Blue headed back to his room. He and his sister, Yellow, had both noticed their mother's mental state. It didn't have a good look and the way how she and their brother Purple's interaction had went was part of it. The both of them could definitely tell that Purple was no longer safe because that was the only thought that both Blue and Yellow had in mind,

"What will Mama do if she continues to act that way?",the both said out loud at the same time.

They exchanged worried then looked at their brother, Purple, who was now fast asleep in his bed. then looked back at each other,

"He's no longer safe here. We need to send him away.",whispered Yellow.

"Send him away!? Are you crazy!?", shouted Blue back.

"No, it is a good idea! We will send him away to another place. Mama cant even know anyway.",agreed Yellow.

Blue was silent for a minute to clearly review Yellow's idea. It sounded crazy, and sure, they wanted to protect Purple from Mama. The more he had thought about it, the more that he had realize that he and Yellow didn't have a choice on what to do. Yellow's idea on sending Purple away was the best idea.

"Okay, we'll send him away.", he said.

"Good.",nodded Yellow as the both of them fell asleep.

The Next Day~

The both of them woke up as earlier as they could. They would take Purple late at night. He was fast asleep, finally. They to put him in the possible biggest box that they found around the house. They put him in the back on the truck. Luckily, they weren't seen by the driver as they were trying to put the big box with their brother into the truck. After they were done, the only thing they did was wave goodbye. They were hoping, one day, the three of them might reunite again. They were headed back home.

They stopped at the front of the door to their house, so, Blue knocked it and their mother opened it.

"Where were you two?",she asked.

"Nowhere,"answered Blue

"Okay, come inside.",said Mama as both Blue and Yellow made their way into the house and Mama shut the door behind them.

The End