Are you stuck inside a world that you hate?

I was a normal girl once upon a time. Just a small town girl, living in Oklahoma with my mom, dad, and older brother. So how did I end up in this life?

Simple. I went on a camping trip with my best friend.

We both loved the outdoors and exploring the woods. We were in our senior year of college and decided we would spend spring break roughing it in the woods. Big mistake. Because what happened in those woods would change our lives forever.

The first two days in the forest were fairly normal. It was the third day that things started to go wrong.

See, it wasn't just Katrina and I. We had our boyfriends with us, Jacob and Percy. We had two separate tents so we could have privacy with our boyfriends. We were young and stupid and thought we were invincible. Kat and I thought our boyfriends could protect us from anything lurking in the woods. But they couldn't.

Four people entered the woods that week. Only two exited.

Percy was the first to disappear. We were out of firewood, so he volunteered to go collect some. He had his .22 with him, so we weren't worried about him going off on his own. Twenty minutes later, we heard a gunshot. Just one shot. Kat wanted to go check on Percy right away, but Jacob assured her he was okay and was probably shooting a squirrel or something. But after fifteen minutes of silence, even Jacob started to get worried. So he grabbed his gun and Kat and I grabbed our bear spray and we headed down the trail Percy took.

We never found Percy. Only his abandoned gun. Katrina was distraught.

Jacob was next. He went out early the next morning to look for Percy again. Kat and I heard the scream thirty minutes later. We spent all day searching for our boyfriends.

Kat wanted to leave immediately, but I insisted on staying. There was a chance they were still alive and were just lost.

Around sundown, I heard Jacob's voice screaming my name.

It wasn't Jacob. It was a monster straight out of folklore. It's called a wendigo.

Everything that happened after that is kind of a blur. Both Katrina and I were almost killed by this monster. Just when we thought we were done for, someone set the wendigo on fire. We were saved by a hunter named Bobby Singer.

After that disaster of a camping trip, things changed for Katrina and I. We were no longer naïve college students. We knew now what kind of evil lurks out in the world. Bobby explained it all to us. Monsters were real. And he killed them.

That was two years ago. Since then, Katrina and I started hunting. We made excuses to our family because we didn't want them to know what we were really doing. After all, how do you explain to your parents that you've been traveling the country hunting monsters?

I don't know about Katrina's parents, but mine would've locked me up in the loony bin if I told them the truth.

Sometimes I missed the days when monsters were just fairy tales. But with every monster I killed, I saved a life. So I liked to think I'm doing some good in the world.

We weren't the greatest hunters in the world. Compared to some hunters we've met, we were just amateurs. So how did two amateur hunters get caught up in the middle of a war between heaven and hell?

I'm still trying to figure that out.

My name is Thalia Rosenberg, and this is my story.