary: In a different world filled with peace and prosperity, Akeno Himejima and Issei Hyoudou never became servants of Rias Gremory, instead, the two of them became high school lovers and eventually ended up getting married and having kids. Witness the two of them on their epic journey of parenthood.

Pairing: Issei x Akeno

Non-canon, single-pairing, a chill slice of life

"Flashbacks" - Thinking

[Flashbacks] - Texting

"Flashbacks" - Phone call

["Flashbacks"] Ddraig talking

["Flashbacks"] Ddraig thinking

Head Writer: Revan's Wraith

Co Writer: None

Life 1-1: First Day


Laying in bed sound asleep was Issei Hyoudou, a twenty-eight-year-old man with somewhat long spiky brown hair and light brown eyes, he had a small stubble that was needing to be shaved as well. Lying right next to him deep in her sleep was his high school crush and wife Akeno Himejima, or now Akeno Hyoudou. She had long raven black hair and amethyst purple eyes.

Lying in a crib right in front of their king size bed was their 1-year-old son Kurenai, he had inherited his mother's purple eyes and his father's brown hair.

Unbeknownst to the high school lovers, their son wasn't asleep in fact he had just woken up from his sleep and-

"Waah! Waaah!"

-Started crying because he was hungry.

Akeno in response to hearing her child start to cry began to stir from her sleep and mumble to her husband. "Issei... Kurenai is awake..." She would have gotten up to take care of Kurenai, but tonight was Issei's night to take care of Kurenai should he wake up in the middle of the night.

Issei didn't respond to his wife at all, he didn't make a moan of annoyance or a groan at all. Instead, he continued to lightly snore and dream about whatever he was dreaming about.

"Waah! Waah! Waaaah!"

Akeno now starting to become slightly annoyed that she was awoken from her sleep did what any loving wife would do to her husband.

"Issei get up!"

She kicked him off of the bed.

"Ahh!" He cried out right before hitting the wooden flooring making a crashing noise.

"You awake now?" She questioned as she crossed her arms underneath her massive bust. She wasn't exactly mad at him because it can't be helped. He was a heavy sleeper and usually wouldn't wake up unless the loud noise goes on for a long time. She, however, wasn't a heavy sleeper, she was a light sleeper so just the faintest noises would usually wake her up.

Issei didn't respond at first, rather he chose to rub his eyes for a couple seconds to get the grogginess out of him, before looking up at her. She was wearing a simple white button up shirt that was barely containing her breasts from popping out. While he was wearing a simple black T-shirt and crimson red boxers.

"I am now..." He mumbled as he turned his gaze to the baby that was still crying and realizing why she kicked him off of the bed. Turning his gaze back to her he sighs and says, "It's my turn isn't it?"

"Mhm." Came her response with a nod.

"I'm on it," He started as he got up from the floor and approached the crib. Kurenai upon seeing his father began extending his little arms as if he was trying to get ahold of Issei.

Hey, hey, everything is going to be okay Kurenai, dad is here so you don't need to cry anymore." He cooed as he picked up the wailing baby who didn't yet cease his crying.

Issei didn't see this, but Akeno's annoyed look switched to one of happiness, she couldn't stay upset with him for long especially when he treated their little baby boy Kurenai like that.

"What seems to be the problem?" Issei asked the baby who has yet to stop his crying. "Are you hungry? Do you need your diaper changed?"

"He probably is hungry," Akeno commented from the bed.

"Hmm." He hummed as he turned Kurenai around to check the baby's diaper but found no stains. "Yeah, I think you're right. I don't smell anything, nor do I see any poop stains so he is probably wanting a little midnight snack."

"I remember when he used to drink from these..." Akeno added causing Issei to turn around and see her looking down and massaging her tits. "He was obsessed with them always wanting to drink from them so much."

"Yeah, but now there is more for me!" Issei commented with a sly smirk before quickly leaving the room to avoid Akeno possibly lecturing him about saying stuff like that in front of the kids.

Issei had turned down his perverted nature a lot since High school but he couldn't help from making some perverted comments here and there which Akeno was okay with but that was only if their children weren't around. This also applied to cursing.

She had read that children can sometimes pick up what their parents say at a young age and she didn't want their five-year-old daughter Akame or their little Kurenai cursing or saying perverted words at such a young age.

Hyoudou Household, Kuoh Town

1:33 AM


"Hmm, now that I think about it, you did use to suck on your mother's boobs a little when you were younger." Issei mused as he looked down at Kurenai who was being held in his arms. In Kurenai's itty bitty hands was a small bottle of milk that he was currently sucking on vigorously.

