Akumi POV _

I found myself falling into a routine.

Sakura was going through medical texts and with her chakra control, she was becoming one of the best in the field.

I was technically her co-worker whenever I was not training or on a mission. My weekdays consisted of three days of hospital duty and Four of missions and I trained every single day.

Himeko had continued to act like a stupid civilian so I had quickly sent my formal complaint to Tsunade.

Unfortunately for her, she did not know that Naruto and I were actually close to Tsunade baa-chan (Even if Naruto is the only knuckleheaded idiot to call her that to her face.)

I am not going to lie I was happy when she was pulled out for remedial training. She was also not going to be placed on my team again. And even if the dumb bitch didn't know it, her chances of moving ranks went down.

Because who wants a Jonin leader who can't handle diversity on their squadron and she is definitely banned from higher rank mission so that she does not place future teammates in danger.

Guess letting Tsunade know how my first genin sensei died due to her squealing and trying to push me away on a mission gone wrong was enough to make sure she was no longer qualified for missions like that.

But even if it does seem like an asshole move, I rather her not be in those kinds of missions if someone is going to end up dead because of it.

"Hey Akumi, when is your lunch break?" I turned to see Sakura with a clipboard in hand. "I just have to finish checking on a few patients and I am off." I replied with a shrug as I looked at her.

"Well hurry up, I'll wait for you. I just got off." She stated and walked off. "Uh, Okay. Wait for me in the break room." I called out as she was leaving and I looked down at my clipboard. Just three more people to go.

I walked quickly to the break room and smiled when I saw Sakura waiting for me. "So what are we eating?" I asked her and she looked up at me with a smile.

"Barbeque, Sasuke is meeting us up there." She grinned as she got up and I nodded. "Sure, I have the rest of the day off as well. Maybe I can do some light training with him." I shrugged as I followed her out of the building.

"Yeah, Well I have to go back since I have an afternoon shift today. Heard he was taking Kenjutsu. " She stated and I glanced at her. "Really?" I cocked a brow and she nodded.

"Yeah, But honestly this is the first time I meet up with him in a few weeks. We are both getting ready for the upcoming chunin exams in suna that we haven't had time to meet up."

"Do you guys have a third teammate?" I ask as I glance at her and she nodded. "We got someone to participate with us. We are going to meet up in a few days for some teamwork exercises, We didn't do it sooner because of how busy we were." She stated as she lightly stretched.

"Oh." I nodded as I opened the door to the restaurant. "Hello, Welcome to the Michi barbeque, I'm Mira your host. How many in the party?" A brunette woman smiled at us.

"We are here with Uchiha Sasuke, He should already be here." Sakura smiled. "Ah, so a party of three? Yes, He is here. Follow me. I'll get you set up." She smiled politely as she led us to the booth were Sasuke was sitting at already looking over the menu options.

"Hey, Sasuke-kun." Sakura smiled as she took a seat. "Took you guys bit." He stated as he looked up. "I was running behind on my rounds." I shrug as I sat down as well.

"What would you two ladies like to drink?" The hostess asked. "Two waters and two cokes." I stated with a shrug and looked back at Sasuke.

"So how have you been, I haven't seen you in a few weeks." I stated as I looked at him.

"I've been training. I recently picked up kenjutsu and I am training for the Chunin exams. What about you?" He asked and I sighed.

"Lots of hospital work, We had a teammate removed from the team so we have not been too active. And we have done a few missions with other ninja to find a new replacement. But overall okay." I stated as I picked up a menu.

"What happened?" He asked and I sighed again, Just thinking about it gave me a headache.

"It was one from my previous genin team, Her name's Himeko. She's from a civilian family or whatever. But basically, she would avoid me because her parents thought I was bad. As a genin, it wasn't as bad and well our sensei did get killed because of it. Our mission had gone wrong and we were escaping. She fell and I tried to help her, She started crying and screaming because I touched her or whatever, the enemy found us and well Yori Sensei had to stay back to hold the enemy back while we fled. He died and she never really cared that it was her fault that we got caught in the first place and the team was split. " I stated as I set the menu down when I found what I wanted to eat.

