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Chapter 8


I was relieved that I did not get another nightmare during my time being unconscious, but instead I got a dream with my dad in it.

He looked very aged, like he had aged 50 years after I had last seen him in my dreams, gods tend to look that way when they are

under a lot of stress or are very tired, and from the grim expression on his face I knew this dream would be nothing but bad news.

"Son, as I sit here locked up far away from the sea my powers grow weak and weak, if you don't come soon and defeat Lyssa than I

may fade away just as the God of the Wild, Pan did." Ok, so most of the time my dad was not there when I needed him to be, but

that's just life, he is a god and he is busy, still out of all the gods and goddess I believe he may be one of the best because he is

proud to be my father and so I will continue to make him proud. "Dad, we are almost in London, but where are you to be exact?" "I

am inside the Big Ben, Perseus, you must hurry, Lyssa is-" His word where cut off as he turned into half of Poseidon and half

Neptune again and started to scream and with that, I awoke. "Annabeth! We have to get to the Big Ben!" I said getting up, and I

immediately regret it. Pain shot up threw my chest and I remembered what had happened the previous day as Annabeth caught

me before my knees gave away and pushed me back onto the bed I was lying on. Suddenly so many questions were going on in

my head of what had happened. "Where are we? How long was I out? What happened? Are we in London?" I asked as more and

more questions filled my head. "Shhh," she said holding up a finger to my lip. "We are two hours away from London in a hotel, you

were not out too long but you got injured bad so you are going to have to rest before you go anywhere," she said. "I am fine," I said

protesting and to prove my point I tried to sit up but my actions did not prove my words and pain erupted once again and I yelped.

"You idiot!" she yelled pushing me back for like the third time, shaking her head in disapproval. "What am I ever going to do with

you," she muttered. "But I am your idiot," I replied. She rolled her eyes and I saw a small smile creep up her face but was quickly

replaced with a worried look. She then walked across the room and took some supplies out of her suitcase and came back with

nectar, ambrosia and bandages. "I am going to have to change your bandages," she said looking at me sympathetically knowing it

was going to hurt. I nodded and said, "Do what you have to do." She sat beside me and assured me it was going to be quick. She

started taking off my blood soaked bandages when the pain started. My chest felt as if there were highly acidic chemicals dropped

on me and was slowly burning my skin, I clenched my fists together and felt my nails digging in my palm. I felt a scream rising in my

throat but refused to let it out, my eyes were watering as I fought back tears of pain and I thought my teeth were going to shatter

because I was clenching them together hard . Annabeth had noticed this and said : "I am almost done Seaweed Brain, just hold on

for a few seconds," she said as she hurriedly started wrapping new bandages around my wounds. Finally after what felt like hours

but was actually minutes she was finished wrapping my wounds. I let out a deep sigh of relief that the pain was now much more

bearable than a minute before, causing Annabeth to shoot me another worried look. She then sat closer to me, slipped her hand in

mine and whispered in my ear: "I thought you were a goner Seaweed Brain," confused I asked, "What do you mean?" "You literally

jumped out of a car while it was at full speed" she exclaimed. "Yeah, umm about that… I had a really terrible vision," I said looking

down at my feet. My reply was followed by a moment of silence and I couldn't take it anymore being the ADHD demigod I was so I

looked up at Annabeth. I saw her mind furiously working away to figure out what the dream it could have been and judging by her

expression, it looked like she wanted to ask me but she knew it was something that would be very hard to talk about. Heck Yeah! I

reenacted a daredevil to escape my dream! I thought to myself. But being the guy I am, I decided to tell her. "I was in Alaska with

Hazel and Frank again on our quest to free Thanatos, back when I was still staying at Camp Jupiter," I started. I couldn't help but

notice her face turn a slight bit sour when I said Camp Jupiter, I guess she still did not think too fondly of that place but she knew

that the two camps were definitely friends but I knew that she spend almost her entire life at Camp Half Blood so nothing could be

better than home. She nodded grimly signing me to continue. "I took a wrong step and fell into this strange liquid; unlike other fluids

in which I could breathe them in, I couldn't with the musk. I attempted to take a breath and ended up inhaling the stuff, I started

struggling to get oxygen and I slowly drifted lower and lower. Hazel managed to save me just in time before I drowned but in this

version she didn't get me in time. My body shut down as I reached the bottom, my lips where blue and I kept pleading for help and

then…" I faltered, "and then my body became lifeless and limp; I died," I finished, suddenly finding a high interest in my bed sheets.

She tilted my head up so I was looking straight into her intense grey eyes. I could basically feel those eyes scanning my face and

for once in a very long time, I left my expression unguarded. She then gently pulled me into a light hug (not too tight or my chest

would hurt a lot) and rested her head on my shoulder. Her hands rested on my bare back and she spoke: "It's ok we are going to

defeat Lyssa and save your dad and then you and me are going on a fancy date." I couldn't help but smile at that, no matter what

circumstances we were currently in, nothing was better than being with Annabeth, even if that meant being injured and sleep

deprived. One of her hands slipped down and touched the small of my back sending a few shivers up my spine. That used to be

the very spot my Achilles Heel was located from my bath in the River Styx but was soon lost when I walked in the Tiber River back

at Camp Jupiter; but the spot was special still to the both of us because she was the very thing making me want to stay mortal, she

always had my back and that would never change, not in a million years. "Lyssa will go down because we are together, and

together nothing can stop us," she said. "Now look who is being cheesy," I retorted. "Oh shut up Seaweed Brain! We both know I

am right" she replied, grinning. "Yup," I agreed, "Together Forever."

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