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Pluto's POV

'Who could be entering through the gates? Who?'

Rushing to the gates, the scout of time watches as a figure of emerald and gold steps through them. An unfelt wind blows at her fuku and swaying emerald hair, as her gold-flecked emerald eyes glint in the pale light surrounding my domain.

"Who are you?" I stare at her silently, bringing up my staff and prepare to execute this trespasser.

Author's POV

"Surely you recognize me Sailor Pluto? It has not been that long a journey for you, at least," the figure paused. "Not as long as mine has been. I have been waiting for you since you were all sent to sleep and drifted off to the future."

"I do not know who you are or from whence you came," Pluto answered in a steel-laced voice. "Only that you trespass upon ground which is reserved for the Queen herself."

"Am I not her?" the figure asked with a slight grin gracing her so far unemotional face.


"Pity, wish this could have been easier."

"Answer me who you are and what your purpose is," demanded Pluto.

"Since you do not seem to know, I will only tell you this 'Beware the Stars.' That statement will be your defense in times to come. There is no telling when she will awaken. The reason I have left the Time Portal is that her capsule has completed its course. There is no telling when she will awaken nor what she will do, or who she has become. Watch the Outers and protect the Inners. I will be back once your song has magnified to more than just a familiar whisper of a tune you should remember from days of old," replied the emerald clad figure, as she passed Pluto and began to disappear into the mist.

"You speak in riddles! Who are you!"

"You knew me once, you all did. You also knew her and yet you have forgotten. Could it be that I am the only one to remember? That Selenity truly did lock your memories?" questioned Pluto's trespasser, who paused only for a moment. Continuing on, her form disappeared into the mist completely as her last words reverberated in Pluto's head.

' "Selenity truly did lock your knew me once..also knew her." Who was she? Why does it seem my memories miss something when I thought them complete? Who is SHE? What is that tune?' "Questions run through my head as the sands of time run in the hourglass. My job is to guard the Gated and stay at my post. Yet I cannot but help to wonder.." Pluto was left in her thoughts, as she maintained her duty. However, other events were taking place at that very moment. The Inners were awakening and a close friendship was fading.

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