"She didn't get in trouble for the whole situation?" He asked incredulously. "My other teammate Kei didn't see it happened and they thought I exaggerated the situation. So she was still able to become chunin. But through Yamanaka techniques and her pulling similar like stunts on our chunin team we shut that shit down. Real quick. No one wants to die because of an incompetent teammate." I shrug as the waitress returned with our drinks.

"Wow, That must've been a shitty situation." Sasuke grunted and I nodded.

"Tell me about it. She isn't going to move up ranks anytime soon. Nobody wants an unreliable leader like that on A rank missions." I grumble as I put down some meat on the grill.

"Tell me about it. We are trying to find someone to join our team but we can't seem to click with most of them and the chunin exams will be soon." Sakura sighed as she ate some rice while waiting for her meat to cook.

"Best of luck, most people I know or have worked with have been chunin level or already promoted." I add as I ate some meat.

"I mean staying genin does not define your ability. But chances that you get higher ranked missions are lower." I added as I chewed on some meat.

"Not everyone is Chunin and Jonin material, Much less Elite Chunin and Jonin." I finish off and Sasuke grumbles slightly.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I'll stop trying to be chunin." Sasuke points out and I shrug.

"Most high ranked missions are based on abilities or chances of survival. Not all genin do chores. Only green thumb genin do that and it encourages them to try and get stronger and tests their patience and resolve to be a ninja. Some genin go as back up for chunin when we can't expend too many chunin for a mission. They get the c rank that could rank up, most nickname those kinds of missions Rank ups." I say as I flipped my piece of meat.

"Well, what kind of missions have you gone on that have been like that?" Sasuke asks as he started to eat.

"Well, I've had single chunin leaders before and genin teams. I've been on border patrol and there have been a few rank up missions. But to be honest the biggest rank ups I've had are between the wave mission I took with you guys and the last mission with my old genin team where my sensei died." I point out as I pulled out my cooked piece of meat and gently blew on it.

"Sounds tough bud." Sakura patted my back and I snorted. "You were there on one of them."

"Anyway's ask around the genin pool. There are a few bars that have a lot of shinobi traffic. That would be a great place to look." I point out and they both stare at me incredulously.


"We are underage, We can't just go to a bar." Sakura pointed out. "Says who? You do realize that with the hitai-ate we are legal adults right? And most of the time they sell food there too." I point out and they kind of looked at me with a bit of shock.

"I eat at the one near my house all of the time, lots of Jonin hang out there. I am pretty sure I've even seen Kakashi-sensei hanging out with other ninjas there. Also, it's a good place to get intel, it's mostly ninja and retired ninja so you can overhear some wild things, ya know." I say as I take a bite from my food.

"I didn't know that, but it sounds pretty cool. So you just go there to eat right? No drinking?" Sakura asked and I shrugged. "I ordered a drink once or twice to test it out. I taste pretty bad but I can see what the hype about it is. There is something about not being able to think straight that really gets to you when you do drink" I shrug and continue to eat.

"We could ask around in there. If it's mostly ninja we can definitely see if we can find someone there. If we don't we will have to wait until the next chunin exams which is almost nine months from now." Sasuke says and Sakura nods.

"If you want I can take you, to a few. But just know I don't have a big social group of people I call friends, but I do have a few acquaintances and comrades around. We ain't close but I can see what I can do for you."

"I don't know why but I feel like we should not be doing this." Sakura stated as she followed close behind me. "Don't be nervous, it's like eating at a restaurant. If you want we can simply hang out this time and once you guys get comfortable with the atmosphere you can ask around for a teammate." I say with a shrug as we walked into the Pub.

The room was dimly lit and there were tables crowded with shinobi talking animatedly while chugging shots of Sake.

I glanced to the side to see Sakura slowly getting closer to me as she looked around.

"We can sit over there." I say as I point to the bar where I usually sat. Since Naruto left I had been coming around a bit more since there was no reason to go home and cook. Also, the food was not expensive.

"The regular?" The gruffy bartender asks as I sit down. "Nah, I brought a few friends along this time 'round." I say as Sakura and Sasuke quietly take a seat beside me.

I could tell Sasuke was observing the place and paying attention to the booming voices of some of the drunk ninja going on about a story or laughing loudly at a joke.

Sakura, on the other hand, seemed a bit uncomfortable, she was not used to being in these kinds of places and being the goody two shoes she is she probably didn't come to these places often. This surprised me a bit since she was Tsunade's apprentice, but maybe Shizune had made sure Tsunade didn't take sakura with her when she went out to drink.

