The mysterious Doctor Who and Time Lords Ch. 8

At the Stargate Command Department of the the UNIT Supreme both Major./Dr. Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson was furthering their conversation with the Doctor about the Omniverse. When they both said at once "Doctor we both simutaneously wondered how is it that your TARDIS is able to travel to other universe and multiverses of other Megaverses and not simply stuck to the Multiverse and Megaverse that is originally solely that of the Time Lords." In answer the Doctor said " replied originally you may have been correct but after my alternate self had discovered the Omniverse and the artifact called the Glory and the result was the Glory had ended broken up in many shards. Both those very same shards and the Nexus of all Realities had some how merged with the TARDIS Prime of the Doctor Prime of the Prime Doctor Who universe thus Omniversely infinitely expanded the realm of the Time Lords own realities and even duplicated them into variations such as the Watchers(Marvel Comics), Time Masters and the Linear Men(DC comics), the Star Trek versions and so on and so on." Then Major/Dr. Samantha Carter thought of another question along the Physics line of study, "Doctor, how is it that there is so many Omniversal level artifacts shouldn't there be just one since with the name Omniverse there should just be one Omniverse or at least one form of the Omniverse." The Doctor replied, "Oh Samantha you American humans are apparently so educatedly bright in comparison to your British counterparts and yet you still have your areas of lack of understanding and filled with Ignorance on particular subjects. You are correct in how there is one Omniverse but the Omniverse as it evolved still had several established major forms with many subparts through out its history and it will continue to do so. Since just as Time Lords such as myself regenerate the entire body and acquire completely new face and personality rather than right away dying. The Omniverse does something very similar to regenerating when it dies what was the face/personality of the Omniverse regenerates and rather than completely dying it deranks it self and rather than fully dying becomes another one of the Megaverses/cosmic Taxanomical Families of the Omniverse and the Omniverse acquires another face/personality for itself. So far there has been two faces/personalities for the Omniverse. My Megaverse former face of the Omniverse, the Marvel Megaverse another former face of the Omniverse, and there may be soon a third face of the Omniverse the DC comics Megaverse or also called Hypertime."

After this discussion it ultimatically struck Samantha Carter in rememberance "Oh yeah Doctor due you remember while you were going through are own American files on anything extraterresterial and extradimensional how my Great Aunt Peggy Carter had a joint case in the SSR with the LAPD that ended up being involved Zero Matter and how we barely returned the extracted Zero Matter to its dimension and closed the portal. Well someone has somehow reopened that portal allowed the Zero Matter to reenter into our Earth we need you, Torchwood, and UNIT Black Archives on this so that it can be handled once and for all. By having the portal sealed permenantly by the process of the TARDIS and what ever Zero Matter left confiscated/locked up/buried and somehow neutralized so that it can't cause any more damage. And all Scientific knowledge in how to renter the portal in order to acquire Zero Matter Confiscated/destroyed. Could you do this for us and my family particularly my great Aunt that is actually looking forward to be the very first currently elderly test subject for the Bicenatarian Biotech/Lifestyle longevity experiment." In response the Doctor replied "We will be right on it Samantha and I knew your Great Aunt while she lived in Great Britain before she had joined the SSR in America. I was actually the one that had paved the way for her to personally meet Churchill so that she could join the SSR."

Eighty years later after Peggy Carter had as result of the Bi/tricenatarian Biotech/Lifestyle longevity experiment was able to unretire and return to SHIELD ultimately joining the forces of UNIT supreme since she was able to nullify her Alzheimers/Dementia for now and minimize the arthritis that she previously had and forcing her to retire from being the Director of SHIELD. Although she still have her harsh wrinkles, lines, and age spots which are actually grown more so at 175 years of age they have also at the same became a more of a delicate form of harshness and she had acquired the slightest of age warts. She has reacquired a bit of her original black/dark brown hair but successfully merged it with the greyish silver hair of age for a another brand new type of hair color. She is walking into the headquarters of the UNIT Supreme with the criminal Goa'ulek agents that she has successfully captured/arrested despite their beyond expert hand to hand martial arts ability. Yes she was battered and bruised as a result but she was glad to have been able to when she was 95 years of age return to SHIELD and work her way up to UNIT Supreme. As result she has been able to once again directly work with Steve Rogers aka Captain America discovered in Antartica in the year 2009 of the 21st century. Yes she is no longer so youthfull as what he used to see her in World War II but she is once again in a healthy active shape no longer sickly, weak, and decrepit as she was in her eighties and early nineties. But now she works with far more partners than ever before with the founding members of the Avengers, X-men, and the Justice League along with the following generational new members joining every year along with Stargate Command, DEO, and UNIT. That is when she seen her great neices 106 year old Sharon Carter and 126 year old Samantha Carter both also having time leaving its mark on them although obviously not as much not as much as herself but they also remained in a healthy active shape even as they get biologically/chronologically elderly older. Peggy went "look at yourselves so much younger than me and yet no you are also getting the same amount of treatment from time as I had 80 years ago. But thankfully despite all the grey/silver hairs and wrinkles you are able to merge the grey/silver hairs with the original hair color of your youth and merge the wrinkles with the beauty of your faces since you are having them maintain a gentler harshness on your face." At the comment both Sharon and Samantha replied, Aunt Peggy you obviously aren't such a spring chicken your self although you have been able to maintain your regained active/healthyness even as you got even more biologically/chronologically older."