Chapter 2: Nightmares

There was nothing but darkness. Nothing could be made out in it.

"...Hello?" Kopi called out uncertainly. "Is there anybody here?"

There was no response.

"Where am I?" They asked themselves, looking around. "This is weird..."


"Ah!" Kopi spun around, but saw nobody.

"Who are you...?" They whirled around in the direction of the whispering voice, only to again find nothing. "Who am I...?"

"Seriously...stop that!" They cried out with a shaking voice. "I'm warning you, I-!"

They froze when they felt something pull their right arm down. They looked and saw a figure hugging the arm tightly. They didn't have any distinctive features, but they glowed with a sky blue light.

When the figure looked up at them, they had no eyes, only pitch-black holes dripping with a liquid darkness and a deformed smile. "I'm what you see..."

"Gahhhhhhhh!" Kopi yelled as they frantically tried to pull their arm out of the things grip, but it was surprisingly strong.

Their other arm was then suddenly snatched by another figure, identical to the first, only this one glowed orange. "I'm what you hold..."

"What are you!? Let go of me!" Kopi struggled, but to no avail as their legs were pulled out from under them as a pink figure held them.

"I'm what you walk on..." The pink one whispered.

"I'm what you feel..." A purple one suddenly leaned their face into Kopi's view, scarily close.

"I'm what you speak..." A green one spoke.

"I'm what you think..." A yellow one added.

"Stop it...STOP IT!" Kopi shouted in vain as they struggled against the iron grip of the figures.

Then, a final one appeared. It was red, blurred all except for its pink rosy cheeks and its thin black smile.

"Give them back..." The red one said.

"Give them back...give them back...give them back..." All of them began chanting.

"I don't know...what you want!" Kopi told them.

"Give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back give them back..." All of them chanted as they slowly closed in and began suffocating them.


Kopi woke up in their room in Toriel's house in a cold sweat. They panted furiously as they tightly clutched their chest, even though there was no pulse.

"Ha...ha...ha..." They slowly steadied their breathing. "Ah...just...just a nightmare..."

They bent their legs up and folded their arms around them. "...I've never had a nightmare before...that really was awful..." They then looked up. "What did that...mean, though? I don't understand..."

The door then cracked open, and they looked to see light filter in their room as Frisk stood in the doorway, sniffling.

"Frisk? What's up?" Kopi asked.

"I had a nightmare..." They sobbed.

"...Really?" Kopi had become quite good at hiding their fear and anxiety. "That sucks..."

Without speaking, Frisk came over to their bed and sat on it. "It was really bad..."

"Hey, it's okay. It's just a nightmare." Kopi assured them. "Nobodies gonna hurt you whilst you've got me around."

"It wasn't me who got hurt in it..." They practically whispered.

"Huh?" Kopi picked up on it.

"Can I stay with you tonight?" They whimpered.

Kopi smiled. "Yeah, sure. C'mon, hop in."

The monster left the bad and allowed Frisk to enter before dragging a chair over and sitting on it next to the bed, tucking the human in.

"You're not gonna sleep, Kopi?" Frisk asked.

"Nah. I'll keep watch for both of us." They said. "Don't worry, I'll be here, you just sleep."

Frisk nodded as they snuggled in, and Kopi closed the door to block the light of the hallway. "Good night, Kopi."

"Good night, Frisk." Kopi said as they sat next to them. Ten minutes later, Kopi sighed deeply as their face crumpled into dismay.