"Hmph." the older man grunted and nodded. "First-timers?" he asked and I gave a quip nod. "First shot is on the house, what can I interest you guys in." He stated and they kind of looked at him in surprise.

"Cold Sake is fine." I say with a shrug and I could feel Sakura squeeze my hand. "Only one shot, besides it's free we can't turn it down." I say as my cheap side was coming out. Sasuke looked at me incredulously as I said this.

"Besides, it could loosen you up a bit. You guys are way to stiff." I shrug as the old man poured three small shots. "Enjoy." He grumbled and went back to cleaning his cups and serving other people.

I quietly picked up the cup and placed it on my lips. With a quick motion, I took the shot. I hissed a bit as the cold sake burned my throat and the horrible taste of alcohol filled my mouth, my mouth even watered a bit but I made sure to keep my expression calm.

"It burns so do not think you can take it in one shot and please do not spit it out. That is not an impression you want others to have on you." I say as they looked at the small shot glasses in front of them.

Sasuke was the first one to pick up the glass, he brought it close to his face and frowned at the scent. "It's not a mixed drink, don't sip or you'll have to deal with the taste." I say and he nodded. He tried to copy my previous actions and I had to stop myself from laughing as his face scrunched up in disgust and he forced himself to swallow it.

"That taste the same as what you would expect rubbing alcohol to taste like." He grunted as he glared at the small shot glass. "Well, what did you expect." I say as I started to chuckle.

Seeing Sasuke take the shot Sakura also gingerly picked up her glass and followed his actions. Her face turned a bit red as she swallowed it. "That was disgusting." She sneered as she glared her small glass as well.

I couldn't help but laugh at her statement. "Yeah. it is." I say placing my hands against my cheeks. I couldn't help the smile on my face.

These two idiots were my friends. Sure we hung out sometimes but here we were drinking at a pub at around 6 p.m in the afternoon on a Monday. "Can we get some snacks?" I ask the bartender and he nodded.

"How are we even suppose to find a teammate here." Sasuke grunted as he looked around. "Don't worry about it we will find someone, for now, let's snack." I grin as I started eating the appetizer the bartender brought out.

They both glanced at me and I couldn't help but smile widely. "Well what do we do now." Sakura grumbled as she looked around at the rowdy ninja.

"Hmm we can go ask around I guess." I say as I look around. "Didn't you just order some snacks?" Sasuke asked and I shrugged. "We can bring them with us." I say as the bartender set down a bowl of nuts and one of dango.

I looked around and tried to see what kind of ninja were around. We did not have experience chatting up other ninja much less getting intel in this sort of environment. I was pretty anti social myself, I doubt Sasuke is a secret chatter box and Sakura looked scared to death about being here. Maybe if I could see a familiar face.

I grinned as I noticed Shunichi. "Hey Shunichi-San!'" I waved and glanced back at Sasuke and Sakura. "Get the snacks, we are going to that table." I say and quickly led them through the pub.

"Well, well Akumi I did not expect to see you guys here." He grins as he took a sip of sake. "Well, I was just showing my friends around." I say as I took a seat at the table. Sasuke and Sakura quickly sat next to me and placed the snack plates down. I easily ignored a ninja that reached over and grabbed one of the dango sticks.

"So what are you guys up to?" I ask and another guys pipes up. He had light brown hair and brown eyes. "Ah, we are just drinking with shunichi-san. Do I know you from somewhere. You look awefully familiar." The guys stated and I shrugged.

"Probably, I was at the last chunin exams." I shrugged and he hummed as he took a shot. "Oh yeah, the girl with the wicked genjutsu, uh, what was your nickname?" He grumbled a bit as he leaned forward on the table.

"Konoha's little demon. How could you forget. It's in the bingo book ya dumbass." an older ninja laughed as he patted the brown haired guys back.

" Oh yeah! You were also the one with the chains back in the attack." The guy stated and I nodded. "Name's Basho, Genin." He grinned brightly and I shook his hand. "Akumi." I say. "Uchiha Sasuke right?" Shunichi asks as he glances over at Sasuke.

He nods and I elbow him slightly. "Yeah, Your Akumi's teammate. Shunichi?" He says and Shinuchi nods. "Yup that's me. So what brings you guys here?" He asks as he glances at Sakura who was basically hiding behind me.

