The Deadlock gang, a group of criminals that have become notorious over the past few months for organized terror attacks. Gabriel looked over the file folder he was handed then back up at the Strike Commander. He flipped through it. Overwatch had their eyes on this group for months, tracking them and gaining intel. Gabe briefly wondered why Blackwatch wasn't given the task of finding information on them, it was Overwatch's covert ops branch anyway.

"Take whoever you need to get this done. I want this group eradicated. Arrest them, kill them, I don't care."

"Jesus Jack…"

"The director won't leave me alone on this until it's done. I'm sure he's hiding something about them but its not my business…" Jack pressed his palms into his eyes. "Or yours." He added.

"Fine fine. Consider it done." Gabe said as Jack stood and walked around his desk to Gabe.

"I know I can always count on you." He flashed his pearly whites before pecking the shorter man on the lips.

"Shut up cabron." Gabe rolled his eyes before pushing him away playfully.

"Report back to me when you and your team get back."

The flight to the gang's hideout was relatively short. Gabriel had brought 4 other agents with him, including Overwatch's best doctor, Angela Ziegler. Their ship landed a ways away from the hideout. This was going to be a sting. Gabriel prefered the element of surprise when dealing with a mission like this. It made it quick and clean. Blackwatch wasn't confined by the constraints of being fair during an operation. That's what Gabed loved about it, it was good, dirty, fighting; just how it was meant to be.

The fire fight was short. Deadlock's members were disorganized, unrefined, and caught off guard. Some members fled and got away, but the majority of them were dead. Angela slowly walked through the massacre of bodies, looking to see if there were any survivors. However, she knew there wouldn't be, Gabriel had brought Blackwatch's best operatives. She knew it was the safest way to dispatch the gang, but she sometimes wished they'd pick a less lethal way of dealing with targets. She knelt by one of the bodies and placed two fingers to his neck. No pulse.

The sound of a revolver's hammer being brought back was loud in the silence of the scene. Angela stood and turned quickly, expecting to see a gang member standing behind her. Instead her gaze fell upon a gangly looking kid. Jesus, this kid couldn't have been older than 16.

"You an yer soldiers killed all my friends… I already got shots off two 'a yer friends and I ain't one to shoot a woman. Leave 'for I have to hurt you too."

"Drop the gun kid, before you hurt yourself." Gabe's voice came from behind the boy, his guns positioned at his back. The boy slowly raised his hands, the gun still in his hand. He spun around and let off all six shots at Gabe. The Blackwatch commander rolled out of the way but one of the shots got him in the thigh. "You little shit!" He raised his guns up, ready to shoot. The teen flinched, and looked like he wasn't ready to die.

"Gabe! He's just a boy!" Angela shouted, the man looked over at her before growling and throwing his guns to the ground. He approached the boy and gave him a right hook to the jaw, knocking him into his stomach. He knelt down, one knee pressed into his back while he reached for his zip tie cuffs. He picked the boy up by the back of his shirt, the hat he was wearing had fallen off, and pushed him forward.

"Hey! Wait my hat!"

"Where you're going, you won't need it, now move kid!" Gabe shoved him again, moving past the medic and side eyeing her. She only smiled at him before going to pick up said hat.

Gabe didn't like kids with bad attitudes, and this one had the worst. He stared the kid down through the glass of the interrogation room.

"He's quick."

"He's not that quick Jack." Gabe grunted at the blonde next to him.

"He wounded two of your best and shot a "super soldier" in the leg."

"Don't remind me." He said, his leg still hurt from that.

"What are you gonna do with him?"

"Not sure yet." He really didn't know. He could get the boy to enlist, but that would mean putting the hours in to train him. He wasn't a baby sitter. Jack handed him a folder before turning to leave.

"Here's his file, kid's only 16 and already has a rap sheet a mile long."

Gabe flipped through it before sighing and walking into the room.

"I ain't tellin you military types anything." The boy spat at the ground. Gabe sat in the chair across from him and opened up the folder.

"Jesse McCree-"

"That's m'name." The boy interrupted.

"Age 16. Joined the Deadlock gang at 13 after years of petty robbery." Gabe looked up from the papers. "Your mother must be so proud."

"You shut yer mouth about my momma!"

Gabe smiled softly, this kid still cared about his family, how sweet.

"Does she know about her boy's gang activities?"

"I said shut up!"

"What would she say if we called her?"

"She's dead you asshole!"

Oh, oh.

That wasn't in his file. Tears pricked at the corners of Jesse's eyes. "They told me they wouldn't hurt her." His voice had gone quiet. "They told me if I helped them, she'd be safe. I thought I was protectin' her. I was the man of the house and I couldn't keep her safe!"

Gabe remained silent. This kid didn't choose to join the gang, he was forced.

"Listen kid, the way I see it, you've got two choices. Spend the better part of your life in prison," He stood and walked around to the boy, taking off the cuffs, "or enlist as a member of Blackwatch, and help us get the rest of those bastards. For your mom." He said as he slid form and a pen in front of him. "Let me help you." The boy looked up at him for a moment.

"Why would you wanna help me? I shot you and yer buddies."

"Cause you remind me of myself when I was your age, I lost my mom when I was younger too. I was pissed off at the world, and I wish I would have had someone to pull my head out of my ass back then." Gabe explained. Jesse looked down at the paper, then back up at the man.

"Fine, where do I sign?"

After filling out the paper, Gabe led the boy out into the hall. Jack had been outside, watching the entire time.

"Strike Commander Morrison, this is Jesse McCree, he's decided to enlist with Blackwatch to avoid prison."

"You made the right choice son." Jack smiled and patted Jesse's shoulders.

