Hi guys! My name is Wacko12 and I am issuing a challenge. Due to several reasons, them being college, other stories I'm working on, and my limited knowledge on RWBY, I won't be able to write a story like this on my own. So, I hope some of you are interested in taking this challenge.

Here is the summary: The Charred Council discovers that humans live on the world Remnant. Believing that they skills, technology and powers might be useful for the humans of Earth when the End War comes, the council sends the Horsemen to remnant to learn more about these Hunters and their powers, as well as Dust. The Nephilim go undercover, and thus take the appearance of humans.

Here are the rules:

The Horsemen: They retain the same level of power they've always had, including their weapons, skills and abilities.

Time: They arrive sometime after RWBY was formed.

Team: The Horsemen are on the same team.

Pairings: I don't care what the pairings are, so long as they make sense. But there can be no same gender pairings. I have nothing against gays and lesbians, just rather not have them in it.

Forces of Heaven and Hell: They can also appear if that fits with your story.

Leave either a review or PM me if you're interested!