"Ah, you won't get anywhere like that. Here drink some." Basho stumbled slightly as he poured a shot and pushed it towards Sakura.

She glanced at me and I simply shrugged. She slowly reached forward and picked up the cup and brought it to her lips. Everyone at the table waited patiently as she quickly drank it. "Atta kid!" Shunichi laughed as the table roared in cheers, they probably thought it was her first shot.

"Hey Pinky! Names Tsugi." A kunoichi grinned as she gave Sakura a thumbs up, she was probably at least two years older than us. "Names Sakura." Sakura spoke up as she set down the Sake cup.

"Well then, heya Sakura-chan. Sit over here." She patted the seat across from where we were and Sakura glanced at me and I shrugged again. She rolled her eyes and wobbly stood up.

"One shot and shes already tipsy?" Shunichi asked with a cocked brow and I shook my head. "Nah, we had a few back at the bar." I say with a shrug so that she would not sound like a lightweight.

Sasuke glanced over at me and elbowed me slightly. I shrugged at him.

I was laughing loudly as Ikki a curly-haired chunin went on about an escort mission that he had taken recently.

"Then if it makes matter worse she wanted him to walk on all fours. I was like lady, you aren't paying me enough for this." He laughed as everyone fell into another heap of laughter.

"I'm telling you, I ain't neva seen some shit like this before. I was told it was a simple C rank, and to make matters worse there wasn't even any fighting." He added with a wide grin.

"Oh my god. What kind of missions do you people get." Sakura cackled as she leaned forward and sipped a bit of water.

"I swear, if you ever piss off the desk chunin they will give you the craziest missions!" Ikki laughed as he took a shot of sake. I glanced over and notice even Sasuke had been laughing, his face was slightly flushed and he was leaning against the table for support.

"Another bottle this way!" Shunichi called out and the waitress was quick to bring the bottle of Sake.

"If you think that's bad you have never seen a Hyuga crossdress. I ain't calling out no names. But let me say this, give them some contacts and a nice kimono and some of those Hyuga guys can make some fine ass ladies. They have those rich people eating out of their palms."Tsugi grinned as she poured herself another drink.

"We haven- Haven't had a mission like that before. Well, not many at least hehehe." Sakura grinned as she was trying to catch her breath from laughing.

"You guys graduated last term right?" Sotatsu a black haired genin asked and Sakura nodded. "Yeah, We are looking to enter the Chunin exam again but we need another teammate. Aku-chan ranked up on us and our other teammate isn't able to participate." Sakura slurred and nodded and the guy beside her nodded.

"Well, I am looking for teammates, if ya guys want we can link up and take the test." Sotatsu stated with a nod. "Really?" Sasuke piped up and the guy nodded again.

"I didn't have any teammates and went directly to the genin pool. I can accommodate to most team formations." He shrugged, Sakura glanced at Sasuke and they both nodded.

"Alright, we will be counting on you Sotatsu-san." She grinned and shook his hand.

"Well, At least I won't have to worry about ya'll not having a teammate." I say with a grin. "Hey all your names start with the letter S, Ya should call yourselves the S team." Tsugi grinned and laughed.

I couldn't help but chuckle at that. "Congrats on your new formation Team S." Shunichi grinned cheekily as he poured another round and everyone at the table cheered. Even some drunk ninja from other tables gave cheers at shunichi's speech.

"Team S, hehe." Sasuke chuckled as he grabbed another shot before I could stop him. These idiots.

It took some maneuvering but had both Sakura and Sasuke on each shoulder helping them back to my apartment. Both of them were tipsy and laughing loudly at jokes.

"And when you kissed Naruto, I swear I heard some girls say that you two belonged together." Sakura laughed loudly as she stumbled slightly.

"Please try and walk normally." I say with a sigh as she stumbled.

"Ne Akumi, wasn't Tsugi-chan cute? I even got her address, she invited me on a date!" Sakura grinned as she held up her forearm in front of me. I steadied myself as we nearly stumbled forward. "I saw, she totally liked you Saku-chan." I say as I straightened up again and carried them forward.

"I don't even know why we were so scared. That was funnier-er than I thought. Uh, I think." Sasuke slurred with a determined nod.

