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School with a Demon Prince

Sunrise on a new day in Echo Creek, a new day, and a surprise for the Diaz family as a pillar of fire emerges from the ground. As the flames fade the front door of the Diaz residence opens showing a shocked Raphael and Angie Diaz seeing a carriage drawn by a skeleton horse.

"What is this?" Raphael asked shocked.

"I don't know dear, but I just hope that despite the creepiness we don't need to worry." Angie replied a bit nervous.

They then saw the door to the carriage open up and out stepped Tom as the demon prince walked up to them.

"Hi, you must be Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, I'm Tom a friend of Star's, and soon to be a classmate of her and Marco at school." He said introducing himself.

"I see." Angie said surprised. "Would you come in and join us for breakfast?" She asked hoping to learn more about this strange boy.

"I don't want to impose, I just wanted to make sure I was able to head to school with Star and Marco." He replied.

"It's no trouble, we have plenty, and would like to get to know Star and Marco's new friend." Raphael chimed in pulling the demonic boy into the house.

As the conversation at the front door went on Star and Marco were in the kitchen eating breakfast.

"So Star, you knew Tom longer, since he's going to be enrolling in school today how long till we see him?" Marco asked.

"How about now?" Angie said making the two turn to Marco's parents and seeing Tom between them.

"Hey guys." Tom said with a wave as he walked over.

"Okay I didn't see that coming." Star commented as Tom came over.

"Hey Tom want to join us?" Marco asked as he gave a plate to Tom.

"Marco sweetie can you explain everything that happened yesterday since it seems Raphael and I missed a lot?" Angie asked with a sweet smile that won't take no for an answer.

With that Marco ended up telling them about Pony Head, Saint Olga's, and even the Blood Moon Ball.

"So the reason why you are going to school with them is to protect Marco from your sister?" Angie asked Tom with narrowed eyes making the demon a bit nervous.

"Well it's one reason." Tom said. "Marco's a cool guy, and going to school here seems to have helped Star a good bit so I figured it could help me with some of my issues." He told them.

"Marco." Raphael spoke up making them all turn to a serious Raphael Diaz. "Going to places like Saint Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses to save Star's friend and all those princesses, as well as going to the Underworld to watch out for Star was all extremely dangerous." He said to his son as he put a hand on Marco's shoulder. "But it was very brave, and seeing you be such a strong man like this makes me so proud of you Mijo." He said with a huge smile on his face as he brought his son into a hug.

"Thanks dad." Marco said as he hugged his father.

With that Raphael turned to Tom and Star.

"You had both better watch out for my son, especially since Marco always has Star's back fighting monsters that come here after her wand." Raphael said to them.

With that the trio walked out the front door, and Star and Marco saw Tom's Skeleton Horse drawn carriage.

"Hope you guys don't mind we head to school in my carriage today, I was hoping we could ride and chat, and maybe make a big entrance to surprise some people?" Tom asked.

"Really Tom?" Star asked.

"I'm cool with it." Marco said making Star look at him surprised. "What Star it's not like we need to worry after last night right?" He asked her with a shrug before he started walking into the carriage before them. "Besides if Janna shows up I can always throw Tom at her." He adds with a laugh.

"I'm guessing he was probably super uptight before you came around huh?" Tom asked as he and Star climbed in.

"Hey Tom would you believe that Star's first day here we bonded by fighting Ludo's goons?" Marco asked as the three were enjoying the trip.

"I actually can. Though I think Star was born being a trouble magnet." The prince said with a laugh.

"Hey!" Star shouted upset.

"He has a point Star, I mean you were brought here the same day you got the wand because you set the kingdom on fire not long after getting it." Marco said.

"Really?" Tom asked.

"Yep, Star told me herself, and her parents agreed." He replied to his new friend.

"MARCO THAT WAS A SECRET!" Star shouted embarrassed.

"Relax Starship, it's not like we're going to tell the multiverse." Tom told his ex. "Just Pony Head." He added with a smirk.

"What why? You know her, she'll blab to the multiverse that I couldn't go one day without destroying the kingdom when I first got my wand!" Star worried.

