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Harry was standing in the graveyard. Cedric raises his wand as Wormtail slowly stalks towards them. Harry wants to move – to call out – but his body is frozen. He watches as green engulfs Cedric's body and falls to the ground, dead.

"CEDRIC!" Harry starts awake. He gasps for breathe and wrestles with the blankets over him. His body is covered in sweat, and his limbs feel heavy.

As he catches his breath, a quiet knock came from his door. "Come in" Harry calls out.

Tony slowly opens the door, he looks at Harry's trembling form and smiles sadly, "Nightmare?"

Harry nods. "Sorry if I woke you."

Tony walks into the room and sits on the edge of the bed. "I wasn't asleep. Just fiddling around with some schematics."

Harry nodded.

"Want to talk about them?" Tony asked.

"It's always the same one." Harry said. "Cedric dying"

Tony nodded solemnly. "Understandable"

"Do you ever have nightmares?" Harry asked.

"All the time. Loki does as well."

"I hate them." Harry growled.

"Don't we all"


"Man, why is it so hot!?" Tony whined. "This is London, it's supposed to be cloudy 24/7!"

Harry looked up from where he was reading to Eric and smiled. They were currently in London on probably the hottest day of the summer. Tony was here to work on the new arc reactor for the London offices. Since it was only a few weeks before term, they decided to stay and take a family vacation in Tony's luxury penthouse apartment.

He had been reading his Charms textbook to Eric, who would sometimes attempt whatever spell they were looking at. So far, he had been able to levitate the book and change it to a violent shade of green.

"I think that's enough of that, or I might just lose this book." Harry chuckled.

"Just think, you'll be the only one with a neon green book. You'll be the envy of all your friends." Tony said.

"I don't think it will be envy they will be feeling." Harry chuckled. He carried Eric and his textbook to his room. Eric began babbling at the window, pressing his face up against the glass. Only a few people were walking outside, most staying in where it was cool. Despite the heat, it was a beautiful day.

"What do you say we find a park around here Eric?" Harry asked.

His little brother babbled happily, beating on the window.

"I'll take that as a yes." Harry quickly searched for a park on his phone and was able to find one about a mile away. He scooped Eric up and quickly dressed him in light clothing and a sun hat, told his dads he was going to the park with Eric, and left the penthouse.

When he got to the front door of the building, his phone buzzed…it was Aileen. Harry opened the text and frowned, 'Don't go outside today' Harry shook his head and closed the phone. Just because it was hot, doesn't mean he couldn't go outside.

He opened the door and felt the hot air immediately descend upon him. He thought about going back inside, but decided against it, he wanted to go out. So he adjusted Eric's hat and walked toward the park.

When he got to the park, only a few families were there. The playground was a little run down; the grass more brown than green and the equipment looked like it needed a good cleaning. He set Eric down in a swing and started pushing him. He spent the first few minutes listening to his brother's excited laughter before his mind turned down a darker path.

When Harry returned to the present, Eric was looking back at him in curiosity.

"Sorry Eric" Harry grinned and walked around to stand in front of him. "My mind is elsewhere right now."

Eric tilted his head.

"I keep seeing Cedric dying." Harry frowned.

Eric whimpered.

Harry shook his head and began pacing, a sudden rage taking over him, "That should never have happened. My instincts told me we shouldn't have been there, but I waited too long. It's my fault!" Harry exclaimed. "I told him to get back to the cup, he should have left." Harry continued pacing, ignoring Eric's whimpering. "It's my fault, Voldemort was after me, I shouldn't have saved him in the maze, I should have left him…"

During Harry's rant, the sky began to darken. It was only when Eric started crying that Harry stopped and looked up. The hair on the back of his neck stood at attention. Harry quickly pulled Eric from his swing and ran back to the apartment. By the time they got to the street it was pouring rain. Harry ran to a nearby tunnel to escape the downpour.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked as he shook out Eric's soaked hat. His brother was quiet, looking at the other end of the tunnel. Harry set him down so that he could shake out his hair. Eric got to his feet and stumbled down the tunnel unnoticed by Harry.

"Ha!" Harry heard Eric squeal. Harry looked up to see a blue Eric pointing excitedly to the ice slowly creeping along the walls of the tunnel. Dread filled Harry, 'how could they be here?'

