Hey it's Gold Testament with a brand new fic. I've been trying to get a part time job and having writer's block in some of my fics, so instead of just asking me to update please propose some ideas to help get the fics flowing again. This is a Star Vs the Forces of Evil fic idea I've had in my head for a while. I kind of wanted to take a different approach to St. Olga's and the Blood Moon Ball, of course in this chapter you'll only get Saint O's. The main reasons I wanted to do the other approach to Saint Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses was that I didn't like the Princess Marco bit in the series, but also because I was inspired by The Royal Protector by The Eternal Winter. Anyway this is my first Multi-chapter Star story so be nice.

St. Olga's Rescue Mission

It was a bright sunny day in Echo Creek as Star Butterfly was wishing her best friend Flying Princess Pony Head a Happy Birthday Day… Or she would be if not for the fact that she had to be at school.

"*Sigh* I really wish Pony Head's Birthday Day didn't wind up on a school day so I could properly wish my bestie a Happy Birthday Day." Star thought while Ms. Skulnik lectured. "Good thing Marco had the day off due to both his grades, and his dad needing to go to the doctor for his cold."

{Diaz house: Star's room}

Marco Diaz was standing in Star's room in front of her mirror feeling uncomfortable with what he had to do.


"NOOOOOO I WON'T! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME DIAZ!" Star shouted as Marco was trying to drag her to school.

"Star what is the big deal?" Marco asked while trying to get her out the front door. "I know you hate school, but this is a bit much even for you." He asked curious.

"It's Pony Head's Birthday Day today, and I wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday." She answered as she calmed down a bit.

"Ugh" Marco groaned. "Can't you just wait till after school to wish her a Happy Birthday?" He asked.

"But I was going to bake her some cupcakes." Star replied.

With that reply Marco shuddered remembering the last time she tried cooking.

"Star, if you go to school I'll wish Pony Head a Happy Birthday from both of us as well as baking her a cake deal?" He asked her.

The instant he made that proposal she gained a massive grin as her eyes shined brightly.

"Really Marco, you'd do that for me and Pony?" She asked him.

"Well you're my best friend and I want you to know I got your back." Marco told her with a kind smile.

Of course, true to her nature as soon as he said that Star leapt at him and tackled him into a tight hug.

"Oof" Marco grunted as he returned the hug. "Now get to school, I'll bake the cake, and call Pony Head at Saint Olga's."

"Thanks Marco you're the best!" Star told him as she ran off to school.


"Okay Marco you can do this, it's for Star." He told himself before turning on the mirror. "Call Princess Pony Head."

"Calling Princess Pony Head." The Mirror said before showing Pony.

"Hey B-Fly how's it going?" Pony said before opening her eyes to see Marco. "Oh it's you Marco." She deadpanned.

"Wow calling me my name? That's unexpected Pony." Marco said amazed.

"Trust me if not for their strict rules and constant watch I wouldn't." She whispered to him.

"Ooookay." Marco replied. "Anyway I'm sure you were expecting Star, but she had to go to school, however, thanks to my grades I was allowed to skip today." He told her. "Anyway Pony even though Star's not here I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday Day from both Star and me, and I got a present for you." He said to her smiling sincerely.

"W-w-w-what?!" She asked shocked. "You got me a present, but I thought you hated me?"

"Look Pony before you threatened me back at the Bounce Lounge I wanted to be friends with you." He told her.

"You, you actually wanted to be friends with me?" She asked him.

"Well yeah, I mean we're both Star's friends, so why can't we try and be friends." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Oh Marco that's actually super sweet, maybe we can find a way to chill and enjoy the gift you got me together, BOOM!" Pony said getting psyched until the sound of a door opening could be heard.

"Oh no, I expressed emotions and possibly showed individuality, and that's my third strike." She said shaking. "MARCO THEY'RE TAKING ME TO THE SOLITARY CONFORMANCE CHAMBER!" She shouted before the mirror went dark.

"PONY!" Marco shouted.