"Not on this one." He replied with only his third eye open.

"How come? Cause while Pony and I haven't hung out much I know she's probably the universe's biggest gossip." Marco asked.

"Because she and I chatted once on what got you stuck on Earth, and made a bet about it." Tom began explaining. "She was betting that you were doing something to get back at your parents, and I was betting that it was because you almost destroyed the kingdom right after getting your wand." He finished.

"Really why would you two make a bet like that?" Star asked feeling hurt.

"To be fair Star remember when you were sleep spelling?" Marco asked reminding Star about both the jungle in his house, as well as admitting to her mother issues.

"Marco I bet you have a ton of Star stories that make Pony want to hang out until she learns everything Star's been up to on Earth." Tom said looking at the Earth boy with a smirk.

"Yep, though a good bit of them have us watching each other's backs, so Pony will also be a bit jealous." Marco replied.

"By the way Marco, I'm a demon and Prince of the Underworld, and yet I found your folks a bit intimidating." Tom told Marco with a slight shudder.

"Yeah, but I'm sure yours are the same way caring a good bit, but also being intimidating at times." Marco replied.

"Actually Marco, Tom's dad is actually kind of human looking, his mother's the intimidating one even when she's happy." Star commented.

"Really?" Marco asked as the two nodded. "Wow." Marco said before turning his head and looking outside. "Oh hey we're at school." He commented before looking at his watch. "And a good half hour early. That means we can show you around the place for a bit." He added turning to Tom.

With that the Tom opened the door, and the trio stepped out surprising some people that Star Butterfly, and Marco Diaz the resident "Safe Kid" were with the new guy.

"Of course only losers like Star Butterfly and Marco –" Brittney Wong began before Marco rushed over and covered her mouth in a tight grip.

"Brittney, I know how to tolerate your rude holier than thou attitude, and Star's just such a nice person it doesn't even register to her, however, Tom is the Demon Prince of the Underworld, and is known to have a short fuse." Marco explained for everyone nearby to hear who started getting a bit nervous. "Of course he's a great guy to hang with so long as you're chill and sincere." He added calming a few people as he walked over and fist bumped with Tom.

"Marco was that really needed?" Tom asked.

"Yeah, Star and I should've warned you sooner about people like Brittney Wong who is so shallow, selfish, and spoiled rotten that you would've exploded like a volcano." Marco began while aggravating Brittney. "Plus I want people to see what you're like if they're truly calm around you." He added.

"And my title as Prince of the Underworld?" Tom asked.

"Trust me when you start making real friends they'll treat you like Star and me treat you." Marco replied.

"Like who?" Tom asked.

"Well my buddies Alfonzo and Ferguson, along with Jackie Lynn Thomas." Marco commented making the two guys mentioned charge up to him.

"Marco are you serious?" Ferguson asked.

"Ferguson, you and Alfonzo are a couple knuckleheads that can easily handle an adventure in another dimension with Star and me, hanging with Tom would be easy." Marco told them with a smirk surprising even Janna and Jackie.

"Hey Janna do you think Marco's lost it?" Jackie whispered.

"Nah, he stopped Brittney, and warned us all about Tom's temper, he's just not the most cautious guy around anymore." Janna replied.

Of course, while people were talking Star, Marco, and Tom started walking into school, though halfway to the building Tom started holding his ears in pain.

"Tom, what's wrong?" Star asked a bit worried.

"Ugh either someone's either torturing a ton of cats, or there's someone close by who is playing an instrument badly." Tom answered now on his knees.

"I got you Tom." Marco said as he walked to a nearby parked car.

"Ooooo O~scar" Star said dreamily while watching Marco walk to him.

{With Marco at Oscar's car}

"Hey Oscar!" Marco called out to the long haired guy playing a keytar on the roof of his car.

"Huh?" Oscar said before looking down and seeing Marco. "Oh Mango right?" He asked.

"It's Marco, look I was just wondering if you could turn down your keytar a bit?" Marco asked.

"Uh sure, but why?" Oscar asked.

"The new guy over there with Star has some really sensitive ears, and it sounded like you were hitting some sour notes there man." Marco replied.

