Few days had past.

Falco tried to stop 'Link' from killing anybody by using his skeleton magic, in secret.

And every time he insults the hylian when the attempted murder is finished, he becomes even more guilty.

'Link would never love me if I keep up my insults.', thought to himself. 'I want to see him alive and happy, rather then be in love with me.'

The avian looked at his plush toy of Link. Tears slowly slid down his face, as he laid down on his bed. He kissed it goodnight, before going to sleep.

"I love you Link.", he muttered before he went into his slumber.

~~~time skip~~~

Falco slowly woke up from his sleep. He was about to get up, but realised he couldn't.

He was tied in an 'X' shape position on his own bed. The avian struggled hard, before giving up to rest.

"I see you're awake.", 'Link' said evilly as he approached the bound avian.

"So it is..."

'Link' rolled his eyes. "Was it you that prevented me from killing anyone?"

Falco slowly nodded. He eventually felt a disabling collar around his neck. 'Might as well say it before he kills me.' He took a deep breath. "I wanted to say something first..."

The hylian groaned a bit, saying, "Make you're insult quick already!"

"It's not an insult. I just wanted to say...I love you."

'Link''s eyes widened slightly. "Come again?"

"I love you." A tear slid down the avian's face. "I tell those insults to you to hide my secret love for you. Everyday I would do that just because I love you. I would bring a plush toy of you in my handbag, and every night I would sleep with it. Now I know that you hate me..." Falco felt like crying. "I know you're in there Link...I mean Link-chan. I understand if you don't believe, and you kill me." The avian closed his eyes, ready to meet his death.

'Link' was about to stab the avian in the heart.

"What are you doing?!", Dark Link shouted. "Just kill him already!"

"I can't!", Link sobbed. "I understand him now! I don't want to make him suffer the way I attempt to make everyone else." The hylian broke free of the tentacles. "Leave my precious Falcie alone you prick!"

Link returned to normal, as he took the knife blade away from Falco's chest. Not leaving a single wound or scratch on him.

Falco hesitated to open his eyes at first. "L-Link?"

The hylian got the plush toy Falco mentioned and placed it on the avian's neck.

The head of the plushie facing the avian.

The hylian placed a kiss on the forehead.


"I'm sorry. I didn't really want to hurt someone as cute as you."

More tears fell from Falco's face. "D-Don't be silly! I'm the idiot that needs to apologise." Then he broke down crying. "Oh Link-chan! I didn't mean for all of this to happen!" He whimpered through sobs, "I just insult you to hide my love. When I thought it got you into depression, I couldn't help but feel like I should've take your place. In getting possessed."

A tear slid down Link's face, but he tried to stay strong. For Falco. He untied the ropes that kept Falco from moving. Then, the hylian pulled his friend into a tight hug. He told him soothing and comforting words to him. "I understand you now Falcie. Don't cry."

Falco hugged the hylian back, crying onto his chest.

Link let him cry.

Once he felt fine, he gently let go of him.

The hylian was about to leave, but he was stopped by a newly meek voice.

"D-Don't leave me please..."

Both of the avian's parents were out, and they won't be back 'til the next night.

So Link took the chance into sleeping with his friend he never knew that loved him. He tucked the avian in, going in the blanket shortly after. The hylian kissed him on the forehead again.

"I love you..."

"I love you too."

Both of them started to sleep, peacefully together.

Just by seeing this, Dark Link wanted to kill the avian. But for some reason, a strange vibe is keeping him from possessing Link.


Old #1: Falco confession was a practice to his plush toy, and Link manages to hear it.

New #1: Falco's confession was unplanned, and wanted to confess before he gets killed.

Old #2: 'Link' planned on torturing Falco.

New #2: 'Link' was about to kill Falco by stabbing him in the heart.

Old #3: Link was not possessed when he heard the confession.

New #3: Link hesitated into killing Falco, but due to his confession, he was able to get control of his body and save him.

Old #4: The confession took place somewhere in Smashville.

New #4: The confession took place in Falco's bedroom.

Old #5: Falco calls Link, 'Rinku-kun'.

New #5: Falco calls Link, "Link-chan".