I hope I got some of you interested by the title name and I hope you enjoy the fic! You know how Molly has always been there for Serena? (I will switch off and on using English or Japanese names) How Molly was the one that the Black Crystal pointed to, to find the Silver Crystal, by Nephrite? How she and Nephrite had such a strong connection? What if there was something more to her than anyone ever suspected there was? What if there was something deep within her that no one else ever acknowledged but for the Black Crystal? What if that something in her began to awaken when it was long past do, the enemy it was supposed to annihilate long past destroyed? What would become its purpose? What would become of the person carrying the power within them? What really made the Silver Millennium end so abruptly? What if Beryl hadn't been the reason Selenity used the Silver Crystal, that she had used it for some other purpose that just to save her daughter and her beloved?

I know you all are probably sick of the what ifs by now so I'm done;)

Here are the match-ups for this fic, but be warned they can change if enough reviewers want a pairing to change! I will update the changes each chapter,

Also I'm going to have Past, Present, and Future selves meet at a point in the fic. Also there pairings are again not final and I may change them myself at the fic progresses. This is how they stand in the series at first. Also if two characters have a _ in between their names instead of a / then that means that so far the love is one side, the one loving the nonloved one's name is first.

Also, in the Present, I will have the sailors and their human forms seperate, meaning the sailor form loves one but the human form loves another.


Princess Serenity/Prince Endymion

Princess Mars/Prince Jadeite

Princess Mercury/Prince Zoisite (tell me which one she is usually paired with, i don't know)

Princess Jupiter/Prince Nephrite

Princess Venus/Prince Kunzite/Malachite


Outers I have no clue, you decide.

Present (Now the fun begins...sigh...)




Serena/Sailor Moon?/?Seyia (meaning she isn't sure now she feels exactly)

Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask

Sailor Moon/Moonlight Knight

Princess Serenity/Prince Darien

Prince Demando/Diamond_Princess Serenity



Sailor Mercury/Prince Zoizite


Sailor Mars/Chad

Sailor Mars/Jadetite


Sailor Jupiter_Nephrite


Sailor Venus/Kunzite



Moonlight Knight/Sailor Moon

Rini/Helios (if you know that pixie's name from the movie let me know)



Outers I have no clue, you decide.

Future (All of this is open to change, and is basically a repeat of the Past)

*Look at the Past, exact same for now, will change by first to second chapter)

I won't reveal anything about Molly's power just yet, you will know it in the first chapter. But she is Sailor Saturn's sister. As for villains turned good let me know who you want involved and not involved. I might involve the Amazon Quartet and the 4 Sisters but I'm not sure, also I don't know is Rini or Helios will be play'in that big of a role here, again all depends on the pairings and votings. Tell me whether to make Darien or Rini evil or not also. And whether or not to involve Princess Kaykku (how do you spell her name?)

Once again this is gonna be mainly about Molly but it will greatly affect the others and I will involve them and may write others fics, mainly about their stories from this story. First chapter should be out soon, so check back often;)


Flames, comments, and reviews welcome!;)