Sorry guys I didn't have time to write for "wifi signals" but at least I had time to make you guys this! please enjoy ;)

The rain was falling, creating an endless wave across puddles on the ground.

"How on earth am I going to walk through this?" She wondered. She gazed through the heavy lines that were streaking across her field of view, taking shelter next to the school. Marinette groaned, annoyance sparking in her eyes.
She stood there quietly until someone brushed past her. She was about to say excuse me when she noticed it was Adrien, he smiled sheepishly and waved at her. But, with a huff, Marinette turned her head and shunned him. Adrien sighed.

"Just so you know, I was trying to get the gum off of your chair." He said. "I've never gone to school before... I've never even had real friends."
Marinette turned towards him, making contact with his eyes, blue on green. She didn't want to believe he was a good guy, for he was Chloe's closest friend! Then again... Chloe is the closest to a friend he's ever had.

"It's all sort of new to me." He shrugged and smiled handing her his umbrella. Marinette took it from his hands cautiously and stared, at loss for words. Then, to ruin the moment, the umbrella snapped around Marinette's body. Adrien started to laugh, and so did she. The boy waved and made a beeline for the vehicle that would take him home. Marinette watched him go, her face red and her eyes sparkling.

She stood in the rain with the umbrella protecting her as the car drove off. Marinette truly didn't think that one of Chloe's friends could be that nice, but he was. All her belief vanished and she was left with the memory of the boy who gave her his umbrella, who tried to help.
Little did she know, she'd return the favor as a masked hero, fighting foes alongside Adrien. Both oblivious to who was standing straight in front of each other, seeing one another every day at school, and every day in the streets. Marinette wouldn't have guessed they'd make such a good team, for she never knew; That the new boy she had just met, was the chat she bickered with, fought alongside, and sacrificed for. This was the tale of Ladybug and Chat Noir.