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Chapter 15

"Gaeul… Gaeul…" but I could not find her.

"Yah, are you and Gaeul playing hide and seek, at this age." Woobin asked me with a smirk on his face.

"Where is Gaeul?" I asked him.

"Yah, I wont help you win the game, just go find her yourself." Woobin mocked me, I cant take it anymore. I just grabbed his shirt. Yijung just stared at us. soon everyone assembled at the parking area.

"Woobin, its not a fairplay if you want any revenge or anything, just do with me, don't touch my sister." I warned him. he just putoff my hands and yelled at me.

"Yah, what are you talking about." He yelled back.

"Both of you cooldown don't start any violence, we could finish our problems in a civil manner." Minha Oppa warned us. and unni clutches my hands and sooths it.

"Don't play innocent Woobin, Gaeul went to you to deliver your documents." I told him.

"What documents?" he asked me.

"Woobin,….dont you remember, you ordered me to bring the document to you this afternoon…You filthy dog." Unni pressed her hand.

"No, I didn't." he just answerd.

"Yah, don't lie to me." I asked him.

"What would I get by telling you lie." He asked me.

I just shocked. I looked his eyes and he is serious. I just collapsed on the ground.

"Then where is Gaeul?" I asked myself.

"Jae, calm down." Bona asked me as she sits next to me on the ground.

"Unni, what happened?" Yijung asked her.

"Gaeul went to deliver the documents to Woobin for Jaekyung and we couldn't reach her." she told him.

"Woobin are you sure you didn't ask Jaekyung anything this afternoon." Yijung asked him.

"Yijung, don't you believe me? I didn't." Woobin answered.

"Jaekyung shi, look at me, do you remember who told you to deliver the documents." Yijung asked me.

"His name tag tells Kang Bok Su." I told him.

"What Kang Bok Su…" Woobin asked.

"Yes." I replied.

"Yah, who is there? Comeout?" Suddenly Woobin yelled at someone.

Two members dressed in black came to view and I saw the man.

"he is the person." I told him.

"I just want to hear the truth. What is going on?" Yijung asked them with a terrific tone.

"Please, forgive me sir… Its all his plan. He told me to send Jaekyung to the address." Kang Bok Su begged him.

"Sir, please forgive me. I didn't mean to harm Gaeulshi. I just want to trick Jaekyung." he kneeled infront of him.

"What trick me? but why? What I did wrong." I asked him.

"You, defeated me in fight, I was ashamed of defeated by a girl and wanted to give you a lesson by tricking you to sendoff to…." He trumbled.

He couldn't finish his speech as Woobin kicked him.

"Is this what I taught you? and girl where it comes from in our organization there is no gender discrimination." He yelled at him.

"Woobin its not the right time for that. yah, just tell me where did you send her." Minha asked him.

"I just send her to your farmhouse…" he told us.

"What?" Woobin asked him.

"Your farm house, the one which you get us to train us, near the forest." He answered.

"Yah, don't you know how dangerous the place is?" Woobin gave him another punch.

"What?" I asked him.

"It is very near the forest and there is no network and sometimes animals can came. Before anything happen I have to go…" He told us. he didn't finish his sentences we heard a sound and when we turned a car just went fast towards the gate.

"Who is that?" I asked.

"Yijung?..." Bona asked questioningly as she found that person who just left.

"Yijung?" I asked her.

She just dialed someone's number.

"Yah, where are you?" she asked him.

"I'm going to our farm house. Don't worry I will find her." he told her.

"Okey. Just be careful on the road." She told him.

"Okey. Just watch over there. Bye." He told her.

"Yes, its him. mmm now Jae don't worry about Gaeul now. She will be safe. Yijung went for her. Come lets go inside." Bona told me.

"I don't think his fast is enough to reach her. I think I have to go I drive faster than him." I told her.

"Don't underestimate my bro's driving skills." Woobin told me.

"It took us nearly one hour to reach museum when ever he drives us." I told him.

"Yah, you don't know he was a car race champion. And for your kind information he took his sports car. So don't worry he will bring her sound and safe." Woobin told me.

"but…." I started but cut off by Bona.

"No, buts lets get in. Everyone." she ordered.

"You go. I have to teach some lessons for my students." Woobin told us as he pushed the two men from their shirt caller.

"Leave them." I told him.

"Yah don't you want to teach them a lesson?" he asked me.

"Its not their fault. They were just jealous and didn't know what to do?" I told him.

"We are sorry Jaekyungshi. We just want you to walk many kilometers." They told me.

"I know." She told them.

"But I wont leave you guys, tomorrow onwards you guys are incharge of the cleaning of the gym." He told tehm.

"yes sir." They answered him.

"and ten rounds of the gym…" he told them.

"Yes sir…" They smiled at them… he is not the type to give them just ten rounds I thought to myself.

"Duck walk." He smiled at them.

"Sir…" they asked him.

"Mmm. I think that would be enough. Do you have any objection." He asked him.

"No sir." They told him.

"Then just go, don't forget, tomorrow morning 4'o clock at the gym." He told them.

"So, you guys, have you settled everything. Lets go." Bona asked us.

As we are sitting in the living room suddenly Woobin asked me a question.

"I didn't expect you would be this merciful." He asked me. Everyone looked at me.

"Yes, Jae, I'm also curious as I saw the way you pluck the caller of Woobin. I thought you would kill him, but when you find them guilty you just leave them." Jihoo asked me.

"I know they are regretting their actions, because I also did the same mistake." I told them as I gave them a bitter smile.

"What?" Bona asked her.

"Yes, unni, when I was twelve Gaeul and I went to a trip to Jeju. And I locked Gaeul in a closet. I didn't like her back then, because she was a perfect girl in everything and everyone in our family talked about her achievements. And I was jealous because I didn't get any appreciation from them. So I want to scare her and locked her into the attic. And everyone thought that she was sleeping in my room. That day was a thunderstorm, and I didn't care about her and slept peacefully. And the next morning I went to the attic, I really want to saw her crying face. but when I went there she was laying on the floor crumbled motionless as she was clutching her necklace. And try to wake her up but she didn't. and we took her to the hospital, she woke up after two days though she clearly know that it was me who tricked her, she didn't tell her parents. and that incident made her suffer from phobia of thunderstorm. She is really a kind heart person, and she didn't want a reason for someone's sufferings. If she find out that you are punishing the guys for her, she will be mad." I told Woobin. Just then I heard another thunder sound.

"I just hope, Yijung to find her soon." Bona told us.

Will Yijung find Gaeul?

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