"It wasn't much of a choice y'all were givin' me." McCree said with a bit of spitfire in his voice. Gabe smacked the back of Jesse's head.


"Commander Morrison, like myself, is your superior officer now. You'll speak to him with respect. I hope you know what that is."

"'Course I know what it is, just that he looks to be one o' them pencil pusher types. Like he ain't seen a lick of action in his life."

That earned another, harsher, smack to the back of the head.

"Jack Morrison has saved my ass on more than one occasion you ungrateful little-"

"It's okay Commander Reyes." Jack interrupted, catching the gazes of both Jesse and Gabe. "Save all that spitfire for your training. Give Reyes a run for his money." He grinned down at the boy before looking over at Gabe.

"Thanks buddy." Gabe shot him a glare before ushering the boy forward. "C'mon kid. Let's go see if Dr. Ziegler can do your physical."

The trip to the medical wing was short, they hardly passed anyone in the halls, just a few dedicated cadets jogging through the halls. Gabe knocked on the door as the pair entered.

"Ah! Gabriel, and Jesse I presume?"

"Yes Ma'am." Jesse gave her a polite nod.

"I was wondering when I would see you two." She said as she grabbed a hospital gown, handing it to the boy. "Please put this on, you can leave your clothes in the restroom." She smiled.

"M'kay." he nodded sheepishly as he went to change. Gabe looked around the room, seeing the examination table set up with a heart and blood pressure monitor. A rolling tray was placed next to it with vials and a syringe for taking blood samples. The examination table also had an armrest attached to it.

"Ang, You set up already without me saying anything. You didn't know what I was gonna do with the kid." Gabe gave her a confused look.

"Oh please Gabriel. You may try to come off as such a brute, but I know you… You have a soft spot for his type." She gave him a knowing smile.

"You ended up recruiting that little shit who shot me and Matthews?" A voice came from the otherside of the room. A dark haired soldier, who looked to be in his early thirties, with his arm in a sling sat on a bed.

"Yes, I did Cade. He's a good shot, managed to get me in the leg."

"He nearly killed us!" Another soldier was on the bed next to Cade, presumably Matthews, spoke up next. He had his shirt off and had a gauze pad over his side.

"Oh please, both of you merely had flesh wounds. In fact, You could have left a while ago." She walked over and shooed them out. "Schnell, Schnell, Out of my medical lab!" She ordered the two away.

A few moments passed and Jesse came out of the bathroom. She patted the examination table. "Up up,"

Jesse did as he was told. She began hooking him up to the monitor in silence as Gabe went to the side, leaning against the wall with his hands folded over his chest.

"...hey Doc?" Jesse broke the silence, earning Gabes attention.


"Sorry for threatenin' you before… My momma taught me to be respectful of ladies, 'specially ones as pretty as yourself. I guess I just forgot that." He said sheepishly.

"That's quite alright Jesse. You aren't the first person to threaten me, and you certainly won't be the last. Hazards of the job." She explained as she placed the last sensor on him. She walked over to the cabinet that Gabe was standing by and grabbed a pair of examination gloves. "You've got yourself a little gentleman there." She whispered with a little giggle.

"Don't let him fool you Ang, he just thinks you're pretty." Gabe smirked as she walked back over to Jesse. The monitor beeped steadily, showing a healthy blood pressure and heart rate.

"Wunderbar. Place your arm on the armrest please." She tied a tourniquet around Jesse's arm, tapping the junction between his upper and lower arm to get a vein. She cleaned the area with an alcohol wipe. She grabbed the blood drawing needle and a test tube while the area dried. She pierced his skin with the needle, the blood began to fill the tube. She switched out for two more vials before placing a cotton ball over the injection site and pulled the needle out. She wrapped medical tape over the cotton ball. "Alright, lay back please." She instructed before pressing on various places on his stomach, asking if that hurt, or was uncomfortable. When she was satisfied she had him sit up. She grabbed the stethoscope from around her neck and used her hand to warm up the diaphragm before checking his lungs. She frowned and removed the stethoscope from her ears and placing it back around her neck.

"Jesse McCree do you smoke?" She chided him.

"Ah, yeah, cigars." he admitted timidly.

"Well, stop that. If you don't quit on your own, I will make you."

"Better do as she says, Angela can be scary when she wants to be." Gabe added.

"Yes Ma'am, I'll do my best."

"Alright, Other than that, I'd say your fit for duty." She smiled and pulled off her gloves, she went to a cabinet and pulled out a change of clothes, handing the folded pile to the new recruit. "I had to guess your size, go ahead and change." She motioned to the restroom before sending a nurse to the lab with his blood samples.

Moment's later, Jesse came out wearing the casual Blackwatch uniform. It consisted of a plain black t-shirt, cargo pants, and a chest plate.

"Fits like a glove Doc." He smiled.

"Good… Although… it's missing something…" She placed a finger to her chin in mock thought. "Ah that's right!" She went to the cabinet and pulled out something, hiding it from the boy. "You dropped this before."

"My hat!" He grabbed it and placed it on his head, adjusting it before holding his arms out. "How do I look commander?" He grinned.

"You look ridiculous, come on, I'll show you your quarters, you can get cleaned up." he motioned for the boy to follow him.

The room was plain, with a single sized bed and desk with a lamp, there was a door off to the side, presumably to a bathroom. "You can decorate it however you like, Take a shower, then hit the hay. Training begins at 0500." Gabe said before turning to leave him there.

"Hey Boss?"

Gabe sighed, he supposed that was about as close to respect as he was going to get with the kid.

"Yes Agent McCree?" He didn't turn to look at him.

"Thanks… For not givin' up on me like my old man."

Oh that hurt his heart. This kid was too much like himself for his own liking.

"Get some sleep kid. Tomorrow's gonna be rough."