"Oh no Star's going to be heartbroken, not to mention whatever the Solitary Conformance Chamber does." Marco said before slapping himself. "Come on Diaz, Pony and I may not be friends, but I won't let her lose herself." Marco said before noticing something on Star's bed.

"Wow Star and I were fighting about her going to school so much she forgot her dimensional scissors." Marco said as he picked up the scissors. "Lucky for us huh Pony Head" He said before going to his room.

Once there he pulled out a karate gi he had that he remade to be similar to a ninja gi along with a set of dull kunai, and a black bokuto with a metal tsuba before suiting up.

"I knew these would come in handy, though I thought they'd be used to rescue Star and not Pony Head." He said as he got out a bobby pin just in case, before opening a portal with the scissors that lead to just outside of St. Olga's.

"Hmm, I was aiming for inside the wall, guess they got something that interferes with the dimensional scissors." Marco said as he noticed the new arrivals to the school. "Hmm new girls in the school, maybe I can use that to my advantage."

With that he slid up the mask he sewed into the gi and managed to blend into the shadows of the wall as the girls entered the school, though feeling a bit curious as to how the school is run, he kept up with the girls until they reached the main foyer.

{I'm not typing the whole intro from St. Olga's we all know it's super uptight and forbids anything fun, as well as boys while trying to strip away a princess' individuality. If you want to see their orientation just watch the Season 1 episode St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses.}

"Hmm okay change of plans, first take out that crystal, which would give me both an escape and a distraction to find and free Pony!" Marco thought before making his voice sound girly. "I heard the first one signed in gets her own room." He said in his girly voice getting a distraction to sneak to the tower and an entertaining stampede of princesses.

With that, out of the way he snuck his way through the school's shadows and around the robo guards before making it to the tower.

"Wow that's a big crystal, good thing I've taken down bigger and tougher monsters with Star." Marco said before taking out his kunai and striking some points on the Crystal allowing him to move it out the tower windows where it shattered into a beautiful explosion creating his distraction.

{Ms. Heinous' office}

Ms. Heinous was sitting in her office enjoying some tea when she looked out the window and saw the Tramphidien Crystal fall from its tower and turned into an explosion.

"GUARDS!" Heinous called as her robotic guard squad ran in.

"Yes Ms. Heinous!" They all said as one while standing at attention.

"Some one seems to be working on a breakout, I want you to find the one responsible and annihilate them!" She ordered.

"Yes ma'am!" They said before rushing out of the office.

"*Sigh* This is starting to become quite stressful." Ms. Heinous began to herself. "Maybe watching the individuality being sucked out of that willful Princess Pony Head can relax me." She said beginning a trek to the Solitary Conformance Chamber not knowing she was being followed in the shadows.

Once she got there she and Gemini ended up finding themselves tied up with some metal wire.

"What? What is this?" Heinous asked before seeing a shadowed figure smash the glass into the main part of the chamber before knocking the helmet off of Pony's head.

"Who are you?" Pony asked sounding weak.

"Hopefully after this… a friend" the figure said with a male voice and wink.

Though while Pony Head was too weary from fighting Heinous' brainwashing Marco pulled out his bokuto, and with all the practice he had with his wooden blade was able to cut through that headgear attached to Pony before taking a bobby pin and unlocking her restrains before putting it away picking her up, and walking to Heinous.

"I'll be taking my friend and my wire back now." Marco told her before untying them and knocking her and her assistant out with his bokuto as he carried Pony Head with him evading guards until one managed to get lucky.

"HEY! Put the princess down and step back with your hands up."

Instead of doing what he was told Marco pulled out a small ball.

"Well I always wanted to see if this would work." He said as he threw it down revealing it was a smoke bomb.

When the smoke cleared the only person there was the guard as Marco had fled during the smokescreen before arriving outside a large room where tons of princesses were monotonously practicing the proper way to drink tea.

"Keep your pinkies at 90 degrees. *sip* More tea please." As Marco ducked his head and crept through the tables.

