His eyes reflect her world.

Always, from the very first day they met, she'd thought… "Ah, what beautiful pair of eyes this man has."

How she wished she could stare into his orbs for eternity, let time stop and bask her lonely self in its beauty. Her utopia of living in peace just with her major, she imagined sitting under the shades of an oak tree, reading a book or sleeping soundly by his side. Shoulders touching, hands holding, hearts as one, never to be separated.

But the bitter truth and the harsh reality speak the otherwise.

As her utopia cannot be achieved at the moment, she wished to just be by his side. Whether she'd be his tool, his servant, she decided to be useful for him.

For the eyes which had saved her from the fear and cruelty she had faced.

Her resolve is clear, yet hazy. She desired to be useful of him, if she couldn't manage to execute that mission well, what will be her next action?

Tears dwelling in her eyes as she slept, her heart chose one path. Because over everything else, his satisfaction is the most important, who cares about her desires.

Her desires are meaningless compared to his safety, his happiness, and…his eyes, her world.

Her hazy thought screamed, when will her happiness be attainable?

Her heart, as if slapping her mind and taking a deep, deep breath to calm itself wavered just a little bit, yet continued to stay strong.

'Isn't his happiness what you lived for? What is the purpose of being his tool? Isn't it to satisfy his needs and be beneficial for him?'

If so, then let her be his tool until the end. When she became unneeded, he can just throw her away.

Goodbye my utopia, maybe we're never meant to coexist. In whatever parallel you may exist, please tell myself on that world, how I wish I'd have her life for just an hour. But our fates are not meant to cross.

The vision of her in a country dress with her major…not as a major, but as something else unrelated to the military. As her…husband

She held to her precious brooch tightly.

How cruel and unjust for her to strip their fates away. Bougainvilleas such as him are meant to be in the military, she's meant to be his tool. There are no other ways, it's simply their destiny.

How they met, how they become, it's nothing she could have changed.


Her dearest, her everything, her world.

"We're executing the plan in about 5 minutes. Are you okay?"

Traces of her tears that naturally fell as she was lost in her thought were completely gone.

But oh, no matter how impossible, no matter how unruly of her to imagine of something that'd never happen, how she wished…how she wished she'd get to experience that someday.

"Yes, major. Commencing the infiltration plan in about five minutes."

Beneath her expressionless face and courage, was her wild imagination of desires, which would never 'commence.'

Little did she knew, her beloved major was imagining of more or less, the exact same image, in his head. The same roll of film plays in both minds, wishing it'd happen someday.

But fate is none they can decide.

Shall they ever live 'happily ever after,' is not for them to know now, as the future, will bring so much more good experiences and what they had would be strengthen.

But for now, they shall live their lives as separate individuals, merely being together because of work and professionalism.

A/N: 'Dear whomever it may concern', was the phrase used by Violet Evergarden's author to greet her readers. From feeling too much feels, letting my imagination of our Violet and her beloved major run wild, I teared up just a little bit while writing this story. What about you?