"Perhaps you're going to be like your cool old man-"

["You're not cool partner if I recalled you were a loser who gotten beaten up in high school."] Came a deep masculine voice inside of Issei's head stopping him from finishing his thought.

"Great to see you too Ddraig." Came Issei's somewhat sarcastic reply to the dragon that lived inside of the sacred gear that resided in him.

Issei at first was unaware of the supernatural world, but after meeting Akeno's parents he became aware of the supernatural world and was trained somewhat by Akeno's father in self-defense as well as how to use his sacred gear in case anything happens and is needed to defend himself or Akeno.

["I still cannot fathom how a Fallen Angel girl fell in love with you when you were the biggest pervert in high school. Well, actually one of the biggest perverts."] Ddraig commented causing a tic mark to appear on Issei's forehead.

"And I still can't believe I wrote a story that sold for millions about The Lover Of The Chaos Karma Dragon." Issei snarled, he hated when Ddraig brought up his perverted tendencies, sure he was still a pervert but he learned that he was way too obsessed with girls back then.

At this Ddraig was quiet. Ddraig had never told any of his hosts this since none of them really seemed to care about love, but with Issei it was different. Issei didn't really want to fight at all, nor did he want to become the strongest being in existence he just wanted to live a peaceful life with Akeno.

This caused the Red Dragon Emperor to open up about his used to be flame Tiamat, and how he was in love with her and how he regretted destroying her heart. Since then though he never had the courage to admit it, and almost always feigned his memory of what he did to her.

["... I regret telling you my love story, I poured my soul literally out to you and you decide to write about it and publish it for the whole world to see."]

"Hey, I didn't think it would sell for millions, but I guess people love stories that end in tragedies," Issei replied not noticing the young girl approaching Issei from behind them with her two small black angel wings spread out. She had straight raven black hair like her mother, but instead of inheriting either parent's eye colors she had red eyes.

"Daddy..." Spoke the little girl as she yawned causing Issei to turn around and look at her with a somewhat surprised look. He was surprised by multiple things, one of those was because she had her Fallen Angel wings out, and the other was because it was 1:35 in the morning and she was out of bed.

"Akame what are you doing up so late at night?" He asked in a somewhat incredulous voice.

["Probably couldn't sleep, partner."]

"Ddraig zip it please." Issei replied only to get a grumble of incomprehensible words.

"I had a nightmare," She began as she looked at the ground with a somewhat embarrassed and terrified expression on her face. "I dreamt that you and mommy took me to school, but instead of coming to pick me up you two left me there and never came back for me."

"Akame..." He whispered softly. He had remembered when he dropped her off at daycare the first time that he got a phone call not long after him leaving the place of her entering a tantrum demanding for him to come back.

Because of that incident, Akeno had become a full-blown stay at home wife taking care of Akame and Kurenai while he works.

"I promise you that we won't leave you, okay? Well, we will for a couple hours but we will be back." He didn't voice that second part since he was trying to comfort her, and not make her break down into tears.

"But you need to go to school. Your education is important, and something you need to be successful in life." Today was going to be her first day of school, and first days are always important she needed to have a good backbone otherwise some of the other kids might target you for petty reasons.

"What if I don't want to be successful in life!" She complained causing Issei to frown, all the while Kurenai was still continuing sucking on his milk not having the slightest care for what is going on around him.

"What if I just want to stay home with mommy, and become a powerful being like the dragon inside of you!" Issei forced himself to ignore Ddraig's comment about Akame not mentioning him.

"Well because every powerful being needed to learn the basics first-"

"And because your mother said so." Came Akeno's voice from the kitchen doorway. She had a stern look on her face that Issei knew too well. It was one of commitment and signifying that in the end, nothing is going to change her mind.


"No, buts Akame." She started causing Akame to fall silent. "We talked about this before, and the decision is final, now go back to bed."

Akame who was staring at her mother turned to her father for help but Issei decided it was best if he remained quiet. Seeing that his father wasn't going to come to her aid on this she grumbled about how it wasn't fair before storming back to her room.

Issei didn't get what she meant about going to school wasn't fair, but chose not to comment on that instead, he said, "Was that really necessary Akeno? I mean she is only five."

"I didn't want to come off harsh." She admitted before directing her attention to Issei and the baby in his hands. "But Akame needs to grow up and realize that she can't always rely on us being there."

"Akeno she is five and our baby girl. I don't want her to grow up, I want her to stay young forever so I won't have to worry about boys perving on her." He may have perved on girls when he was a teen but that was different. It was him so he could do that, but anyone else couldn't do that. Especially to his little girl.

