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Finally. It was done.

The Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire have bent their knees. The proof was in the tokens his sons have brought him.

From Arcann, a worn down flag of the Republic along with two lightsabers, from prominent Jedi Masters no doubt.

From Thexan, a similar flag from the Empire with two well designed sabers. He can tell they were from a Sith Lord with how the Dark Side seemed to still taint the handles.

Deep down, the Eternal Emperor Valkorian knew this would come. He gave them his armies. Controlled the Eternal Fleet at their suggestion in conjunction to the fleets the Twin Princes had commanded. And it had bore fruit.

Surrender from both the Senate, and what scant few remained surviving on the Dark Council. Their seats of power either blockaded or in ruin. And many other words in a similar position. The Star Fortresses will be in position within days, to keep watch over the defeated worlds and ensure they would not raise a hand. The Tributes will be a good boon to the Eternal Empire of Zakuul.

So he turned around. He expected this. After all, his sons had the best training. The greatest fleet ever built. The finest battalions of Force Users ever in the Knights of Zakuul. All at their disposal. And they met expectations.

After all, they had risen from the dirt. And their birthright would be this conquest.

For the man who was once a Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vitiate, it would be a footnote to his plan. Everything has ever since Marka Ragnos appointed him as a Sith Lord. When he fooled the Sith he 'saved' into becoming sacrifices for his immortality. When he created the very Sith Empire he built and reigned as Emperor for years.

All of it came to this.


The Dark Side was strong in him. The weaker, but the most ambitious. He could hear the servos of his artificial arm move, and the Dark Side within him begin to boil over.

Valkorian did not move. He knew what was coming, even if he couldn't forsee the future.

He heard Arcann leap and activate his lightsaber, and the tug of the force pull him back, and the Eternal Emperor turned around to witness the duel. Brother vs Brother until Arcann, in his moment of increased power given to him by years of hatred and neglect, slice open Thexan's stomach.

Valkorian walked, silently as a wraith towards the brothers. Thexan was fading, and the Dark Side disappeared from Arcann as quickly as it came, and they held each other by the forearm, until the brother in black fell limp. He stared down at them, and his eyes met Arcann's.

Even with the eyes of a scared and regretful child, no longer possessing the eyes of a hardened warrior and battlefield commander, Valkorian had seen enough.

After all, Arcann displayed the one thing his brother, nor even his sister could not possess.

Ambition. It is their light. And so it shall be their guide. Thexan and Vaylin wandered blindly in the darkness, but it was Arcann, the runt, who found it.

And he spoke to him, for the first time in a tone he could recall only using a few times. Valkorian offered his hand.

"Come with me… Son."

Arcann's eye rose up, and he stood up, accepting his father's grasp. He turned to face his creation. His finest masterpiece.

"One day, all of this will be yours, Arcann." Valkorian said with his hands behind his back. "Do not blame yourself for what has happened here. For you have found power, and you have grasped it."

Arcann remained silent, looking down and out beyond the Eternal Throne, at the numerous ships and cruisers circling and commuting between the towering spires of Zakuul. The Eternal Fleet, like a grid, looming in the distance.

"I shall you teach personally, how to wield the power you possessed that you used to strike down your brother." The Emperor oiled. "But first you calm yourself. Go, return to your quarters. Rest."

Arcann looked back at the unmoving form of Thexan, eye wrought with regret once more before turning back to Valkorian. "Yes Father…" And he turned and left, walking towards Thexan.

"I will handle Thexan. He will have died honorably in battle." Valkorian had his hands behind his back as he walked towards the retreating man in white. The man who had a droid-limb and a Skytrooper mask to hide his burnt scars looked back, saying nothing before walking away.

So easily manipulated. The first sign of love and he's eating from his hand like an Akk Dog. Ambitious yes, but foolish? Most definitely.

Valkorian saw him leave before looking down at Thexan, an exhale leaving his nose.

What a pity.

Between the children, Vaylin had the greatest potential in the Force. Arcann was the better stronger duelist and the most determined, but it was Thexan who was almost perfect.

Key word being almost. He cared too much about his siblings and the wellbeing of his soldiers to truly become a capable ruler. Serving Zakuul? The Eternal Prince is meant to be served, to be given. Never to lean to the people. That was Thexan's folly.

And it cost him his-


Thexan stirred, even with the slash to his stomach… he lived, groaning and Valkorian raised an eyebrow.

So he survived…

Perhaps he can be of use. He reached out his hand and he channeled the Force, aiming it to slowly seep into his dying son.

Seeing him gasp and squirm made Valkorian smirk. So he is compatible…


Yes. He will be of use.

But Arcann must not know. It would jeopardize this new plan formulating in the former Dark Lord of the Sith's head.

Valkorian chuckled and called for a group of Skytroopers and a shuttle. There is an abandoned facility deep in the jungle that used to house prisoners in carbonite. With some of his power inside him, Thexan would be able to live in a barely-powered facility trapped in carbonite.

Empires will rise and fall, but his Eternal Empire will suffer no such fate.

But… It wouldn't hurt to have insurance.


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Anyways, here is a lovely collab written by me, my good friend Juubi-k, and another fine fellow on Sufficient Velocity known as IKnowNothing. As you can see, the Zakuulian Knight from the Knights of the Eternal Empire trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Thexan, is the brother of Arcann, one of the antagonists of KOTFE before he becomes your ally(depending on your choices) in Knights of the Eternal Throne. He was killed...


This story will be taking place in the future, obviously in the sequel trilogy. Speaking of...

I liked the Force Awakens, and I thought Rey should have been fixed up but I enjoyed everything else. And then holy fuck The Last Jedi came and ruined almost everything. Finn's character arc was reset and he's stuck with Shrek. Snoke was wasted. Luke was treated like trash. Leia memed. And Poe was crushed underfoot for the sake for a terribly written character in Holdo. Ironically, I had little issue with Rey and Kylo, and found the 'nobody' twist amazing, along with Kylo surpassing Vader in the respect of him becoming the ruler and not Sidious/Snoke's attack dog.

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