Hermione Granger was not very interested in the Quidditch World Cup. Everyone knew she was not fond of Quidditch, but the Weasley's had invited her, and she would not feel right rejecting their invitation. So, she put on her big girl pants and started packing her trunk.

Considering this was now Hermione's fourth year of being an honorary Weasley and going to join the family for a few weeks each summer, Hermione's parents rarely put up a fuss about letting Hermione head to the Weasley home. Dan Granger liked to believe that he was able to read people very well, and after meeting the Weasleys he had deemed them very trustworthy. Now Emma was another story. Emma was the textbook definition of a mother hen, and always worried herself way too much about letting Hermione spend an extended period of time with another family. Dan and Hermione were usually able to calm her down before she locked Hermione in a tower though.

The day before the World Cup, Arthur arrived to get Hermione. Hermione hugged both her parents tight, as she wouldn't be seeing them until the Winter holiday. After her parents finally let her go, Hermione grasped Arthur's arm to apparate to the Burrow. The Burrow, Hermione had decided very early on in her first visit, was one of her favorite places in the world. The house was filled with warmth and always smelled like baked goods. The Burrow very much reminded Hermione of her Nan's house in Russia, a small cottage but filled with love and memories, making it another one of Hermione's favorite spots.

As soon as Hermione entered the Burrow behind Arthur she was attacked by hugs. First of course came Mrs. Weasley who began to fret over Hermione being too thin and needing to eat more. Once Mrs. Weasley had released her, Ginny swooped in for her hug. Ginny and Hermione had gotten along immediately once they had been introduced considering Hermione and Ginny both really needed some female friends in their lives, and Hermione never treated Ginny any different because she was younger, which couldn't be said about the Weasley boys.

After Ginny came the twins who, post growth spurt, took immense pleasure in trapping Hermione between them in a joint hug and slowly suffocating her. After a few moments of Hermione struggling, she heard an over exaggerated huff and felt the twins being pried apart. Hermione opened her eyes to see Ron snickering at her while Mrs. Weasley was holding onto the twins ears and berating them for smothering Hermione. Hermione faux glared at Ron before walking over to yank him into a hug (and smack him on the back of the head in the process).

The two best friends pulled apart and Hermione turned to see Harry smiling at her and Ron, so she yanked him in so she and Ron could smother him. After torturing Harry for a few moments the three best friends separated to see the kitchen was now empty sans a smiling Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.

"Well then," Mrs. Weasley said while clasping her hands "Hermione, you'll be staying with Ginny like usual. Boys, why don't you take Hermione's trunk up and then you three can mess about until dinner is ready." The three of them thanked Mrs. Weasley before running up the stairs. The boys dropped Hermione's trunk off in Ginny's room, where the girl was reading Witch Weekly, before heading up to Ron's room to discuss things.

"Bill and Charlie are coming in tonight for the Cup," Ron said as he opened his door and the three friends walked into his room to get comfortable. Hermione and Harry sat on Ron's bed while Ron sat in his desk chair across from the two. "Our Portkey is at the crack of dawn tomorrow so Mum is going to want us all in bed early tonight."

Ron and Harry then began debating whether Ireland or Bulgaria would be taking home the World Cup. This was the point that Hermione began to zone out. She ended up sliding down into a reclining position against the wall and threw her legs up and across Harry's lap, earning her a glare lacking any kind of heat. She ended up falling asleep to her two boys and their discussion of some 'Krum' character.

Hermione woke up to Ginny nudging her shoulder and calling her name. As she yawned, Ginny laughed and said "Bill and Charlie are here and dinner is ready. Mum wants you to come down." Hermione grunted in response and glared at Ginnys back as she left the room laughing at Hermione's expense. Hermione stretched, in a similar way to Crookshanks, before pulling herself out of Ron's bed. After quickly smoothing her hair down as to not resemble a birds nest, she headed down the rickety stairs towards the kitchen.

Entering the kitchen Hermione saw two new redheads being held to Mrs. Weasley's bosom, which was fairly comical considering the two oldest Weasley boys had at least a head of height on their mother. Hermione further entered the kitchen to see Ron, Ginny and Harry setting the table. Hermione went to join them and carried a large bowl of potatoes to the table and was turning to make a second trip when she heard Mrs. Weasley calling her name.

"Hermione dear, come meet Bill and Charlie," Mrs. Weasley introduced. Hermione smiled and shook the hand of the tallest of the two, who must of been Bill considering the long hair that Hermione had heard Mrs. Weasley complain about.

"Well you must be the "Brightest Witch of Her Age' that our family is always talking about," Bill said with a chuckle. "I'm Bill and this here is Charlie," he said gesturing to his brother. Where Bill was tall and lanky, Charlie was slightly less tall but twice as large, most likely due to dragon taming. Shaking Charlie's hand she said "It's nice to meet you both, I've heard a lot of things about the two of you from your siblings." The two oldest Weasleys laughed before saying in unison "all lies." Hermione joined them in their laughter before Mrs. Weasley shooed them off to the dinner table.

Sitting down at the table Hermione noticed that Percy has joined them for the meal, but was busy scribbling in a journal rather than paying attention to his surroundings. Hermione was seated beside Harry and Ginny with the twins across from them. As the table started to serve themselves, Mr. Weasley stood up, gathering the tables attention. "I just wanted to say that Molly and I are so happy to have the whole family under one roof again," he said, causing Mrs. Weasley to tear up, and all of the Weasley children to smile "Including Harry and Hermione here, who have become Weasley's in all but name and hair color." As he sat down, his final words caused Harry and Hermione both to blush Weasley red with large smiles on their face. As they all began to tuck in, Hermione could not help but think that there was no place she would rather be.

After dinner the family retired to the living room, to let their food settle, and for Bill and Charlie to tell funny stories about the youngest Weasley siblings. Harry, Ron and Hermione were stuffed into a loveseat together and Harry and Hermione had to prop each other up from laughter when Bill told the story of Ron pretending to be a gnome when he was three.

After a couple of hours of storytelling, Mrs. Weasley shooed the kids upstairs to sleep before the big day tomorrow. Hermione and Ginny got dressed for bed while giggling and talking about the day to come. Laying in the dark, waiting for sleep to claim her, Hermione could not help but feel like tomorrow was going to bring about a lot of change.