So I am very excited for this new story! This will have a lot of angst, which is exactly what I like to write, and it does focus on Raven and BB.

To be clear, this fic is set in the future. The titans are either in the late teens or twenty's (Raven and BB, for example are both in their twenty's). The two of them had been dating before they had a mission that had to do with Slade - I bent the story line a bit, because in this, Slade breaks his promise and tries to kill the Titans after Trigon was defeated - and Raven was captured. This story focuses on her recovery.

So I hope you enjoy! Please make sure to read and review, as well as give me suggestions if you have any.


Chapter 1:

The titans burst through the prison door, stopping dead in their tracks at what they saw.

"Raven," Starfire managed to whisper, covering her mouth with her hand.

"Oh my God," Cyborg murmured.

Their teammate, who had been kidnapped over a few months ago, was hanging from the ceiling, unconscious. The chains that were wrapped around her wrists and ankles had some sort of energy running through them. The others guessed that they were suppressing her powers. She was covered in all kinds of wounds, from burn marks to bruises. There were heavy strangulation marks on her throat, and she was slightly wet. They all realized that someone had tried to drown her earlier.

"Slade really wanted to her suffer," Robin explained, unsure of what to do.

"We need to get her off the chains," Garfield suddenly said, his voice lacking any emotion. He and Cyborg slowly walked up to Raven's lifeless body, unlocking her restraints.

Raven cried out softly as she fell into Beast Boy's arms. Her skin was as cold as ice. As her eyes slowly opened, fear and worry took over her mind, and she began to struggle. "Let me go!" she yelled, her voice weak and tired. She raised her hand to try and protect herself, but was too weak. "Please," she said softly.

"Rae, it's me, Garfield," Beast Boy said, cradling the poor woman in his arms. "I've got you now, you're gonna be okay."


Her broken whisper shattered Garfield's heart, and he pulled her closer to him. "I'm right here, Rae," he told her. "How about we get you home?"

In return, Raven nodded, her head falling on the green titan's arm. "H-home…" she stated, mostly to herself than to the others.

After a minute of pure silence, Cyborg asked, "Do you want me to carry her or…?"

"I'll carry her," Garfield replied harshly. He carefully stood up, not taking his eyes off of his Raven.

She seemed to have aged over the last couple of months, he realized. She looked like she was thirty years old instead of only twenty, a testament to the hard life she must have lived while in the clutches of Slade. She looked small, too small. She probably wasn't fed properly. Her cape, Garfield noticed, was gone, and the clothing she usually wore was ripped almost everywhere. She was had no shoes, her feet and ankles, as well as her wrists, raw and bleeding.

"What did he do to you?" he wondered aloud, gently stroking her hair while he followed his friends out of Slade's prison. "How did you survive that long, Rae?"

Finally, they made it out.

Raven accidently opened her eyes, and moaned when the blinding light invaded her vision. "Garfield?" she asked again, attempting to shield her eyes but failing.

"It's okay, Raven, I'm taking you home," Beast Boy said. "Just hold on a little longer."

"O-Okay," was Raven's reply. "Thank y-you, Gar," she added quietly, reaching up slowly to touch Beast Boy's face, her hand shaking violently. "I-I missed y-you."

Pressing his lips to her forehead, Garfield smiled. "I missed you, too, Rae," he replied. "You have no idea how much I missed you." He paused. "Now close your eyes and sleep. You have nothing else to worry about, I promise."

Once finally arriving at the T-Car, Garfield positioned her so that her head was pillowed on his lap and her legs were on Starfire's, who was sitting next to him in the back. She was looking at all her wounds with tears in her emerald eyes.

"Is our friend Raven going to be okay?" she asked fearfully, noticing how protectively Beast Boy was holding his … girlfriend? Starfire didn't even know if they were going to be together anymore … after all of this? She loved the two of them so much; she prayed that everything would work out in the end.

"She's Raven," Cyborg answered her question, startling her. "She'll be just fine, Star."

The alien nodded in agreement, her eyes falling on Raven again.

Clear discomfort was written all over her pale face. Her mouth was open in a silent scream and her hand was holding on to Garfield's, even though she barely had enough strength.

Her body was visibly trembling, and Starfire realized that she was more than just cold - she was freezing.

She quickly reached for the blanket they kept in a storage compartment in the back of their car, and then draped it over Raven's body, gasping softly when her injured friend flinched.

"How far are we from the tower?" she heard Beast Boy asked. Concern and anger laced every one of his words.

Concern for Raven. Anger at Slade.

That monster of a man will pay for what he did to our Raven, Starfire decided, pushing her knees up to her chest as she continued to watch over her friend.

"About an hour," Cyborg replied.

Garfield sighed heavily, unconsciously beginning to run his fingers through her slightly wet hair. "Can't we make this thing go any faster?" he asked stubbornly.

"Beast Boy, we want to get Raven back home just as much as you do," Robin said. He was still having a hard time believing that Slade did all this to one of the most powerful people in the world. He must have had a huge plan to be able to let it go this far. "But we are not breaking any laws. We are already going as fast as we can. Raven will be able to hold on for just a bit more, I'm sure of it … For now, just focus on making her feel comfortable."

