Kaiju were taking over the Earth,monster after was first to appear, in New York,quite a distance from Royal Woods,that's was before I was born,Lori was born in 1999,she didn't know if she knew about Kamacras.

Kamacras died by bunker bombs in Portsmouth.

But Dogora appeared when Luan was born in 2003,it attacked London in was also defeated.

The third was Kamoebas,he appeared in the Phillipines,Another,Kamoebas ll appeared in Guam.

Fourth was Angurirus,In November when I,Lincoln Loud was born,but he appeared in Siberia and Rodan was at the Paektu Moutain,then they both landed in Bejing then were killed by project Hedorah with skelletons remaing.

Angurius ll appeared in South Africa one year later.

Febuary 2012,A ten meter tall Gabra,was found in the Amazon Rainforest feeding on crocodlies,then fell into a lake being injured by an explosion,then was eaten by crocs.

A huge bug monster,Megalon appeared in The African West Coast the same year,in the late 2010's Gezora was in thr Mediterranean Sea,countries around the world were fighting back against the monsters.

In 2015,before Lily was born,Ebirah was killed somewhere at years later,Dagahra was in The American Samoa,then he attacked Austrailia but,they did not want to let out barem out to kill people as well as died in contaminated waters filled with barem.

Many Griffon attacked Egypt in 2021,one year later,Megalon appeared again in the Republic of South Africa and destroyed African population was cut in half due to his attack,little to no kaiju attacked the US,Orga appeared in Izmir,Turkey,Orga destroyed Ankara before being killed.

Then,he appeared,Godzilla,he,Angurius IV,Varan ll,and Baragon ll made landfall in 2030 Los Angeles,California,remeber when I said kajiu didn't attack the US,I was damn killed the three others,Godzilla completly destroyed LA and San Fransico,killing so many people.

One year later,Godzilla destroyed Seattle,Colorado Springs,and Indiapolis,then the US dropped 153 nuclear bombs on Godzilla,but the bastard walked away,unscathed.

2034,Godzilla destroyed Western Europe then he disappeared for eight years.

Next year,an alien race named the Exif,appearing in New the Bilusaludo appeared in London a year later.2039 was when the Earth Union was formed,with Earthlings,Exif,and Bilusaludo.

After eight fucking years,Godzila kajiu have attacked Royal Woods,the Godzilla did,causing us to evacuate Earth,I called this day,Humanity Exiled from Earth.