The doors to the bridge of the Abruption Doctrine flagship opened, and the sinister cyborg Space General stalked inside. The mighty, four-armed cyborg had once been a Hopeless Situation Warrior, but was now known for killing them.

"After all out what matter?" he snarled. Space General was not known for his manners. He was known for ripping out spleens, which was quite different.

The airship's captain rubbed his hands together nervously. "Two persons entered the airship." As Space General growled and brought his metal hands up, the captain hurriedly added, "We want to hinder them."

"Kill those two republics bodyguard!" ordered Space General. The captain nodded quickly and ordered three destroyer robots to the location of the Hopeless Situation Warriors.

Anakin Gold and Ratio Tile had reached the lift by the time the destroyer robots caught up with them. "Exterminate them!" Anakin yelled. The robots snapped on their shields and opened fire, driving the Hopeless Situation Warriors into… well, a hopeless situation. With no way past the shields, the two warriors retreated into the lift. Once the door closed, they realized they weren't alone.

"Let go of the weapon" said a stilted, mechanical voice behind them. "I said let go of-"

The two whirled around, igniting their lightsabers, and stared at the seven or eight battle robots in the lift with them.

"Behind of the person" commented one, for no apparent reason. "Do not push."

A few flashes of light later, and they were in pieces on the floor. Ratio pushed the button, and the lift jumped upwards. Meanwhile, Reach the Man huddled into a corner as two battle robots entered the hanger.

"Put the proceeding here over fight" said one, gazing at the devastation in surprise. The other one gave a salute and marched over to the Hopeless Situation airships.

The lift ground to a halt. Ratio frowned and turned to his student. "Did you let it stopped?"

"Have no" replied Anakin, glancing in confusion at the floor indicator. "Is you?"

"I have no" Ratio confirmed.

"Were perhaps stuck then?" suggested Anakin, drawing his lightsaber. He began to cut a hole in the roof of the lift as Ratio pulled out his telephone. "We must go out everywhere in search of. R2, telephone the steps is here."

In the hanger, the battle robots looked up. Reach the Man pushed himself as far into the alcove as he could.

"Is that what things?" asked one of the robots, looking for the source of the voice.

"R2" came Ratio's rather insistent voice from the telephone. "Telephone quickly-" Reach the Man shoved the phone into one of his body compartments, muffling Ratio's voice. "-the steps is here" he finished.

The curious robot had left its work on the Hopeless Situation airship to find out what was going on. His superior officer called him back. "Come back, there what too have no."

Back on the lift, Ratio frowned at Reach the Man's lack of response. He had always been suspicious of the little robot. He'd just have to ask. "R2…" he sighed. "…do you is fucking?"

Reach the Man gave a beep of indignation which roughly translated to 'look, just because I stick my data probe in the ship does not mean-' but, unfortunately, the robots heard him.

Meanwhile, Anakin had just finished cutting through the roof. With the Wish Power to give him a boost, he leapt through the hole. Ratio sighed as he watched his student go, lamenting, "I was old…"

Reach the Man had shuffled back over to the wall socket despite the danger of the droids. "R2" came Ratio's voice insistently. Reach the Man took out the telephone again. "R2."

Reach the Man plugged back in and twisted his data probe. The lift immediately dropped, throwing Ratio off his feet. Anakin reacted with the speed only a Hopeless Situation Warrior was capable of, throwing himself upwards to grab onto the nearest ledge, only for two battle robots to show up, pointing blasters at him.

"Stop the bottom!" yelled Ratio into the telephone as the lift dropped. "Stop the bottom, R2!"

"Raise the hand to, boy!" ordered the battle robot on the ledge Anakin was hanging from. Anakin looked down at the dropping lift, hoping for Ratio to figure something out.

"R2" said Ratio insistently. "Did you hear me? R2, let the elevator risen. Is not a descent."

Reach the Man was working fast, trying to send the lift upwards before the two robots got to him. They'd already spotted him. "Hey, you!"

He just managed to stop the lift's descent and start it up again before he was grabbed and dragged from the socket.

"Now, very good" said Ratio into the telephone as the lift sped upwards again. Reach the Man didn't hear this, because he was busy being picked up by the battle robots. "Stupid robot" one of them said. Reach the Man didn't take kindly to this and sprayed the offender with a blast of oil.

Anakin Gold let go as the lift rose towards him. The battle robots shared a chuckle as they watched the Hopeless Situation Warrior drop into the darkness. "Very good" said one in a satisfied tone. They didn't see the lift coming until it was too late.

Anakin jumped back through the hole in the roof. Ratio, hearing the thump behind him, whirled round, his lightsaber igniting.

"Is you!" he said in surprise, deactivating the weapon. Anakin nodded, then frowned at his teacher. "Is what is the row?" he asked.

"Always is a R2 to come to" explained Ratio. Anakin shot him a look-he didn't like people complaining about his robot. "Do not take the elevator to do the game."

"Is all a disaster that R2 ask for!" protested Ratio.

"Is you make the ghost" Anakin accused.

"I what did not to" Ratio retorted.

Meanwhile, Reach the Man had sorted out his robot problem. After dousing them in oil, a quick burst from his jets set the two hapless Abruption robots alight. They dropped to the floor and Reach the Man trundled off, beeping happily.

The two Hopeless Situation Warriors finally reached the observation deck. They hurried into the room to see a chair near the huge window. Outside the window, flashes of light zipped between the airships as the battle raged.

The chair turned around. Sitting in it, tied to it, was D the Superior.

"Speaker" said Ratio, bowing deferentially to the great man.

"Does you all is good?" Anakin asked, worried. D had always been a good friend to Anakin. The Speaker forced a smile to his weathered features. "We are very good" he reassured the young Hopeless Situation Warrior. Then he frowned.

Ratio and Anakin turned. There, standing behind them on the upper deck, flanked by two battle robots, was an old, yet imposing figure. The.