He backs me into a wall
I try not to move at all
Hold my breath (my stomach's churning)
There's a slap; my face is burning

I am still, my throat is bared
(My heart's beating fast, I'm scared)
He is pointing at me, "Mister,
You'll go out and find your sister"

And like any altercation
It ends with humiliation:
"Ain't that right?" His voice is rough
(confirming once won't be enough)

"Yes sir", I say, filled with fear
He leans closer, taps his ear
"Sorry, son, I couldn't hear you"
"Yes sir!" (I don't want to fear you)

He leaves, and I breathe again
(Do not cry, ignore the pain)
Slaps and punches, shoves and kicks
Nothing like that ever sticks

But for it to hurt inside
He knows to attack my pride:
Makes me sorry for my crime
Makes me say it one more time

(It's enough to make me cry
Make me wish that I would die
Helplessness is in my soul;
there's nothing I can control)

Later on, I'm on the floor
Lost again (who's keeping score?)
There's a bat in Max's hands
And a loud crack when it lands

I have scared her; she'll repay it
"Say you understand! Just say it!"
I croak out "I understand"
But that's not all she has planned:

"What?!" she yells (don't make me do it)
(Twice today, I won't live through it)
I am punished, most sublime
As I say it one more time

(As I black out, it's my prayer
That I will stay unaware;
Not wake up and feel this pain
Never feel disgrace again)