Third pov

Akumi shot up her eyes quickly scanning the room and reaching over to the kunai in the night stand.

Her eyes slowly wandered to the small clock that sat on the nightstand it was 2:37 a.m and then they wandered to the empty space on the bed.

She took deep steady breaths. Her mind was racing as she slowly got up making sure not to make any noise as she moved to the door holding her kunai carefully and ready to attack. She noticed that the hall way light was on and she lightly licked her lips as she slowly opened the door and looked down the hall.

She stepped carefully, had someone snuck in the house? Also where did Naruto go? Her main concern was her brothers safety as she turned the hall looking out into the living room.

"Nee-chan did I wake you up?" She jumped and turned quickly hiding the kunai behind her. "Oh it was just you naru-nii I was just checking to see why you weren't in bed." She stuttered giving him a smile but visibly relaxing.

Naruto cocked his head and frowned. He held a cup of water and seemed to just come out of the rest room. Before she could react he grasped her arm yanking it forward and pried the kunai out of her hands. "You didn't see me and got scared." He stated frowning as he saw her smile falter and look down in shame.

"No its just that I worry, ya know. What if something bad happens if I'm not there. " she mumbled knowing it was really nothing but simple paranoia.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked but she shook her head knowing that he meant that he wanted her to voice her thoughts.

"She's gone. She was executed on the civilian and shinobi councils orders. She isn't going to come back and hurt us anymore." He spoke calmly and reaffirming the facts.

"Yeah I know but when I don't hear you and know you're okay, I..."She trailed off looking away not making eye contact with him. "Yeah I know, I understand. You feel like we are back in those times." He mumbled pulling her into a hug.

"We should sleep, we have our genin test tomorrow." Naruto gave her a soft smile and a kiss on her forehead. She softly nodded and they both went back to bed cuddling and falling asleep as if nothing had happened.

Both Uzumaki were in a hurry getting everything they needed for their test.

"Naru-nii get the soldier pills from the cabinet!" Akumi yelled out as she double checked their supplies. They were having a survival test so she had to make sure they were prepared.

"Hai hai!" Naruto yelled quickly bringing it to her. "Did you brush your teeth, use the restroom and comb your hair." She asked and he quickly nodded. "Okay so we are ready to go so let's hurry or we will be late." She quickly placed the solider pills in her bag and zipped them up before they hurried out.

Both of the twins dashed on the rooftops and were hurrying to the training ground that they were meeting up in.

"Good morning." Naruto smiled widely as they arrived at the training grounds three minutes before the set time.

"We were wondering where you were." Sakura grumbled looking slightly annoyed about something as she pulled random grass where she was sitting at.

"I was double checking that we had everything for the test." Akumi stated as she began taking her backpack off. "Here Naruto, take a solider pill, we didn't have breakfast and you'll need the energy." Akumi placed a pull in Naruto' s hand before grabbing one for herself and popping it into her mouth.

"Do you guys want one? If you didn't have breakfast you'll need to get energy from somewhere." Akumi stated crossing her arms out of habit.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes looked down at the pill before holding out his hand for her to give him one. Akumi rolled her eyes and roughly placed one in his hand before glancing at sakura wondering her response.

Sakura watched as Sasuke quickly ate the solider pill."I guess I'll get one too." She mumbled as akumi handed her one as well.

They all day down and waited for a few minutes.

"Well he isn't here." Akumi stood up stretching. "Yeah we can tell, you don't have to state the obvious." Sakura rolled her eyes.

Akumi's eye twitched slightly. "This is a survival test. If out in a mission and there's a set time to meet up with a comrade and they don't show up what do you do?" Akumi asked them wanting to know their response.

The genin looked at her confused. "We wait till they show up?" Sakura said unsure this wasn't something that they learned about in the academy. Akumi glanced at both Sasuke and Naruto and waited for there answer.

"I dunno." Naruto stated shrugging and she then looked at Sasuke waiting for his answer. "We don't know the objective of the so called mission so how should we know what to do. " he stated crossing his arms.

"You guys are useless you know that?" Akumi rolled her eyes. "First we would assume they are dead, a set time to meet up is set. Wait there any longer you risk being confronted by enemy ninja or unknown surprises." She started off. She didn't know the kind of test kakashi sensei was planning but she had already passed one when she was a fresh out the academy genin.

Her first sensei was named Yori and he had made them survive off the wilderness for three days with what ever they had brought with them to his test. It ended with them working together to avoid set traps, random attacks and keep themselves fed. So this time around she was going to make sure they passed smoothly.

"Second we would have to make ourselves aware of our surroundings, sensei could have set traps all around us earlier or we can find the necessities to survive if something were to happen to our supplied. Sensei said to be here at 7 am for all we know he is already watching us from afar and it's not like any of us our skilled sensors to find him and I doubt he that we would be able to find him considering he's an elite jonin." Akumi stated and the other three were staring at her wide eyed in realization that she was right.

