Unmasked and Love's Reveal:

Ladybug x Cat Noir:


A fanfiction based off the show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Marinette, deciding that her love for Adrien and being with him might not ever happen, then decides, that as Ladybug, she might just give Cat Noir a chance. When he finds out, you can imagine how loud he'll purr! But hardships are in the way, sometimes leading to heartbreak. And when an accidental reveal occurs… Can they learn to accept both sides of each other?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. The storyline, however, will be my creativity but will also, probably, follow the original storyline but with some twists and turns put in from me. This is basically how I'd want them to be revealed to each other. And to fall in love. -Bug out! MH-

PS: No idea how long/short this will be. It probably won't be very long but also won't be very short. That's just my guess.

PSS: I'll try to upload as often as I can. I'm currently working on drawing my own Ocs/fanart, original stories, fanfics, and working.

PSSS: IF you would like to find me on deviantart, facebook, tumblr, fictionpress, etc, pm me and I'd be happy to have a new friend.


Chapter 1: Another Lame Excuse

Beep, beep, beep!

"Marinette, wake up!" came the Kwami's voice. "You're going to be late, again!" Tikki exclaimed.

"Aaaaghh!" came the girl's reply, as she hurriedly tried to get off her bed but tripped over her blanket and landed on her face instead. She quickly leaped up, a big red mark visible on her forehead. She quickly gathered her things but with haste, she clumsily kept dropping every other item, frustrating her even more.

"Marinette, hurry!" Tikki, Marinette's Kwami, and the creature who just happens to be the cause of Marinette's Ladybug persona, tries to hurry up her chosen. Every morning, the same thing. And every morning, Marinette gives her teacher another lame excuse as to why she's late. Again. Most of it, though, she's saving Paris with her partner, Cat Noir, from the akumas Hawk Moth sends their way.

Checking the time on her smartphone, she begins to panic. "Oh, my god, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!" Once Tikki was safely tucked within her purse, she opened the hatch that served as her bedroom door, and dashed down the stairs and out the front door. She ran so far that she was out of breath by the time she made it to her classroom. She opened the door quietly, trying to sneak her way in before roll call, but instead, she tripped over the rug and and once more, she landed on her face with a loud 'ooomff' sound, signaling that she's late.

"Glad you could join us, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. What excuse did you bring us this time? Got locked in the bathroom? Couldn't find your textbook? Oh, how about my favourite-" But before Madam Bustier could finish, the door opened and in came Adrien Agreste, Marinette's crush, who also happens to be a model for Agreste Industries and the son of the Gabriel Agreste. A revered and popular fashion designer. He is also Marinette's inspiration.

"Sorry, I'm late!" Adrien replied. "Oh, hi Marinette. You're late, too, huh?" He offered her his hand to help her up. Trying to reply back to him, she became a bundle of stutters but ended it with a "Th-thanks.."

Sighing, Madam Bustier pointed to their seats and they quickly sat. Marinette being Marinette, she missed a step and quickly fell again. Adrien being Adrien, and with his 'cat-like' reflexes, he was able to catch her before she hurt herself. "Th-thanks, A-A-Adrien." A blush soon followed, turning her face a bright red.

Now seated by her best friend, Alya, she hunkered down in her chair dying of embarrassment. She could hear Chloe and Sabrina snicker at her and making mean remarks.

Finally, the last period of the day.

Marinette sighed with relief that she was able to get through this day with no akuma attacks. That is, until, five seconds ago when people outside started screaming. Jinxed, she thought. I think I just jinxed myself. Sighing, she raised her hand to ask to go to the bathroom at the same exact time that Adrien did as well. They looked each other in the eyes for a few split seconds before both rushing out to the bathroom. Marinette couldn't stop swooning. "His eyes are just so gorgeous, Tikki," exclaimed Marinette. "So dreamy." Her hands were on her brightly blushed cheeks as she went on about how amazing her crush was.

"Marinette, this isn't the time!" came Tikki.

"Oh, you're right. Tikki, spots on!"

In the boys bathroom…

Adrien was doing the same thing.

"Plagg, claws out!"

He was . . . transforming.

Into Cat Noir, a superhero and Ladybug's partner.

With Marinette's transformation complete, she was now the superhero Ladybug. She took a quick look over herself to make sure nothing was out of place. All she saw was her familiar skin-tight bodysuit of red with black dots. Her matching mask hiding her true identity. Her yo-yo lay comfortably on her hip. Deciding she was ready, and noting the coast was clear, she ran out the bathroom and through the front doors. She swung her yo-yo and up she went. She was flying over rooftops by yo-yo. In the beginning, she thought it was stupid and pretty embarrassing, especially when she accidently ended up falling into Cat Noir. They ended up tied together and hanging from a pole.

A moment later, she heard a soft thump beside her as her partner Cat Noir dropped in. "Good evening, M'Lady," he began, as he bowed to her.

"Hi, Cat Noir," replied Ladybug.

"What a purrfect day, right, Bugaboo?"

Puns, at this time? Thought Ladybug. Ugh.

"How about a kiss, M'Lady?" Cat Noir leaned in as if to kiss her but her finger caught his nose first and pushed him back.

"In your dreams, Kitty."

"Always, Bugaboo." He winked at her but it only irritated her more.

"Let's go," she said, swinging her yo-yo up and swinging away.

Cat Noir used his staff by extending it and jumping to each building. Easily keeping pace with her.

Ladybug trusts her partner immensely but sometimes it's hard for her to take him seriously when he's always punning and flirting with her. It annoys her. Sure, she finds him really cute and adorable, and sometimes finding his puns humorous, but there's a time and place for that and this just isn't it. Of course, she'd never tell him she actually likes his puns, or that she thought he was adorable. She can practically hear him purring…

Sighing, she stopped atop the Eiffel Tower to get a good look out at Paris, to better her chances at finding the new akuma that Hawk Moth let loose.

Cat Noir, now standing beside her, casually leaned on her. "What now, Bugaboo? We can't find the akumatized anywhere. And after we looked all through Paris to.." Cat Noir faked a pouty face. "Ah, I know what! M'Lady, would you care to join me for a midnight snack?" He asked casually, slyly placing his arm around her shoulders.

Ladybug took him by the wrist and moved out from under his arm, making him lose his balance. "No thanks, I'm busy tonight." Since the akuma disappeared, she swung her yo-yo and flitted off like a lovely ladybug.

Sighing, he accidently let out a purr, even though his Ladybug rejected him. Again.

"Oh, how I love that girl…" Turning, he extended his staff and went home.

Later that night, Ladybug landed on her terrace and she began to detransform. She was now Marinette. She opened the hatch to her bedroom and climbed in. She sat at her desk to do her homework but kept getting distracted by the images of her crush, Adrien Agreste. "Oh, Tikki," she sighed, "will I ever get a chance with Adrien?"

"I don't know, Marinette," came Tikki's high-pitched voice. "Maybe you should try telling him how you really feel?"

"But every time I get so nervous and stutter like crazy! I'm sure he thinks there's something wrong with me by now. Right? Ugh! Why is love so hard? Maybe I should give Cat a chance?" That last sentence was whispered as she slowly faded into sleep.