Before he could move, a dementor appeared in front of Eric.

"NO!" Harry shouted. Eric screamed in fear as the dementor started feeding.

Harry ran over to them, but another dementor appeared in his path. Taking hold of his face, it began to feed off of him. Harry could still hear Eric's screams and tried to make his brain work through the fog. He managed to release the dementor's hold on him and turned to Eric, "Eric roar!" Almost immediately, Eric's body shifted to that of a baby dragon.

Once Eric changed, the dementor could no longer feed on him so it floated over to Harry. With two dementors attacking him, he couldn't move his body, couldn't reach his wand.

Luckily, Eric came to his rescue. The little dragon roared shrilly, shooting flames at the cloaked creatures. The flames didn't hurt the dementors, but distracted them enough so that Harry could pull out his wand.

Harry gathered the happiest memory he had, pointed his wand at the dementor and said, "Expecto Patronum!"

A white stag jumped from the tip of his wand and charged at the two dementors, chasing them out of the tunnel.

Once the two dementors were gone, Harry collapsed to the ground. Eric, still in his dragon form, crawled over to Harry and curled into his lap. "Thanks mate." Harry smiled tiredly.

Eric purred and turned back into his human form.

"Would someone mind telling me what the hell those things were?!" A voice shrieked behind him.

Eric and Harry whirled around to see Loki and Tony looking shocked.

Eric quickly transformed back and immediately started crying again, he wobbled over to Tony who picked him up and held him tightly to his chest. "It's alright Blueberry, I'm here" He bounced his son in his arms, trying to get him to calm down.

Eric fisted his hands in Tony's shirt and whimpering into his neck.

"Are you alright Harry?" Loki asked, helping him stand up.

"Yeah, Eric helped me." Harry replied. "How did you find us?"

"We saw the storm and wondered if we were getting a surprise visit from Thor. Loki said it didn't feel like the Bifrost though. When you didn't come back, we started getting worried. Then I felt Eric calling out to me and Loki teleported us to your location just in time to see you chase off those wraith-things." Tony said. "What were those things anyway?"

"Dementors. They're dark creatures that guard Azkaban. They feed off a person's happiness."

"Little balls of sunshine then" Tony deadpanned.

"Why didn't they burn in the fire?" Loki asked.

"There are only a few ways to protect against a dementor attack, the Patronus Charm is one of them." Harry said.

"Was that what that stag was?" Tony asked.

Harry nodded.

"What were they doing here? You said they guard that wizard prison." Loki said.

"I don't know. Voldemort probably sent them here for me." Harry said. "I'm surprised you could see it. Muggles can't see dementors." He looked at Tony.

"Perhaps it is because, even though he doesn't have your brand of magic, he does possess mine." Loki suggested.

Harry nodded.

"We should get back. The both of you need dry clothes." Tony said. He looked down to Eric who was fast asleep in his arms.


When they arrived back at the penthouse, after scanning Eric with his magic, Tony quickly changed Eric and put him in his crib with his favorite toy before joining Harry and Loki in the living room.

"Do you need anything Harry?" Loki asked.

"Some chocolate would be nice. Professor Lupin said it helps after a dementor attack."

"One hot chocolate coming up. Jarvis?" Tony said.

"Right away, sir" Jarvis said.

While they waited, Loki turned to Harry and asked, "So tell me Harry, what made you want to go outside?"

"I just needed some air, some space."

"And instead of nice cool air, you went outside to suffocate" Tony deadpanned.

Harry shrugged.

"What's wrong Harry, why did you leave?" Loki asked.

Harry looked away, too embarrassed to say it.

"It's the nightmares." Tony said.

Harry sighed, "Always the same one."

"What are you seeing Harry?" Loki asked.

"Cedric dying. Voldemort coming back."

Tony nodded, "It's probably the first time you've seen death. It's hard the first time, especially when it's a friend."

"It's my fault" Harry muttered.

"Hey now, it's not your fault. You didn't kill him." Tony said.

"I know that, but he would still be alive if I hadn't saved him in the maze."

"I know these nightmares are hard Harry, believe me." Tony said. "But you can't let them get to you like this. If you ever want to talk to us, please do. It might help to talk to someone who understands."

Harry nodded, though he didn't know if he believed the advice.

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