At first, you see a cocky grin
A shirt that shows off too much skin
A boy who only plays to win
- He looks good and he knows it

As soon as he got into town
He knocked some other fellows down
He rose to King and claimed his crown
- He's dangerous and shows it

He looks at girls with hooded eyes
And charms them all with pretty lies
He shoots, he wins, collects his prize
- Gets laid because he chose it

When he plays basketball, he's fast
His team mates often feel harassed
He bowls them over to get past
- Then steals the ball and throws it

On the surface, he's the King
He's been blessed with everything
There's a secret, though; one thing
- And he will not disclose it

The truth is, he's his father's son
They don't bow down to anyone
Except – in his case – for the one
- Who broke his heart and froze it

His father knows his son's flaws well
And makes his life a living hell
He senses weakness, like a smell
- Only to expose it

At first, you see a cocky grin
But not the bruises on his skin
And not the hurt he hides within
- He's nothing, and he knows it