Author's Note: I decided to remake my old story, which was called 'Insanity, Love, and Faith', also known as 'His Insanity and Ace' at first. I thought I wasn't getting anywhere in the current chapters, so I decided to remake it with a different title.

Origin: This story was originally by my friend Writer of Worlds, but she scrapped the idea. I asked her if I can use her idea, but with some differences.

Chances: There will be differences in this remake, so if you want to know what it is, continue reading.

Main Pairing/Ship: Link X Falco

Disclaimer: I don't own Super Smash Bros and its characters. This story also take place in an AU.

Everything happened so quickly.

At first, it was just a normal day with his boyfriend, Pit. He enjoyed seeing the angel happy, that is until he was shot, possibly from an arrow.

Pit was almost shot in the heart.

After Link got him to the hospital, he asked if Palutena can awaken the angel. But sadly, the goddess of light has never healed anyone who was in a coma.

Right now the fifteen-year old hylian paced around the hospital lobby. Then he bumped into someone.

"Hey!", Falco shouted. "Watch where you're going stupid!"

"S-Sorry about that!", Link said, slightly frightened. "I'm just worried about-"

"About your precious little angel huh?" The fourteen-year old avian scoffed at him. "Angels can't die! So don't go weeping about it!"

"What if-"

"I said that angels don't die! Were you even listening to me idiot?!"

Tears slowly slid down Link's face. 'Maybe I was just worrying to much.' Every time he crosses paths with Falco, the avian would just insult him, possibly even hurting him. The hylian doesn't know why though.

"Link-kun!", the nurse said as she approached him. "You can see Pit now."

Link nodded, and quietly went to the angel's hospital room.

Pit wasn't doing that good. A bandage was wrapped around his upper part of his chest, and he had those oxygen things, helping him breathe.

The hylian grieved over the angel. He turned to the nurse and asked, "How long is he gonna stay like this?"

The nurse looked at his paper in sadness. "I'm sorry to say, but he will be stuck in a coma for about 2-4 months."

Silence entered the room.

"I'm sorry that this happened to your friend." The nurse left the room, leaving Link alone.

Two days had past, and Link still hasn't gotten over Pit being in a coma.

He and Zelda finished with school for the day, and female hylian being worried about him.

"Still thinking about him?", she asked with concern.

Link nodded.

"Don't worry, he'll get better soon."

"I sure hope so..." He started to look at Falco talking to Fox. The hylian stopped to hear their conversation.

"Why are you so hard on Link all the time?", Fox asked.

"He needs to know something.", Falco replied.

"About what? That he has no reason to live?"

Link was shock to hear that, he looked down and left, not wanting to hear more of their conversation.

Falco saw Link leaving, he sighed and replied, "'s not true. I just...I just..."

"Just what?", Fox questioned.

The avian held onto his lightning bolt shaped necklace. "I just don't want to tell him how I truly feel about him."

Fox's eyes widened slightly. "You like him?"

He nodded. "But he's already taken. And I don't want to show him that I love him, it would ruin my reputation."

"I understand. But you need to tell him one day."


However, when this part of the conversation was happening, Link already left.

Just by hearing what Fox said about Falco's insults felt heartbreaking.

Did the avian really wanted him to die?

"Link you've been quiet ever since two days ago.", Zelda pointed out.

"Sorry Zelda. It's just hard for me to get it over with."

"It's fine to be sad. But don't let depression get to you."

Link sighed and said, "I need some time alone." He then left.

When he was finally alone, he went to the Forest Garden, the last place he spent his time with Pit. The one where the angel got shot.

He looked at the scenery, and just by seeing it, made him feel worse. Why does a tragic thing have to happen in a beautiful place?

Link decided to rest for a bit, before going back. He ended up sleeping shortly after.

Link woke up to find himself in a dark empty room.

He began to walk around, getting him nowhere.

"Hello!", he shouted. "Is anyone there?"

No response.

The hylian began to feel fear, as he continued to walk in a specific direction.

"Is anyone out there! Please!"

Then someone appeared right in front of him. The person looked exactly like him, but only darker. Having dark grey skin, grey hair, black clothes, and glowing red eyes.

"W-Who are you?!", Link asked in fear.

"They call me Dark Link.", the person said.

Link was gasping with fright, as he tried to tiptoe away from Dark Link. "W-What do you want?!"

"You've seem quite down when your angel friend got shot." He sprouted out dark tentacles. "Maybe I can help."

Beads of cold sweat started to fall, as Link decided to run away.

"You can't run from my little Link."

Link tried to run faster, one of the tentacles grabbed his leg making him trip. He stood back up as quickly as he can before running again.

"Don't even bother." Dark Link sprouted out my tentacles.

The hylian was now surrounded by them, as they started to grab each part of his limbs. "Let me go!"

Dark Link finally reached him and said, "Guess I won in this game of tag." He closed in on Link. "Now you're mine!"

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed chapter one. Let me know if you want more of this remake.


Old #1: Pit was seen shot.

New #1: Pit getting shot was only mentioned.

Old #2: Link tried hard not to cry when Falco scoffed at him.

New #2: Link cried.

Old #3: Falco was seen talking to Fox and Wolf.

New #3: He was seen ONLY talking to Fox.

Old #4: Link never stopped to hear Falco's conversation.

New #4: Link did the opposite.

Old #5: Link left to kill Ganondorf.

New #5: Link left to have some alone time in the Forest Garden.

Old #6: Dark Link was awakened when Link killed Ganondorf.

New #6: Dark Link was awakened from Link's depression.

Old #7: Link defeated Dark Link a year before the story happens.

New #7: Link and Dark Link meeting never happened before the story started.