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Chapter 1

Life was finally getting back to normal, at least so far nothing had happened. It had been a week since Percy and Annabeth had saved the world from Gaea, the earth

goddess who tried to take over the world. They spent their evenings at Camp Half Blood with all the other campers. After a long day of capture the flag the two decided

to walk down to the beach while all the others were at campfire singing cheesy campfire songs.

"What a beautiful sunset" Percy said, breathing in the salty sea air, "And I get to spend it with the most beautiful girl" he said not daring to look her in the eyes. "Well

that wasn't cliche at all!" Annabeth replied sarcastically. "Hey," Percy pouted, "I complimented you and this is how I get repaid!" Right then Annabeth broke out in

laughter and laughed and laughed until her stomach hurt from laughing. "What!?" Percy demanded. "Nothing Seaweed Brain, it's just you get so heart broken by such a

small comment," she replied trying to control herself from laughing her stomach out. "Hmmpp," Percy said crossing his arms. Annabeth leaned over and kissed his

cheek, "Ok I'm sorry, don't be grumpy and enjoy the sunset." Percy agreed to this immediately and they enjoyed the evening with each others company.


That night when I went to sleep I had a strange dream. I stood near this building that was very tall and had a giant clock on it, Oh the clock tower I thought to myself.

But instead of there being a clear view of the sky, there was a view of my dad, Poseidon. He spoke to me frantically as if he did not have much time, he said "Percy! I

don't have much time to talk but you must come save me! I have been kept out of the water so I could not regain my strength, Lyssa has kept me hostage because of a

fight among us gods! I need you to find me and cut me loose from the chains, that is the only way- Ahhhh!" He screamed loudly causing me to wince, I tried to call for

him as I saw him become two parts, one part Neptune, Roman god of the sea and the other part Poseidon, Greek god of the sea! I awoke in the middle of the night in a

cold sweat and tried to make sense of what I had just saw. Dad was in danger, I realized captured by someone named Liz? Lisa? Oh I remembered now, some person

named Lyssa. My mind raced as I tried to put together the pieces; Who is Lyssa? How did she capture my dad? But most importantly I wondered why Poseidon had split

personalities, I thought that the god split personality was resolved? I decided that I would tell Chiron tomorrow and get the prophecy from Rachel before heading out, at

least that is what I plan to do, but being a demigod, I know that no plan is most of the time the best plan.