Chapter 1: A Midwinter Evening

As the sun slipped below the horizon the grey brick building cast the girl in its long shadow. From her vantage point on the frost covered hill, she could make out what appeared to be only two guards standing at the entrance. Neither seemed interested in actually guarding the only entry point into the building. One guard was distracted, blowing smoke into the frigid air while the other one, on the opposite side of the door, had a loose grip on his weapon while he chatted with the smoking guard. She crept along the ground trying to make her descent down the hill as quiet as possible, closing the distance between them steadily. It wasn't long until she was only several meters away from where the guards were stationed. However, even with the guard's lackluster abilities, her advance on the compound was no longer unnoticed.

The smoking guard was the first to react to her approach. His eyes widened in realization. He attempted to yell to get his partner's attention only to go into a coughing fit as he nearly inhaled his cigarette in surprise. The chatty guard still seemed to understand and turned towards the girl but it was too late. It took her only a second to close the gap between her and the chatty guard. Before he could raise his weapon she swept his legs out from underneath him. She grabbed his jacket collar and chucked him over her head. He hit the other guard square in the chest, knocking them both to the ground. Before either of them recovered she kicked in the steel door. It caved from the pressure and swung wide open.

She ran inside as the alarms went off. Their loud piercing cry drowned out the sound of the surprised people inside. The girl drove her elbow into the nearest person's head. They collapsed onto the ground, unconscious. A second person tried to grab her from behind. Instead, they received a kick in the ribs. The impact causing them to collide with the brick wall. With a slight flick of her wrist, she summoned a sword and stabbed him through the shoulder, nailing him to the wall. The third person swung their fist at her. She ducked and grabbed their arm. She twisted it until she felt a pop and kicked him away. She reached behind her, pulling the black blade from the wall. The girl slashed the third person across the chest and they collapsed. With her obstacles gone, she rushed past the three downed individuals and bolted further into the building. She slowed as she saw the stairwell. Two guards were already within. Without hesitation, she leapt off the top stair onto the guard below. She elbowed him in the face as he fell. The other guard hit her in the head with the butt of the weapon, knocking her off the downed guard. He brought his weapon around, aiming it at her. She brought her sword to meet it. The guard's weapon was cleaved in two. She punched him in the face, breaking his nose. He lost his footing from the impact, hitting his head against the wall. Her foe fell to the ground dazed and bleeding. The girl left him and continued her breakneck pace down the stairwell.

She finally stopped as she reached the bottom. The natural light had long since faded leaving the bottom of the stairwell in a harsh yellow light. The air around her was cold and damp from how deep down the stairwell was. The only obstacle that lay before her now was a heavily armored steel door, much sturdier than the one before. She closed her eyes briefly searching for the feeling that lead her here in the first place. It didn't take long to find. Her lips formed a smile as she felt the hum of magic. It was faint but unmistakable. She opened her eyes, ready to finish what she came here for. The girl attempted to kick the door in like the one from moments ago. The door caved slightly but held fast. She kicked it again and again, only for the door to hold against each assault. The doors refusal to give began to make her grow impatient and frustrated with each failed attempt. The thought of turning around and finding another way through wasn't an option. She knew the artifact was on the other side, she could feel its ancient music in her bones. There was also no guarantee that there was another way into where it was being held. She tried punching the door instead of kicking in hopes of a different reaction. Instead, it caved in less, seemingly mocking her in her failure to open a simple door. She threw her sword at it in frustration. The blade pierced the ironclad door like it was made of butter. She pulled the sword from the door and angrily stabbed it again and again. Once the door was littered with holes she kicked it again and it gave way. The door made a huge crash as it fell to the floor and just in time. The echo of footsteps from reinforcements descending the stairway could barely be made out against the blaring alarm.

She leapt over the fallen door and into the room past it. There where dozens upon dozens of wooden crates, all with the same number printed along their sides. She grabbed the box nearest to her and ripped it open, only to be disappointed. She threw the box to the side and ripped open more and more containers but the relic eluded her. She didn't have much more time before the guards finally reached her, maybe a minute at most, with nothing yet to show for her efforts. She tried closing her eyes again, attempting to pinpoint where in the room the gentle hum of magic was coming from. Due to her scattered focus, her attempt was met with failure. The looming threat of battle kept her attention elsewhere. She opened her eyes and turn around to face the hole where the door once stood. The guards were nearly upon her now but the stubborn girl wasn't going to leave until she had the relic. If she had to fight every person in the building before she could search for it, then so be it.

The guards that entered this time where far smarter than the ones she fought before. One of them threw in a small object, which clattered to the ground before it started hissing and spewing out smoke. She bolted towards the entrance not allowing them time to obscure her vision. Two guards stood at the edge of the door frame. She slashed at the one on her left. She swung around towards the guard on the right only for a loud crack to resonate and for her to feel a sharp burning in her shoulder. Her blade clattered to the ground as she clutched her wounded shoulder. She retreated back into the room now filled with the smoke, waiting for them to enter after her.

She crouched low to the ground. Two armed guards entered, their weapons aimed high as they searched for her. With her good arm, she chucked one of the crates at the guard. It smashed to smithereens, knocking the guard backwards. She lunged for the second guard as they aimed their weapon towards where the crate had been thrown from. She slammed their hand into the floor, forcing them to lose their grip on the weapon. The guard punched her with their other fist connecting with her face. He moved to swing again but she grabbed his arm, repeatedly smashing it into the floor until she heard the crack of bone. She pulled herself off of him but stopped midway.

She felt the cold metal on the back of her neck and felt the presence of someone standing over her.

"I recommend you put your hands where I can see them." Their voice was cool and collected.

She brought her hands up slowly in compliance. The girl carefully turned to face the source of the voice only for her to be hit in the chest by some kind of blast. It knocked her to the floor, her limbs going numb as she lost consciousness. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was the smile of the raven-haired woman standing over her.


Alternate title of this chapter include "RIP shoulders" and "Why must you make things so difficult for yourself Noire"

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