"Issei, she hasn't made any friends at all. We agreed to not have her go to preschool, but this she has to go to. She needs to meet kids her age and not become socially awkward or incompetent." She said in a somewhat harsh voice, she wasn't trying to be the big bad mom, but she was worried for Akame.

"She can make friends if she wants to... She just chooses not to." He muttered the last part, but it didn't matter for she had heard it and gave him a somewhat agitated look.


"Ok I get it and I understand, but it's not like she has any choice in the matter. No kids live in this neighborhood-"

"But we can always take her to the park." Akeno interrupted causing him to shut up. "There has been plenty of times that you could have taken her to the park, but you chose to work or write for your story instead."

"You also could have done that..." He mumbled underneath his breath. He remembered the multiple times when she had came to him telling him he was bored, and the countless times of him telling her to go bother her mother or something like that.

"All I'm saying is that if she doesn't go to school then she won't learn any social skills at all, she will be an outcast."

"Hey being an outcast isn't that bad, I mean look at me, I ended up with you so I think being an outcast is pretty good." He defended not noticing the blush forming on Akeno's face because of the small praise.

"That's different and you know it..." She muttered as she looked away. "You at least had some social skills."

"True, but you shouldn't worry about that. She is just a little nervous." He reasoned before taking away the now empty bottle from Kurenai. "Let's not worry about her until she get's to her teenage years."

Kuoh Elementary School, Kuoh Academy

6:15 AM


Issei sighed as he came to a complete stop and parked the expedition inside of the school parking lot. Kuoh Academy had changed so much since he had been here. Last time he was here when he was a student at Kuoh Academy's high school.

He didn't want to show Akame this, but he was also extremely nervous about being here as well. The Reason why was because of the supernatural beings going to this school. Over the years Kuoh Academy had changed from once an all-girl school to a co-ed school to now an only supernatural beings school.

That meant supernatural beings were only allowed to attend it, he didn't know they changed it from humans and supernatural beings to just supernatural beings but he wasn't going to question it.

"Okay, are you ready for your first day of school?" Issei asked as he turned around to look at his daughter only to be met by the sight of her picking her nose and digging for gold.

"No." Came her short and sweet response as she retracted her finger from her nose.

"Well, that is too bad for you!" He replied as he opened his car door and quickly closed it.

"But do I really have to go to school? Can't I be homeschooled?" She questioned as she got out of the car, and rushed to her father's side grabbing ahold of his hand.

"Sadly you can't." He lied, she actually could have been homeschooled, but Akeno didn't want that until she learned some social skills. "Your mom thinks it is best for you to go to a normal school and meet other people."

"Damn that is too bad." She mutter causing him to stop dead in his tracks.

"Akame sweety," He started as he came to a halt and got on one knee to look his daughter in the eyes. "Promise me you won't ever use the word 'damn' again okay?"


"Because your mother doesn't want you to use that word, that is a bad word and if you do that then daddy will be in trouble." He explained, hoping that she would just understand that and not question why.

"But you use the word too." She replied causing him to internally sigh and facepalm.

"That is because I am an adult, and adults can sometimes use bad words." He tried to reason, but this only caused her to ask more questions.

"Why can adults use bad words then?"

"Because they are older."

"So if I was older I could use it?"


"How old do I have to be?"

"To where you're no longer living in our house."

"So I have to leave the house to use bad words?"

"If you don't say any bad words, and mention it to your mother at all then we will go out and get ice cream for a whole week." He was tired of arguing with her so he decided to just bribe her with ice cream.

"Make it two weeks and we have a deal." She countered causing him to pinch his nose in exasperation. Conversations with children were way more tiring than having conversations with his friends.

"Two weeks it is." Said the brown haired male before rising to his feet and saying, "Now let's go check you in." Issei wasn't worried about him cracking and spilling the beans to his wife since he had kept some secrets from her, but he was worried about Akame cracking and spilling the beans.

AN: Okay so I didn't go for the long 6K was because I got a little giddy, and I couldn't help myself from ending here and posting. Now I will say this, this story isn't one of those grand epic fight scenes with an amazing plot. This is just a chill life one with Issei and Akeno struggling through parenthood. I kind of rushed the ending, so it might have been bad it might have been good, I apologize for that if it feels rush but I just couldn't help myself. If you cringed I'm sorry if you didn't that is great. Leave a review on your thoughts of the story, and how it could improve since I am open to criticism but keep in mind that this story isn't going to be taken that serious since it is just a story for fun.

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