"So what should we do?" Sakura asked as she stood up. "If we were a group of three we would all stick together but we have the benfiet of the numbers so we will split into two teams. One will stay close to the site and look for any clues or to see if sensei shows up. The other group will scout the area and search for food shelter and escape routes. " akumi stated.

"That makes sense but how will we tell each other when sensei is found?" Sasuke asked stating the obvious.

"Do you have any flashy jutsu?" Akumi asked. "I have paper bombs." Sakura spoke up shrugging. "I have my fire style fireball jutsu." Sasuke stated

"We have heavenly chakra chains." Naruto pipped in smiling and nodding.

"Okay so those are the I found kakashi signs. He could also clone and henge himself to look like us to throw us off or to test our abilities to see through a henge. So we will have a code word. " akumi stated.

"A code word for each pair and something that isn't too weird and odd so he doesn't know it is the code word or the possible answer. " Sakura stated trying to think of a code word.

"First let's split off into groups. Naruto and sakura. Then it's me and Sasuke." Akumi stated and Sakura frowned. "Why me and naruto?! And how come you get sasuke?!" She pouted while Naruto grinned happily.

"Me and Sasuke will be the fighters you and Naruto the back up. You'll stay closer to the meeting site and if there is any battle Naruto can come up with a seal to help us out, Naruto isn't as strong and has low endurance due to... reasons so he can enter your body and together place seals so that if anything happens Sasuke and I have the upper hand." She reasoned and Naruto frowned.

"I'm not as weak anymore aku-nee I could place the seal all by myself ya know." He grumbled annoyed akumi was already trying to take him out of battle.

Akumi frowned. "I understand that you've become stronger than before and have overcome many things Naru-nii but this is a elite jonin I would only barely be able to keep up and that's if he takes it easy on us." She states seriously.

She didn't like making Naruto feel like she was undermining his ability but she wasn't going to set him up to do the impossible. She knew his limits and that this was the best for the team.

"The code word?" Sasuke asked bringing them back on topic.

"Get close just in case someone is nearby." Akumi grumbled looking around.

"Sakura and Naruto's is fuinjutsu. Sasuke and I will say taijutsu." Akumi whispered softly so that only they could hear before pulling away. The three of them nodded. "It doesn't matter who says it first the answer is always the same." She added.

"Alright so we will split up remember everything now, don't get to far from this area." Sasuke stated as both pairs split up.

Kakashi watched from afar a small smile playing on his lips. It seemed that the one experienced genin was pulling the whole team together not only with reasonable logic but battle experience. He had read her file a prodigy just like him and the infamous Itachi Uchiha

Only reason the girl wasn't a chunin already was because each time she was offered a promotion she declined and that she had a few little screws loose from childhood experiences.

As a matter of fact the entire team was a nut case of traumatized children or in their Sensei's case childhood all except the pink haired kuniochi. How the Hokage and ninja mentor Iruka came up with the team was beyond him.

Sure their abilities and potential were great and if tuned right way they would be one hell of a force to be reckoned with but their personalities clashed way too much and it was a lot of psychological problems to deal with.

Maybe this was the Hokage trying to show him what he looked and acted like as a child or that they would walk hand in hand to a therapist for group therapy but Kakashi had a feeling this group might end up passing his test.

Kakashi weaved through the forest purposely making a few sounds so that the two genin could hear.

"Shhh did you hear that?" Akumi asked pulling out a kunai. Sasuke tensed up, he had gone along with the plan because it made sense but now he realized the girl had a point in the deductions she made.

"Well well, aren't my cute little genin a little far off from the meeting site?" Kakashi asked standing behind them.

Akumi reacted quick her kunai whizzing by kakashi's head as he tilted his head slightly.

"We didn't know when you would show up so we decided to scout the area." She was still on her guard. Her hand on her kunai hoisted as she turned her body towards him.

"I was impressed to see you four take action in the absence of your sensei. Good tactics, just next time discuss the plans more quietly, it would be no use if enemies heard it. Also tell your teammates. Three bells, get one you pass the test don't get one you fail and you go back to the academy. All weapons and Jutsu' s allowed. You have till 12:00 so come at me with killing intent and all you got." Kakashi was speaking when Sasuke did his fire style fireball jutsu up in the sky.

"Naruto look!" Sakura pointed up at the flames that rose up.

"They found sensei let's go." Naruto quickly started running towards the place sakura following close in pursuit.

"Then we will take them from you." Akumi stated getting ready to fight and Sasuke got his kunai out. "We can definitely beat him." Sasuke smirked .

Akumi didn't even bother asking Sasuke as she entered his body. He was taken back when he heard her speak. "You attack I'll be your support now go." She hissed and he quickly attacked.

By the time Naruto and sakura arrived they saw Sasuke engaging battle.

"Where's akumi?" Sakura asked wondering where Sasuke' s back up was.

"She's fighting, she's inside of Sasuke. If he can get a grip on sensei she can get complete control on his body and sensei seems to know that so he doesn't maintain contact very long. " Naruto stated knowing his sister's fighting style.