Unfortunately, more guards showed up.

"They're here somewhere. Find them." One guard said to the rest.

While under one table halfway across the room Marco was nervous even more so with Pony Head coming back to normal?

"He-Mph." Pony started before a hand covered her mouth letting her see the guy she remembered from the Solitary Conformance Chamber.

"Pony it's me Marco, I need you to be stealthy so talk as quietly as you can. Especially since we're surrounded by princesses and guards are getting close." He told her.

"Oh Marco we got to get out of here, I don't want to lose my individuality." She told him shaking.

Of course after she said that Marco's eyes widened with an idea.
"Pony you've given me an idea." Marco said before getting out in view of the guards and princesses alike and picking up one of their tea cups. "IT'S NOT CRIMINAL TO BE AN INDIVIDUAL!" He said before throwing the cup at a guard spilling hot tea on him.

"Come on ladies are you just going to sit here sipping tea until they take away the best parts of you? Are you going to let them take away everything that makes you the unique princesses you are?" Marco asked them.

"OOOOO BOY TESTIFY!" Pony shouted without thinking.

With that all the princesses and robo guards stared wide-eyed at what Pony said.

"Uh oops." She said sheepishly.

"She's right." Marco said with a shrug before pulling down his mask. "I am a boy, I can here to save a friend of mine, and now I'm here to help you." He said with a clenched fist. "Now are you girls going to be rubber stamp princesses like they want, or are you going to stamp on them?!" He asked.

"IT'S NOT CRIMINAL TO BE AN INDIVIDUAL!" Shouted a pixie princess as she threw her tea at the same guard Marco hit before all the other princesses did the same chanting as well.

"Come on ladies let's all get out of here, and go home before they get back-up." Marco said before pulling out the dimensional scissors and giving them to the first princess, a demonic looking girl with three eyes and horns. "Open a portal home, then pass them to the next one, once the last princess has her portal give them back to me." Marco said pulling out his bokuto as guards came close before being knocked down by his karate skills and cut down by his sword skills.

Before the demon princess even opened her own portal, she, Pony Head, and all the other princesses were wide-eyed in amazement watching him fight.

"Like I think you girls should be heading out now, I mean he's good, but he's a human from Earth, he's bound to hit his limit sooner or later." Pony told them as they each started opening their portals and going through them with the demon princess having them again.

"Earth huh?" She whispered. "HEY CUTIE CATCH!" She shouted as she tossed the scissors to Marco who caught them by the handle as he kicked away another guard long enough to open a portal.

"THANKS!" He called to her before turning to Pony Head. "Pony let's hurry before these guys get another wind and more back-up!" He called before they both went in and came out in Star's room.

"YES!" He cheered once the portal closed. "We made it back safe, you okay Pony?" Marco asked as she started floating up again.

"Yeah, and Marco whatever gift you got me, it can't compare with seeing you kicking butt like that let alone saving me from that torture." She told him.

"Really? But I made a really big cake for you, me, and Star to share when she gets back from school." He told her.

"Really?" Pony asked imagining her eating a birthday cake with Star and Marco. "Marco about what you said about us being friends, I think we should give that a shot, specially for B-Fly." Pony said before looking around Star's room before seeing a bell and a note. "Uh Marco were those there when you left?"

Marco turns and sees the bell and note.

"No they weren't." Marco goes over and reads the note aloud.

"Hey Marco, Tom Lucitor came to school today, and despite me telling him to go back to the underworld he wanted to invite me to the Blood Moon Ball. Totally went to see if he changed like he said, and because it could be fun.



And BOOM! The first chapter of my new Starfic is finished. With the demon princess that looked similar to Tom, she was also inspired by The Eternal Winter in that Royal Protect fic, since he has a similar character. I don't know his plan for creating a female character like Tom, but my plan will be revealed in chapter 2. I plan to post Chapter 2 after seeing the reception chapter 1 gets. Also for my other fics please send some ideas in pms.