The changeling couldn't help but let out a small growl, throwing his head against his seat.

"I-It's okay … Gar." Raven's voice made everyone suck in a breath, relief and terror taking over their hearts. "I-I will be o-okay. D-Don't worry about m-me."

Beast Boy scoffed, pulling the woman closer to her his chest. "It's hard not to worry when you're like this," he muttered, squeezing her hand ever so gently.

"How about you and Starfire mend what you can?" Cyborg offered. He reached into the glove compartment and took out a first aid kit. "It'll pass some time."

"Oh yes, that is a wonderful idea!" Starfire exclaimed, her voice not quite as happy and upbeat as it was supposed to be, although the light in her eyes was somewhat back. She didn't seem as dull as she had before. She took the kit from the robot's hands and then turned to Beast Boy. "Let us see what we can do."

And then the two of them got to work. It was horrible to see what they saw. Up close, Raven's body was even more battered and broken than it seemed.

First, they cleaned her wrists and ankles, bandaging them soon after. In only a few minutes, blood began to leak through the fabric, which was somewhat worrying. They applied a special cream onto all the burns they could see, knowing that Cyborg would have to look at the rest of them when they got back home. The rest of her injuries just looked to be cuts and bruises, but they knew better not to assume the best. Knowing Slade, he probably inflicted a lot more wounds than they could see in a moving vehicle.

By the time they finished, they had arrived at Titans Tower. They had called Titans East to keep an eye on Jump City for them while they were gone, and they had given them a call from the T-Car to let them know that they were coming. Cyborg had asked them to prepare the infirmary.

The minute Beast Boy walked into the living room, still carrying Raven in his arms, the other titans surrounded him, staring at the sorceress with wide eyes.

"Give then some space, y'all," Cyborg said then. He nodded at Garfield's look of thanks. "BB, take her to the infirmary. I'll be there in just a second to mend the rest of her wounds."

Garfield nodded, silently making his way to that dreaded room. Almost everyone hated it.

He gently placed her on the bed Titans East had gotten ready for them and pulled the covers over her chest.

A small gasp escaped Raven's mouth when she felt something touch her skin. She instantly curled into herself, tremors running through her abused body. Sweat made its way down her face and onto the sheets, and she felt someone with a cool cloth wiping it off.

"G-Gar?" she whispered for, what seemed like, the third or fourth time in a row. Raven began to feel guilty for needing all this attention … and help.

"I'm right here, Rae."

She felt him sit beside her, take one of her hands into his own and press it to his lips.

"You're home now," he continued, watching as she kept her eyes closed to save energy. "Cyborg will be here any minute now to treat the rest of your injuries. In a few hours, this will all be over."

Garfield had said that last part to try and comfort her, but when he saw her frown, he knew he shouldn't have said it. Of course it won't be over, you idiot, he said to himself. Raven will have to live with this for months, years even, before she can finally have closure. How stupid you are to think that she's gonna heal just like that.

"You're b-blaming yourself," Raven said then, a small smile gracing her lips. "Stop … i-it."

Beast Boy smiled back, inching closer to her bed. "How'd you know?" he asked her. His Raven always knew what he was feeling. At the same time, he hated it, but at the same time, he loved it.

"I can s-see it in … your f-face," Raven replied. "Just … because I-I can't use m-my magic, d-doesn't mean … I d-don't h-how you f-feel."

"Good point," Garfield said, staring at her with sadness in his eyes. The urge to kiss her was heavy on his heart … but he fought against it, telling himself that he needed to give Raven time. Who knows, she may not even like me anymore, he thought.

Right at that time, Cyborg entered the room. "Yo, B, are you bothering Raven?" he asked jokingly, although his voice wasn't as upbeat as it was.

Garfield could barely even smirk as he watched his friend take out all the materials he needed. He knew that Raven would have to withstand a lot more pain for the next hour. He dreaded it.

"B, I know you probably don't want to," Cyborg suddenly said, ripping the changeling out of his thoughts. "But it would be nice if you left the room for the next hour. It would save Raven some modesty, and plus, I don't want you to see anymore of her wounds that you have to."

Unable to argue, Garfield just nodded. Glancing at his Raven one more time, he left the room. He made it the lounge, where all of the other titans were sitting. It was silent, each titan awaiting news about Raven.

When they saw him, they all stood up and walked over to him.

Starfire was hugging herself tightly, he eyes glued to the ground. Robin seemed to be guilty about something, although Garfield didn't know what it was. And the Titans East just seemed to be heartbroken; it was completely understandable.

"Well?" Robin asked. "Has Cyborg begun?"

"It's probably gonna take him an hour, so I suggest we get comfortable," Beast Boy said, his voice a little colder than he expected it to be.

He walked over to the couch and sat down, morphing into a green dog and curling up in the farthest corner he could find. He watched with sleepy eyes as his teammates and the other titans sat down with him.

The wait began...