Sakura was about to retort when she saw a third leg try and kick kakashi's midsection. It made sense if inside she could attack from any angle to surprise attack.

"Tch they must know what the mission is." Naruto grumbled to himself and perked up. "Akumi nee!" He yelled and Sasuke smirked.

"Three bells retrieve one to pass if you don't get one fail, time limit 12:00 use any means to get them!" Sasuke yelled as akumi threw her self out of him and began throwing consecutive attacks. Sasuke was slightly starstruck on the sensation of her leaving his body so quickly and the odd feeling of when he lost all sense of control.

Akumi's attacks quicken as she attacked her fingers grazing the bells that were attached to his waist.

The other three members began surrounding kakashi Naruto had given them little slips of paper with a small complex seal drawn on it.

Kakashi grasped akumi's wrist. One thing the silver haired man knew was that she wouldn't dare hurt her brother so he'd use that against her. Swiftly he tossed her behind him where Naruto had been trying to sneak up from.

"Naru throw!" Akumi squealed as she was about to crash into him but he reacted quickly grabbing her hand giving her the seal as he simultaneously threw her back at their teacher.

He spun on his heal turned quickly as he threw her right back. It happened in an instant barely grazing their Sensei's arm but sticking. You could even call it a streak of luck.

Sasuke and Sakura acted quickly seeing their Sensei suddenly halt in mid motion. They both snatched the bells and held them up proudly. "Seems like we got the upper hand sensei. " Sakura smirked.

"What are you doing? He never said he couldn't take them back! Run run!" Akumi screamed and their faces paled in realization.

The seal broke and they started making a run for it. Kakashi quickly snatched the bells back and secured them onto him. "You spoke too soon." He smirked shaking his head.

That's when there was a loud ringing. "Would you look at that, you've run out of time." He said giving them a closed eye smile.

All four genin looked down and sighed. Well at least they had tried.

"So what's your conclusion of what happened. " Kakashi asked. In his point of view he'd seen the teamwork, they hadn't tried to get the bells for themselves but maybe that was because they didn't have enough time to think about being selfish and everything was at the spur of the moment.

"Don't celebrate too early." Naruto grumbled pouting he couldn't help but groan at the thought of returning to the academy.

"Secure your victory and always be prepared." Sakura stated looking down sadly. "Finish mission and don't rub it in." Sasuke barely mumbled the phrase out.

Akumi stayed quiet she had a small understanding and idea of what the objective was.

"Let me rephrase that, what would have happened if you had attacked alone?" Kakashi asked as he threw the bells at akumi who caught them.

The genin looked at each other for a moment each thinking about the question kakashi had asked.

Akumi gave her teammates the bells and they took them taking notice she didn't have one.

"If we hadn't worked together we wouldn't have stood a chance. It was a lucky shot that we got you with the seal." Sakura spoke up and the others nodded.

"You're right, you worked together and managed to get the reward. Now remember those that don't get a bell fail my exam." Kakashi stated watching carefully.

Sasuke looked down at the bell and held it out to akumi. "You deserve it, you came up with the plans and if it hadn't been for you we would've sat there and did nothing." He grumbled not making eye contact as he placed the bell in her hand.

"No its fine you don't have to." Akumi was about to decline when sakura spoke up. "No take mine, Sasuke and you are stronger than me and will be needed more in the team, maybe next year when I really train hard we can be on the same team." She gave Sasuke his bell back and gave hers to akumi.

"Guys you don't really have to-" she was once again interuppted.

" Naruto aren't you going to offer your bell?" Kakashi asked and Naruto snickered.

"Like hell! I've worked hard and earned my right as a genin, this test is for academy to genin right? Well it would be pointless to give my bell up then, besides you can't fail akumi even if you tried she's been a genin for years and Jiji has been trying to promote her to chunin but she doesn't feel she's ready although she already took the chunin exams once and quit because she decide not to be a chunin." Naruto deadpanned , sakura and Sasuke anime fell while kakashi sweat dropped.

"Besides that would mean Sasuke and Sakura keep their bell and we all pass. we all worked hard to get them the first time around." Naruto shrugged.

"He has a point sensei only the Hokage can demote me now." She smiled handing sakura her bell back. "Guess you three aren't as easy to trick. But there was a lesson in all this training." Kakashi smiled at his soon to be squad.

"Together you four were able to over come a skillset gap. Alone you wouldn't have made it and failed almost immediately but together you were able to find a opening. As konoha ninja you must know we pride ourselves in team centred missions and due to that we have a high success rate. You four need to work together and will soon get stronger together. You are teammates and must put the mission and comrades before your own ego. Because those who abandon their mission are scum but those who abandon their comrades and friends are worse than scum." Kakashi smiled and they did as well.

"Meet me here at 5 am for training tomorrow. I'll be drilling team formations into you." He smiled and began walking away. "We passed." Sasuke said wide eyed and turned to the other three who were smiling brightly before they began cheering.

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