"Oh I get it, sensitive ears means some sounds are torture." Oscar began. "Sure I'll turn it down around the sour notes, but only if I get someone to jam with." Oscar replied.

"Deal." Marco answered as they fist-bumped an agreement.

With the deed done Marco walked back to Star and Tom who seemed to be able to stand again.

"Feeling better Tom?" Marco asked.

"Yeah thanks Marco, so what did you say to that guy?" Tom asked wanting to give Oscar a warning shot.

"Oh he just agreed to turn down his Keytar in exchange for someone to jam with him." Marco replied with a shrug.

"Oh? Ooo-ooo me, me, I want to rock out with Oscar!" Star exclaimed before Marco held an open palm in front of her.

"No way Star, I doubt you know how to play any Earth instruments, and would turn your wand into one only to accidentally play some dangerous notes." Marco told her with a stern face.

"Awww." Star pouted.

"So I guess you can play that guitar I saw in your closet last night huh Diaz?" Tom asked with a smirk.

"Yeah until now no one outside my parents, Alfonzo, Ferguson, and Janna knew." Marco said while covering Star's mouth. "I don't like making a big deal out of it." He added before letting go as he walked into the building.

"Marco why didn't you tell me you were so talented?" Star asked.

"If it helps none of the exchange students my family has hosted ever knew, and besides I mostly play when I'm feeling down." Marco told them.

"Wait then what about that really bad day you had before?" Star asked.

"For some downtimes, the best cure is a great friend to help you out." Marco told her with a smile, which led to a strong hug from Star.

With that, there was a comfortable silence with the three as they got Tom's schedule and learned they were in the same classes together. Although, Tom was surprised to find out Star once turned their teacher Ms. Skullnick into a troll, things were great as the trio went to lunch.

"So what do you guys think we should do after school?" Star asked.

"Well I have to head to the karate dojo after school, so unless you guys want to watch me train, you'll have to either hang at Tom's, my house, or convince your mom to let you hang on Mewni." Marco explained.

"Marco why would you suggest that last thing?" Star asked hitting her head on the table.

"Because Alfonzo and Ferg need group time to be totally comfortable around Tom, I don't want Jackie suddenly being roped into an adventure with you Star, and I don't trust Janna alone with Tom as far as some of Ludo's goons can throw us." Marco said.

"Care to explain why Marco?" Asked a familiar female voice as the trio turned and saw the four Marco mentioned.

"Oh hey guys." Marco spoke up as they sat down with them.

"Marco bro, I get what you were saying about me and Alfonzo not being totally comfortable around Tom, but what did you mean with Jackie and Janna?" Ferguson asked.

"Well Jackie's never been to another dimension before, and when it comes to an adventure with Star, even one on Earth kind of throws you into the deep end." Marco said a bit sheepishly.

"Oh and what's that supposed to mean Marco?" Jackie asked.

"Well could you handle constantly fighting monsters, meeting some good but bizarre people, going to dimensions where things seem nice, but half the stuff will try to kill you while the other half tries to eat you in all sorts of different ways?" Marco asked making Jackie look at them wide-eyed.

"Oh there was also that time we had to fight pixies, and save Alfonzo and Ferguson from being eaten by the Pixie Queen." Star chimed in.

"Please don't remind us." Alfonzo and Ferguson said together.

"Not to mention my parents wedding anniversary where you took us to Mewni and into the Forest of Certain Death to keep your dad from spotting us." Marco added in making them all look at him.

"Says the guy who fought off everything using bubblegum, a whistle, and other stuff in a simple fanny pack, and all before we tricked a hydra into tying up its own necks." Star countered making Jackie and Janna look at Marco.

"Okay seriously all this happened?" Jackie asked as everyone, but Janna and Tom nodded.

"To be honest I'd rather not be far from Marco in case Tammy shows up." Tom said aloud making Jackie, Janna, Alfonzo, and Ferguson look at the demon.

"Who's Tammy?" They asked.

"My sister who has a huge thing for Marco." Tom answered.

"Trust me guys it's a long story none of you would believe." Marco told them.