"Mhmm, all that worrying over nothing! Hehe." Sakura giggled as she stumbled forward and I stumbled forward slightly.

"What happened to we are not drinking?" I say with a sigh, I had only had 4 shots and I made sure to not do so consecutively. But the two almost drunk idiots had drunk at least 7-8 shots and were pretty tipsy and they didn't even eat while drinking so it was going right through them.

"What happened to not drinking." Sasuke repeated and chuckled. "Idiots, both of you." I huffed as I led them forward.

"I sleep now... I am awake!" Sakura squealed as she giggles as she laid on the futon. "Drink water, otherwise you'll get a headache tomorrow." I say as I handed her a cup of fresh cold water.

Sasuke was in the bathroom and I had told him to leave the door open, lest he lock himself in there by accident.

"Hehe, Sakura, hehehe, Sakura has a crush on Tsugi-san." Sasuke giggled as he walked back into the room wearing one of Naruto's pajamas.

" You get Naruto's room. Sakura and I will stay here." I say and he nods. I sighed as I noticed his cheeks were flushed and he was pretty tipsy as he stumbled to Naruto's room.

After making sure sakura took the pain reliever pill, I went and gave a cup of water and a pill to Sasuke.

At least we managed to get a teammate for the two idiots.

I yawned and crawled into my bed and fell fast asleep.

The next morning I woke up and stretched slightly. Sakura was still curled up in the futon fast asleep and I crawled out of bed and tiptoed out of the room.

I hurried to the restroom and got ready for the day. I am sure we had work at the hospital so I had to wake sakura up soon.

"Pst Sasuke are you awake?" I hissed as I opened the door to the room slowly. He grunted and curled up in the sheets more.

"Uh, Okay." I grumbled and went to wake up Sakura up. Maybe I should let her sleep in, we hadn't gotten back home till past midnight. And it was about 8 am but I was already wide awake even if I was still tired.

I sighed and hurried to the kitchen to cook something. I could not help the smile on my face, it was nice to have other people to cook for.

Both idiots were half asleep at the kitchen table and were slowly munching on their food. "I'm tired." Sakura groaned slightly as she stuffed her face with food. "Didn't you say you had to be at the hospital in 30 minutes." Sasuke grumbled as he ate.

"Yeah, But the sun is too bright." She huffed as she continued to eat. Apparently, they did not get a hangover but they were sleepy and Sakura still a bit buzz from last night.

"What happened to we are not drinking? That didn't last long." Sasuke grumbled and Sakura huffed. "I didn't feel anything at first but then it hit me and now I'm tired." Sakura groaned as she shoved food in her mouth.

"That's because you aren't supposed to binge drink. You need to drink a bit, wait for about 10-30 minutes and then drink again and you have to pace yourself otherwise you will get wasted. Thankfully Basho... well more like Ikki that he didn't serve you anymore." I huffed as I began to eat as well. Sakura nodded and looked down at her arm.

"Who's address is this?" She mumbled as she tried to remember. "That's Tsugi's." I reply

"Yeah, weren't you flirting with her the entire night?" Sasuke asks a bit confused. "Yup, she even asked for her address and accepted a date." I say with a nod and Sakura's face flushed. "I, what?!" She stammered out and I nodded.

"Yeah, you sat with her and you guys were having a wonderful time. Ya'll started talking and then she asked you out." I point out and sakura closes her eyes. "I think I remember. Everything became a blur after my sixth shot." she mumbled as she continued to eat.

"Wasn't she like two or three years our senior?" Sasuke asked and I shrugged. "Sakura is thirteen. Not that much of a difference if you ask me."

"So are you gonna hit her up?" I ask and Sakura flushes a scarlet red. "What if it was the alcohol talking on her end?" She grumbled and I snorted.

"She started flirting with you the second her eyes landed on you. She even asked you to sit by her so she could talk to you more." I deadpanned and Sakura flushed even more.

"Okay, I guess." She huffed as she ducked her and began eating quickly.

Sasuke grinned slightly and bumped Sakura's shoulder. "She's gotta crush."

"Do not!" "Do too." I couldn't help but grin at their antics. Sure big brother was gone but at least I have these two idiots to keep me company.

A bit short but this is a bit more of a filler chapter and honestly at 13-14 these kids are trouble all the way lol.

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