The mysterious Doctor Who and Time Lords Ch. 7

The Doctor was assisting Stargate Command Department of the the UNIT Supreme in their headquarters when all of a sudden Annabel Lake of the MI6/CIA joint-Wonderland department and the Doctor's newly acquired mole (under the nose of Annabel's Father Patrick Lake) within Wonderland. Ran right inside Stargate Command despite the guards by flashing her MI6/CIA-Wonderland/Doctor Who(File DI89-A45/K76... File) Mole Security Clearance. Right away when she had reached the Doctor. She declared "I am sorry Stargate Command however you will see how urgent this is when considering safety/security of the peaceful Alien refugees living in our Planet. Doctor CIA/MI6-Wonderland, Bulldogs and Cadmus has finally merged/allied with each other and have decided to handle what they wrongfully view as a Alien threat upon our planet by removing/exterminating all peaceful Alien refugees living on Earth by any means necessary." At this Supergirl replied "I don't know this CIA/MI6-Wonderland but I do know Neo-Cadmus which the DEO has almost eliminating however in the end it ended up failing and she filled the others on Cadmus." The Doctor said, "I personally know CIA/MI6-Wonderland and that is why I had successfully under the nose of her father turned Annabel Lake against the organization (after a mission of hers that happened to parallel an Adventure of mine she got to see how humans not hostile aliens could sadly become the monsters) and made her a mole. Here is everything on this particular organization. I will right away call Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart and the current Commander/Director of UNIT Supreme since they and I have already discussed what must be done if something like this involving CIA/MI6-Wonderland did indeed occur." Several hours later the Forces of all the accepted Earth Defense Organizations and the Shadow Proclamation was storming the Headquarters of the newly created Bullcadland(Bulldogs, CIA/MI6-Wonderland, and Cadmus) to finally fully shutdown those organizations once and for all at least within this particular organization. All the members of these organizations were sent to all the Shadow Proclamation Prisons across the Cosmos after the trials on Crimes against all forms of Life. Then with her training and identity as "Miss Ghost" Annabel Lake joined the Avengers and became Natasha Romanoffs (Black Widow)/(Miss Ghost) espionage team partner(for the safety/security of all peaceful/none-hostile lifeforms within the Cosmos not just humans of course.)