"Why not Marco, it's not like you went on a super dangerous adventure without Star, kicked butt, and saved a bunch of people from a cruel fate right?" Janna asked.

"Uhh right." Marco said looking away from them.

"But Marco that's totally what you did yesterday." Star spoke up surprising them.

"Yeah Marco broke into Saint Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses which is a prison that strips away a princess's individuality, freed a friend of Star's, and busted out all the princesses including my sister all while fighting off the robot guards." Tom told them.

"Dang Marco, I was joking when I said that, didn't think our little safe kid would ever really come out of his shell let alone do something that big." Janna said while getting closer to Marco.

"So why is Tom around then?" Jackie asked.

"Because Tammy is way more dangerous than me in a bad mood, and would actually kidnap Marco just to make him hers." Tom told them. "By the way we were lucky enough that the Blood Moon didn't shine on Marco and Tammy last night." He added.

"Blood Moon?" The girls asked.

"Yeah the Blood Moon Ball I invited Star to is to celebrate the Blood Moon which once every six hundred, sixty-seven years shines on two people binding their souls together." He explained.

"Sounds kind of romantic." Jackie commented.

"Maybe we should've brought you and Janna along Jackie." Star spoke up.

"Yeah maybe one of us would've been bound with Marco." Janna said with a wink.

"Yeah or Tom, or even Star." Marco countered getting a slap on the back of the head from Star and Janna.

"Yeah I wanted to see if it would shine on me and Star to see if there was hope for a new relationship between us, Tammy wanted it to select her and Marco to give her an excuse." Tom added.

"Well I can see why Marco went since he'd be worried about Star, and would want to watch her back." Jackie spoke up with a blush.

"Hey Marco what if the Blood Moon chose you and Brittney?" Janna asked making the former safe kid shudder in terror and disgust.

"Thanks for the nightmare Janna." Marco growled as the rest of the now group of seven laughed.

"There's also this annoying bratty rich kid at the dojo, Jeremy Birnbaum, and I don't want the dojo obliterated as soon as Tom steps in." Marco told them.

"Yeah Jeremy's such a pest and spoiled brat that he'd tick off Tom within the first few seconds of them meeting." Ferguson added.

"Wow if he's that bad maybe Marco can probably skip today." Tom commented since he'd rather keep the decent first impression he's already gotten.

While Marco's friend were chatting he was at the moment sending a text to Sensei asking if he could while showing a new friend around. A chime a moment later and Marco looked at his friends.

"Well Sensei just said it was cool since I was showing a new friend around which shows two important disciplines of karate." Marco told them.

"What disciplines Marco?" Star asked.

"I'm guessing loyalty and honor right?" Jackie asked making Marco nod while blushing a bit.

"So Marco what was the Blood Moon Ball like?" Janna asked.

"You would've been bored for a while Janna, it was like a school dance." Marco told her.

"HEY! I set it up to be low key for Star." Tom said before glaring at Marco. "What were you expecting exactly?" He asked.

"A couple pools of lava, chains and skulls hanging around, and some fountains of blood since it was a party for demons in the Underworld." Marco explained as some of their eyes were wide including Star's.

At that moment Janna leapt into his lap and kissed his cheek.

"Yes, I always hoped the day would come that I started rubbing off on you Marco!" Janna said with excitement.

"Oh no, if Janna starts corrupting Marco it will be the end of everything!" Ferguson exclaimed in fear.

"Janna, Ferguson, knock it off, Janna's not corrupting Marco, otherwise he would've been pranking people with her long before now." Jackie told them before turning to Janna. "Also would you please get out of Marco's lap?"

"Forget it Jackie." Marco told his crush.

"You mean she stole your house keys and wallet again?" She asked.

Before Marco could answer Janna got out of his lap pouting while holding his pants.

"No, and I checked everywhere I could he must be using Star or Tom as a hiding place for them this time." Making everyone's eyes widen as Marco stood wearing another pair of pants. Only unlike his black jeans, these were slimmer blue jeans.

"Clever Marco." Janna said as they started laughing before finishing up the school day.

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