Anakin watched helplessly as Plum screamed in pain again. It was worse than last time. Tears rolled down her beautiful face as she cried out in an agony that nothing Anakin did would stop.

Ratio was there too this time, holding Plum's hand in his own as he tried to comfort her. "Keep your energy!" he urged. "Do not abandon forever!"

But Ratio's encouragement was to no avail. Anakin tried to avert his eyes, but couldn't help but watch as his beloved Plum screamed once more, then died.

He snapped awake. He was sitting on a sofa in Plum's house. Plum herself was walking past him holding a bowl of fruit, which she set on the table.

"Ratio…" Anakin muttered to himself. Plum gave him a questioning look. "The Tile comes here" he said. It wasn't an enquiry. He could sense that his teacher had been into the house recently. Plum nodded.

"Come this morning" she told him. "Come" she repeated, just to be clear.

"He… how?" Anakin asked, getting up. Plum frowned at him. She could see something in his face. He had always spoken so highly of his teacher before.

"He is worrying you?" she asked, as the two walked towards the house's bedroom. "He… says you bear the very big pressure. Certainly."

Anakin sighed. "I feel to be fond of the…" he searched for the words. "Very much…"

"Fan?" Concern was evident in Plum's voice. "What mean?"

Her question was enough to open the floodgates, and all of Anakin's resentment to the Hopeless Situation Warriors came tumbling out. "Ratio Tile with Presbyterian Church, all distrust!" he blurted.

Plum took his hand comfortingly. "They use their life, letter term you" she reminded him. Anakin shook his head.

"Some matters took place. I can not become the hopeless situation that… I do not want… that just keeps present condition."

Anakin's voice was low, and he refused to meet Plum's eyes as he said this.

"You are too high to own expectation value" she told him.

Anakin knew she was right, but it didn't make him feel any better. The two sat there for a minute in silence, before Anakin brought up the other thing that was troubling him.

"I…" he began slowly, "found out how to save your method."

"Save me?" Plum asked curiously. Anakin opened his mouth to explain, then thought better of it. He wanted her to know that she was safe, that he could stop her from dying, but something told him that she'd disapprove of the idea of using the Black Influence for such a goal. Plum wasn't a Hopeless Situation Warrior, but she was connected to them closely enough to know how the average Hopeless Situation Warrior felt about the Black Influence and the West.

"I saved you in an evil-foreboding dream" he lied.

Plum shook her head. "Having what lets you, vexed heart-" she began.

Anakin suddenly pulled her into an embrace. "I do not want to lose you, The Gets The Rice" he told her. Her eyes widened. The Gets The Rice was a very personal nickname for her, and Anakin wouldn't have used it unless he was seriously worried. She accepted the embrace.

"I guarantee" she whispered. "Die me, to also will feel happy with you together."

Anakin shook his head, tears brimming in his eyes. "Not" he replied. "Let I to guarantee."

Half a galaxy away from this touching scene, an airship swooped into the System Of. The tiny vessel carried its singular occupant and his airship robot through the air to land gracefully on a small landing platform in the Pimping Mainland. Hidden within the shadows of the Mainland's buildings, a squad of battle robots watched the airship touch down.

A tall Pimping Mainland native by the name of Tion Medon strode up to the airship, ready to greet its pilot. The airship's hatch opened, and Ratio Tile climbed out. Medon placed a hand on his chest.

"Please accept my salute, great Hopeless Situation" Medon said graciously. "Is what breeze blow you? We, this faraway place?"

Ratio gave the man an apologetic smile. "Very unfortunate, because of war" he told him. Medon's welcoming smile vanished instantly.

"Unless you take to come over" he said slowly, trying to gauge Ratio's reaction. "Can't have the war here."

Which was perfectly true. Legal agreements concerning the area had stated in no uncertain terms that no war was allowed anywhere near the Pimping Mainland. Unfortunately, with the new heights the war was reaching, the Space General had lost interest in rules and regulations. Medon could only hope that this Hopeless Situation Warrior would be equally willing to bend a law or two to help them.

"I want to ask you to grant can" Ratio began. Medon frowned. This wasn't what he had hoped. Nonetheless, he waved forward an assistant, who handed the Hopeless Situation Warrior a can. Ratio smiled and pocketed it. "Let us get the some fuel" he continued. "Then, for matching with the Space, in not the General, I want to regard as your city to our base."

Such eloquence! Clearly a man of the highest culture. But culture was not what Medon needed at present. He snapped his fingers, directing his assistants to refuel Ratio's airship. As they did that, he stepped forward so he could whisper his next words to the Hopeless Situation Warrior.

"Here we follows!" he said urgently. "Hostage, just like someone is keeping watch on us!" He risked a glance back towards the buildings, where the battle robots waited.

"I am complete understand" Ratio assured him. Relief flooded through Medon.

"Only have a little bit" he warned the Warrior. "The immodesty…" he shuddered, "we all lose."

"Tell your people to seek the refuge shelter quickly" Ratio told him. "If you have the warrior, kill the time of the arrived."

Medon nodded gratefully and, pulling out a holographic pad, deleted the time of Ratio's arrival from the Pimping Mainland's records. He then stepped back and bowed to Ratio, who climbed back into his airship. Satisfied, the watching battle robots walked away.

Ratio spoke to his airship robot. "Please, carry out right away my order" he told it. "Tell the Section I have contacted good."

The robot beeped an affirmative. Ratio slipped away, hiding behind one of the fuel tanks as Medon's assistants finished their work. Ratio's robot lifted the airship into the sky and flew off, back to Section's waiting fleet. By the time it was out of sight, Ratio was already sneaking through the Pimping Mainland's streets.

Medon stood by the side of the landing pad, watching the airship go. One of his assistants glanced at him. "He has to say that he…?" he asked expectantly.

"Have, how much warriors did" Medon told him. The assistant nodded, and rushed off to prepare the Pimping Mainland for the battle of the century.