Gabriel stared down the man in the interrogation room, his arms folded tightly against his chest.

"You gonna go in there or just glare the man to death through a one way mirror."

"Shut up Jack, I'm thinking." Gabe snarled. It had been a long time since something had put Gabriel in this foul of a mood. Jack placed a hand on his boyfriend's shoulder and looked over to him. "I'm gonna kill him… I just haven't worked out how." He sighed and brought his hand up to his face. He rubbed the sleep deprivation out of his eyes. He hadn't slept since leaving for Santa Fe the first time.

"Boss?" Jesse had come up behind the pair, his hands shoved in his pockets. "Can I talk to him… alone?" He looked up to Gabe hopefully. Jack looked between the two, curious as to what the Blackwatch commander would say.

"You sure you wanna do that kid?"

"Yeah. I need answers…" He answered right away.

"Fine, we'll be right out here just in case."
"No." Jesse demanded, earning a surprised look from Gabriel. "Sorry, but I wanna talk to him privately… please?" Gabe did not like the idea.

"Come on Gabe, Jesse deserves this much. We can come up with a plan for this asshole." Jack said as he pulled Gabe along by the arm, winking back at Jesse. The teen smiled before taking a deep breath and walking into the room.

The man who fathered him looked rough, like Gabe just wailed on him for an hour straight. Jesse knew that it probably wasn't that long, Gabriel was a super soldier and would have killed him halfway through that time span. Boone had his hands cuffed behind his back, sat in a chair to wait whoever was to come in. He smiled when he saw Jesse's face.

"Jesse, my boy-"

"I ain't your boy. Not anymore." Jesse interrupted with a glare, sitting across from him. Boone's smile dropped instantly.

"You got my last name. I named you, not your whore mother." Jesse gave him a swift right hook across the table, Boone laughed and spat blood and bits of his teeth onto the ground. "You always were a momma's boy, clung to her skirt like the scared little boy you are." He gave him a broken grin.

"Why'd you do it?! Why'd you have her killed?!" he screamed, slamming his hands on the table.

"She weren't no use to me anymore… Your momma helped launder money from the gang since before you was born. She didn't wanna be part of it no more, said she wanted to focus on raisin' you right." Jesse jumped over the table and wrapped his hands around the man's throat.

"You piece of shit, I'm gonna enjoy watchin' you die!" Gabe ran into the room and wrapped a strong arm around Jesse's waist, pulling the teen off his father. Boone simply laughed and gave an evil smile to his son.

"Let me go Gabe! I'm gonna kill him! I'm gonna fuckin kill him!" Jesse screamed, thrashing and trying to get out of Gabe's grip. The Blackwatch commander actually struggled to pull the kid back, so much rage and adrenaline was rushing through him that he was putting up a decent fight against him.

"No Jesse! I can't make excuses for you if you kill him." He said, pulling the kid back further. Jesse thrashed more and escaped from his grip. He knocked Boone out of the chair and started beating his face. "Jack, get in here and help me!" He called out to the strike commander as he grabbed Jesse again. Jack rushed in and grabbed the other side of the teen, both men pulled him out as Boone laughed maniacally. "You shut the fuck up!" Gabe glared at him before shutting the door and forcing Jesse to sit and holding him there.

"Why'd you pull me offa that no good, momma killin' bastard?!" Jesse screamed, letting his emotions get the better of him. He didn't care at this point, he only wanted to see Boone dead.

"Jesse, You've already got one notch on your belt for your mother." Gabe started.
"Let Gabe and I handle this, alright?" Jack added to him. Jesse's labored breathing calmed after a moment and the two commanders let go of him.

"I'm sorry Jesse…" Gabe wrapped his arms around the kid, Jesse nearly melted into Gabriel, sobbing and gripping his arm for dear life. Gabe looked back at Jack then to the door. Jack's eyebrows knit together in a frown before he turned and stormed to the door, knowing what Gabe was asking of him. He burst in and grabbed the bloodied man by the shirt, slamming him to his back roughly and straddling him. The blondes fist connected with his face several times before he stopped.

"Heard you liked to beat your wife, heard you beat Jesse if he had anything to say about it." He growled, shoving the man's head back down when he raised it to say something. "You're not allowed to talk anymore." He shouted, keeping his head down. "You're worth less than the dirt on my shoe," He got up and brushed himself off before moving away from the man, stepping on his chest in the process. The crack of ribs was loud in the quiet room. "Stay down where you belong." Jack growled and left the room. His hands were bloodied from beating the man. Cade and Matthews entered.

"Take him to the holding cell, don't be afraid to kick the shit out of him." Gabe said as he helped Jesse up. "Jack, take care of the paperwork and talk to the decoy. I'm gonna get Jesse to his room." Gabe said as he lead Jesse away from the interrogation rooms.

Jesse was clung to Gabriel's shirt the entire way, Gabe's arm around him kept him upright. No one they passed in the halls questioned them, partially because it was none of their business, but mostly because Gabriel had the most terrifying expression on his face. It was a mix of anger and concern for Jesse. Soon enough they made it to Jesse's quarters. He opened the door and help the kid inside, closing the door behind him. He sat next to Jesse on the bed. Jesse was finally able to let loose, his face was buried into Gabe's chest. The Blackwatch commander simply held the shaking boy.

"Shhh Jesse, it's gonna be okay." he hummed as he removed the kid's hat and stroked over his hair softly. Jesse sobbed harder.

"I hate him… I hate him Gabe…"

Gabriel's heart broke in his chest. This kid never had a chance with a father like that. Jesse's sobs calmed into quiet hiccups eventually. Gabriel had helped him lay down, setting the hat on the side table safely.

"Feel better kid?" He asked softly.

"A little." Jesse sounded absolutely exhausted.

"Try and get some rest," the commander said as he stood and went for the door, shutting the light off on his way out.

Gabe walked back to the interrogation rooms where Jack was sitting. He had his head held in his hands.

"Jackie?" Gabe placed a hand on the blonde's shoulder then sat by him. He looked up to the other, giving him a soft smile. "You okay?"

"How do you do it all the time? Circumventing the rules…" Gabe chuckled at this question.

"I'm not a boy scout like you," he grinned before looking to the ground, "after the first crisis, when you got promoted, I sort of figured this better suited me. The Director seemed to think so, otherwise I'd be in your position."

"Not this again Gabe."

"No no, Jack it's fine." Gabe lied, he was still bitter about being passed up even though he had lead the team that ended the Omnic crisis, "'Sides, I prefer Blackwatch, we fight like we're supposed to. Don't have to worry about all the red tape that Overwatch does. We fight like we did in the crisis."

"Doesn't it take its toll?" Jack gave him a morose look.

"Nah, I'm a super soldier after all." Gabe grinned at him to ease his worry.

"You're body is strong, not invincible, but what about your head?" Jack asked, running his hand over Gabe's head. "All the super soldier serum in the world won't change what hurts your mind."

"Jack… babe… I'm fine, alright? I know my limits, trust me on this one thing, okay?" Gabe rested his head on Jack's shoulder. Jack still seemed unsure, perhaps suspending Blackwatch's activities for a few months would help, Gabe's personality seemed like it had been changing since Blackwatch's inception.

"Alright… I'll trust you, but at the first sign of danger, I will suspend Blackwatch." Jack warned. Gabe gave him a surprised look for a split second before rolling his eyes and smiling.

"Aw, you do care."